Behind The Scenes with: Marguerite

Behind The Scenes with: Marguerite

Who: The talented Armelle Habib + Sarah Wilkosz and the entire Sage x Clare team.

What: Marguerite AW’ 23 collection 

When: January/ February 2023

Where: Ferny Creek + Camillo House (Blairgowrie)

With a massive thanks to our prop partners: House Of Orange, Lights Lights Lights, The Family Love Tree, Retro Print Revival, Vintage Posters Only, Dowel Jones, Ubabub, Life Interiors, Heatherly Design, The Cullin Design, Fazeek.


Let’s do this Marguerite!

On the 29th of January 2023, we made our way up through the pretty hills of the Dandenong Ranges to our tranquil and leafy destination, Ferny Creek. My goodness this place is delightful – highly recommend a weekend trip here if you’re wanting to escape the city… hard to believe it’s only 20 minutes or so away from our HQ in Bayswater.
Now you might recognise this mid-century property from their recent feature in The Design Files. It’s peaceful. And calming. And perfect. There’s something very magical about this home and we all felt it when we stepped inside. Perhaps it’s the crazy beautiful views from the giant glass windows, or the striking terrazzo floors, the 70’s inspired timber panelling, the garden overflowing with ferns + pretty blooms OR the indoor garden (we’ll get to that soon). Once we’d finished ooooohing and ahhhhhing over this awe-inspiring home – we got to work and unpacked the truck. It was GO TIME! Bring on the next 9 days.
Sage x Clare

sage and clareEmma + Erin scoping out the best rooms for each look.

sage and clareBehind all that fog was one of the best views I've ever seen! You'll have to use your imagination for now ;)

sage and clareOur FAVE vintage find was this retro orange telephone sourced for the photoshoot from Waverley Antique Bazaar.

Location 1 – Ferny Creek – highlights

Meeting Minty the Turtle


sage and clare

Ok we have to talk about the indoor garden first. How freaking cool is this? Situated right near the loungeroom + the giant floor-to-ceiling windows, it was a thriving little eco-system and home to a turtle named Minty. We had the pleasure of looking after Minty for the week (Ally was on feeding duty and loved every second of it). He’s a total catch and lives the best life. Swims all day and bathes himself in the sun on the rocks. Must be nice Minty.
Minty shares the pond with some goldfish friends too. And as you can imagine, the kids were smitten with Minty and are now requesting an inside pet turtle. Hmmm let’s put it in the maybe pile for now kiddo's.
sage and Clare

Cheeky cousins scheming something no doubt. Wearing Mini Floria Track Pant + Sweater - shop here.

Seeing all the products styled together for the first time

That PHEW moment when your creative vision comes to life. Sure we’d seen all the Marguerite samples for months prior to this photoshoot but seeing them styled in this phenomenal home, with beautiful props and really coming to life exactly how we’d envisioned? Is always a proud moment. It’s so interesting hearing from the team what designs they’re loving the most at the photoshoots. Usually there’s a handful of hero pieces that are collectively chosen as the favourites that will sell out and usually we’re always right about those. Ahem, the Serafina Velvet Cushion and the Floria bed linen. But to be honest, I love how varied everyone’s top choices are because it really cements that we’re designing pieces for all types of tastes + personalities.
Sage x clareFeatured: Couch, side table, face sculpture - House Of Orange, shop our lounge range here.

sage and clareGo Jem, GO! They call her the bed-making-master. White lamp - Lights Lights Lights. Shop this bedroom look here.

sage and clareArmelle in her natural habitat. Shop lounge here.

Shooting apparel with Zali

Day three we were thrilled to welcome Zali to shoot our playful apparel range! There’s been a few new additions to the apparel this season and by far my favourite addition – the knit sweaters (pictured below). Melonie Santos was in charge of hair + makeup and did a spectacular job as per usual. We were all beginning to fatigue a little bit by day three (the days all blend into one) and these two were a breath of fresh air. Oh and Zali was born to play the role of Marguerite.
sage and clareLook at that dewy makeup! Mel you are a wizard. Lamp - Retro Print Revival, Bedhead - The Cullin Design. Shop this bed linen combo here.
sage and clare
Couch - Life Interiors, chair - Dowel Jones. Shop lounge here.

sage and ClareZali wears the crowd fave Floria Blouse.

Kids + baby

Always a pleasure (nahhhht). Ha! Jem and I find the kids + baby days pretty damn stressful to be honest. You can browse our kids + baby range here. Trying to style + direct while keeping kids away from very expensive camera equipment can be a little uhhh overwhelming. But we got the shots and the kids were particularly euphoric while we captured the party scene... can you blame them? Looook at that spread (below). And that leads me to another highlight…
sage and clare
My adorable niece Nelly in her element! Wearing the Mini Florentine Track Pant + Sweater
sage and clare

Prints - Vintage Posters Only. Jem's face says it all... the look of fear and Nelly, the look of too much sugar. 

sage and clareCot - UbabubShop the kids + baby collection here.

sage and clareAwww Poppy's first photoshoot with Aunty Jem! Featured - Amalia Knit Sweater, Ava Leggings.

