Care Instructions

These beautiful pieces each contain carefully handmade elements. Therefore, they require a little extra special care to stay gorgeous!

As so many of our products utilise a range of techniques, fabrics and handmade construction, we always recommend checking the care tag of each gorgeous item in your home and ensuring all care instructions are followed.

While we’ve done our best to include every beautiful variation of our products below, our fabulous design team are always coming up with new and exciting products, so if any product you’re looking at may be missing, don’t hesitate to reach out to for helpful tips prior to, or after, purchasing!


There is nothing quite like the textural luxury of linen. Breathable, soft and luxurious, our linen combines a laid-back bohemian vibe with the unmatched quality of this beautiful textile. To ensure the longevity of your linen we recommend you read below to get the best results. 

1. Wash prior to use.

2. Cold gentle machine wash with like colours and fabrics (do not mix with towels or other items likely to leave lint).

3. Do not wash with sharp-edged clothing accessories such as metal zippers, buttons and hooks. 

4. Use a mild eucalyptus based detergent (such as a wool friendly detergent – commonly found in the supermarket) that doesn’t contain optical brightening agents to ensure your linen doesn’t weaken or discolour over time. 

5. Fabric softener is not required. As linen is a natural fabric, it will soften over time on its own.

6. Clean stains as quickly as possible after they appear by gently soaking and washing. Stains that have been left to set will be difficult to remove. 

7. Do not bleach or dry clean. 

8. Air dry where possible otherwise tumble dry on low to medium for 15 minutes (do not use the high/hot setting as this will damage the fibres). 

9. Do not overload the dryer. 

10. Remove your linen from the dryer while it is still slightly damp and allow to air dry over a bed or railing if you hate ironing as much as we do. This will allow gravity to take care of most creases.

11. Do not leave your linen on the clothesline or in direct sunlight for an extended period of time as natural fibres are susceptible to sun bleaching.

12. Make sure your linen is completely dry before storing to prevent dampness and mildew. 

With the correct care you will prolong the life of your linen and enjoy it for many years to come!

  • To keep these hand-crafted pieces at their plush best, we recommend Dry Cleaning only.

  • Spot clean with a lightly damp cloth if necessary, taking extra care on delicate fabrics such as velvet, tufting or fringing.
  • These are beautifuly soft with a wonderful stretch, we recommend washing gently on a cold cycle, and avoiding washing with any items with zips, clasps or sharp embellishments that may catch the delicate fabric.

  • Line dry in shade, or tumble dry on a low setting.

  • Do not dry clean and do not bleach these beautiful blankets.


Our beautiful cushions showcase a wide range of stunning techniques including embroidery, tufting, chain-stitching, punch-needling and many more! Due to this range of techniques, we do always suggest referring to each cushion’s care label before proceeding with any cleaning. These can be found inside the cover, by unzipping and peeking inside! For our favourite pre-filled cushions (eg. the iconic Rylie Round Cushions) you will find the care label alongside the SxC label on the seam.

  • For our gorgeous feather filled cushion inserts, you may like to wash these in a gentle warm machine wash, and tumble dry on low. To keep your inserts super fluffy and lush you can use dryer balls!

  • We also recommend airing them outside on a sunny day for a little refresh between washes!

  • Our pre-filled cushions without removable covers, such as our Rylie and Aida Check Cushions are spot clean only.

Each design of rug from SxC will be slightly different and some may be made from cotton, jute etc. so we recommend checking the care label for specific details on how to best care for your rug or reach out to for helpful tips prior to, or after, purchasing!

Many of our rugs are made from 100% wool. Some shedding is to be expected, but there are a few tips to keep your rug looking beautiful for longer! 

  • To reduce shedding we suggest vacuuming it no more than once a week. Gentle suction and going in the direction of the pile and not against it are best to keep the pile looking gorgeous!

  • We also suggest placing the rug in a low traffic area, as lots of movement and activity can only increase the amount of shedding that can occur.

  • As our rugs do not have a non-slip backing, if you’re planning to place your gorgeous rug on a smooth surface such as polished floorboards or tiles, we recommend purchasing a non-slip underlay! This not only ensures your rug stays in place, but it adds a beautiful extra softness to walk on!

  • Spot clean, or take to your preferred professional rug cleaner.

Our fabulous bean bags are lovingly made with beautiful prints and a sturdy cotton canvas or cotton velvet, each with their own cotton insert to hold the beans! For care details you can check the label inside of the cover or follow the instructions below to keep it beautiful! 

  • Remove cover carefully for washing. 

  • Cold machine wash on a gentle cycle. Wash separately. 

  • Line dry in shade, or tumble dry on a low setting.

  • Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean.

  • Fill for our bean bags does need to be purchased separately, you can find them at retailers like Kmart and Target. We recommend 2-3 bags of fill, approx. 250L.

  • All of our bean bags and inserts are made without zipper pulls as per Australian safety standards. The easiest way to get your bean bag open is to use either a paperclip or a safety pin threaded through the zipper, once your bag is filled and ready for use these can then be removed!

  • To fill your beanbag, pop the insert inside the cover, ensuring your corners and zips line up, and then fill (easiest with two people!) This helps alleviate any pressure on the stitching around the zipper on the cover.


Our bath mats are lovingly hand tufted, making them full and lush. This does mean that they require a little extra love and care…

  • Wash them separately and in a wash bag or pillowcase with a mild eucalyptus based detergent, these pieces are prone to shedding in their first few washes.

  • To fluff them up after a wash, give it a shake, tumble dry it on low.

  • Our bath mats don’t have a rubber/non-slip backing, however the weight of the tufting provides a beautiful base!

  • Please ensure these beauties are hung between uses, either on a towel rail or over a shower rail with lots of airflow to help them dry!

  • We suggest emptying your washing machine and dryer filter before and after washing/drying your Sage x Clare Bath Mat. 

  • All of our Tula Bath Mats are hand made with a whole lotta love. One of the best things is that each letter is created by a different artisan. Each bath mat is passed down a production line and there is one person responsible for creating each letter, so it takes 10 magical artisans to create each Nudie Rudie Bath Mat!

Waffle Towels

  • These gorgeous towels can sometimes look a little misshapen after being washed so we recommend gently stretching them back to shape after washing by shaking before tumble drying, or shaking after line-drying

Terry Towels

As our terry cotton towels are so soft and lovely they do require a little extra care.

  • We advise washing these alone or with other towels to avoid pulling on any zips, clasps, etc on clothing. Any extra thread that may come loose can simply be snipped off with a pair of sharp scissors, without causing any damage to your gorgeous towel. 


Our resin products are individually made by hand - making each piece totally unique. Here are a few tips to give them all the love and care they need - 

  • Our resin pieces are for cold food presentation only and do not like heat. 

  • They can be washed in warm water when needed.

  • Avoid abrasive cleaners or cloths, as they may scratch or damage the surface.

  • Rub with a gentle cloth and a drop of cooking oil to restore their sheen.

  • This resin is not heat proof! Please don’t use the dishwasher, oven or microwave. 

  • Lastly, please take care when handling - a hard knock or drop will likely result in breakage.