Elliane’s baking + food styling

Ok if you’re following us on Insta, I’m sure you’ve heard us ravinggg about Elliane’s cooking (Customer Service Specialist/ best cook in the world/ former Pastry Chef). Naturally she’s been crowned Food Stylist on our photoshoots and boy did she get a detailed brief.
“ Elliane – can you make a rainbow shag cake?” – Sure.
“ Elliane – can you make terrazzo jellies in Marguerite colours?” – Sure
“ Elliane – we don’t have any wine but can you make something look like wine?” – Sure
This woman can do it all. We love and appreciate you Elliane. You betcha we devoured the treats from the party scene *immediately* after we got the green light from Armelle. And quite frankly, I need more honey joys in my life. Man they were delicious.
sage and clareExplore our dine range here.

sage and clareRattan dining chairs - The Family Love Tree, other chair is from Life Interiors.

The ah-mazing props

Well it’s no secret we’re interiors obsessed and unpacking the stunning pieces from our prop partners (mentioned above) is always a hoot. Everyone’s most adored prop – the Sarah Ellison Float Sofa from Life Interiors. You haven’t felt luxury until you’ve sat on this sofa. Holy-molyyyy it was comfy. Heaven under the toosh. Oh and the green velvet couch from House Of Orange was also a hit with the team.
sage and clare
Couch - Life Interiors, Chair - Dowel Jones, Print - Vintage Posters Only.Shop lounge here
sage and clare
Bedhead - Heatherly Design . Shop this look here.
sage and clare
Face sculpture + side table - House Of Orange.
After wrapping the scenes at Ferny Creek, we had a day at home to recharge. So we were ready to take on part two of the Marguerite photoshoot – bathe, dine and Play… which took place at the INCREDIBLE Camillo House. All I can say is, WOW. The interiors at this accommodation are an absolute dream. Not to mention the views of the ocean from the balcony by the upstairs bar. The team were ohhh-so excited to style up this fresh environment and we were also on the home stretch! From The Dandenong’s to beach. Shoutout to Chris’ family for letting us stay at their beach house. 

Location 2 – Camillo House (Blairgowrie) – highlights

sage and clarePrint - Vintage Posters Only, Lamp - Lights, Lights, Lights. Shop this cotton bedding look here.

sage and clareMelonie Santos back on the tools in Blairgowrie and we welcomed the lovely Jasmine. Featured - Floria 3/4 Sleeve Maxi Dress + shop dine here

sage and clareShop this cotton combo here.

sage and clareCheck out this bathroom at Camillo House, absolutely STUNNING! Shop sleepwear here.

sage and clareShooting our scrumptious bathe range.

Morning ocean swims

Well I can’t take the credit for this because obviously I stayed in bed BUT the crew made the most of our close proximity to the beach and got up every morning for an ocean dip. Impressive huh? I wish I could be one of those people buuuut I’m just not. The water was too cold for me. We also ventured down to the beach some evenings to stretch the legs and unwind with a walk. Armelle puts us to shame with her speedy walking pace… teach us your ways Armelle.

Chef Carla

Remember how I mentioned our fabulous Food Stylist Elliane earlier on? Well boy did we hit the jackpot on this photoshoot. We were lucky enough to have her partner Carla join the crew to be our Chef. WHAT A DUO! Carla if you’re reading this, you must know that your cooking is life changing and we love you. Being on set from dawn till dusk is strenuous work and having home cooked meals waiting for us was so special and such a ha-uge treat.
sage and clare

sage and clare

sage and clare

An evening by the fire (and a lesson in s’mores)

sage and clare

sage and clare
Well we couldn’t let the fire pit go to waste now could we? Erin even came equipped with a s’mores starter kit from the U.S. HOW have I never tried these before??? #IYKYK. A party in my mouth. Mmmm I could devour 10 of them right now. It was a lovely way to end the photoshoot, sitting around the fire together and reflecting on our time together. Lotsa giggles. Lotsa s’mores. My heart was very full.   
sage and clare
Another massive Sage x Clare photoshoot done and dusted. A special mention to Armelle Habib and Sarah her side-kick Sarah Wilkosz – we couldn’t of done this without you. Armelle you are our superhero.
And to the entire Sage x Clare team, it is totally a team effort and I am so proud of what you achieved – from your impeccable styling skills at the photoshoot to all the hard work in the months leading up to it. 
You can explore the entire Marguerite collection here.

With a whole lotta love xx

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