Pheebs' House Tour 2023

Pheebs' House Tour 2023

Hey everyone, it’s Bon here, I’m the Content Creator at Sage x Clare ie: the one bribing everyone on the daily to do silly things on Instagram stories.  
After almost two and a half years of working at Sage x Clare, I can officially say I am  *obsessed* with homewares. But not just any homewares, ones made with love and care. That are colourful, with intricate pattern and give you precious bursts of joy as you get home after a long day. That have touched the hands of skilled artisans, who are carrying on the treasured crafts of their ancestors. Yup, I'm addicted to Sage x Clare

I was shopping at Sage x Clare long before I started my role here. And when I learned the journey from start to finish of how a Sage x Clare product is brought to life, I was genuinely mind-blown. I remember calling three people on the way home just to tell them. From the hand-drawn pattern done right here at our HQ in Melbourne, to the incredibly detailed handcrafted techniques carried out by our team in India – like hand-embroidery, punch needling, hand-looming + too many other clever techniques to mention. I was in awe of the love gone into every single design. I'm lucky enough to sit directly across from where the design team do their magic and am constantly wonderstruck by their cleverness and how they continue to create hundreds of unique products with every new collection. Shoutout to Pheebs, Jem and Emma.  
You can read more about the handcrafted nature of our products here.

AND I was equally just as mind blown when I first stepped foot inside Pheebs' (AKA: Sage x Clare Founder + Creative Director) mid-century Warrandyte home. It felt like I’d entered a new planet. I’d never been in a home that felt that magical before. It was *covered* in Sage x Clare treasure. Basically exactly what you'd expect from the owner of a brand like Sage x Clare. Colour for dayssss, the coolest vintage finds you’ve ever seen, bright purple Featherston chairs, striking art + retro prints on every wall, picturesque views of Warrandyte and every tiny detail was considered and beautiful. Not to mention the strong scent of incense in the air, jazz music playing in the background and the chirping of birds on the deck. Pheebs' home couldn’t be more reflective of the “why” behind Sage x Clare - which to the newbies round here, is to bring moments of beauty to people’s lives through textural + colourful designs and to celebrate the talent of artisans
Pheebs + Chris recently underwent a MASSIVE landscaping project + some other renovations at their home amongst the trees. Naturally, we shared this sensational transformation on the Sage x Clare Insta (watch it here) and not long after… our DM’s blew up! Since then, we’ve been getting asked questions on the daily about all of the stunning decor + the details of the landscaping project. So on my most recent content day there I had the idea to wrap it all into one handy little blog post for you (links and all).

Welcome to the home of Phoebe Bell & Chris Monahan... 

Landscaping, backyard and deck

As you walk up the driveway and through the gates, the first thing you're greeted with is their spectacular new plunge pool... hand-paved green tiles glistening in the sunlight and arguably one of the best backdrops I've ever laid eyes on. Without further ado, the two things you've been asking about the most:

Pool was built by: The Garden Company 

Landscaping project: ID Landscaping

sage and clareFeatured: Outdoor table, chairs and crazy pavers - Eco Outdoor - installed by ID Landscaping.

sage and clareFeatured: Pool chairs - Eco Outdoor , Florence Bath Sheet - cherry, Palermo Bath Sheet - chai, pool by The Garden Company, landscaping - ID Landscaping

sage and clareFeatured: Pool by The Garden Company

sage and clare

Featured: Landscaping - ID Landscaping.

sage and clareFeatured: Mud kitchen by Castle + Cubby, Eletra Kids Pj Set, Gumboots - French Soda, Ava Oven Mitt.

sage and clare

sage and clare Featured: Mud kitchen by Castle + Cubby, Eletra Kids Pj Set, Banda Kids Pj Set, Gumboots - French Soda, Ava Oven Mitt.

sage and clare

Another recurring question has been about this adorable mud kitchen pictured above. Handmade in Melbourne by our friends at Castle + Cubby. And as you can see, Heidi and Jude are completely smitten with it! You can find their consciously made designs here.

sage and clare

sage and clareFeatured: Outdoor furniture - Cosh Living, Bruno Frill Cushion.

sage and clare Featured: Outdoor furniture - Cosh Living, Florentine Embroidered Cushion - Cherry.

sage and clareFeatured: Vintage Chairs - Waverley Antique Bazaar.

sage and clareFeatured: Outdoor Furniture - Cosh Living, Gia Velvet Cushion - Pea, Pietra Punch Needle Cushion - pea.

 Come inside! Behold the master bedroom... 

 sage and clare Featured: Carpet - Western Distributors, wool berber carpet called Chatsworthin #530 Cavendish, Bedside tables - Pop & Scott, Bed frame - FB Marketplace, Easter pyjamas, shop our sleep range here.

sage and clareFeatured: Print - Vintage Posters Only, Aletta Shag Cushion - Madeira, Cosimo Pom Pom Cushion - Olive, Luigi Cotton Quilt Cover - pea.

 sage and clareFeatured: Carpet - Western Distributors, wool berber carpet called Chatsworthin #530 Cavendish, Bedside tables - Pop & Scott, Bed frame - FB Marketplace.

sage and clareFeatured: Aida Linen Pillowcase Set, Ava Linen Pillowcase Set, Sienna Cotton Fitted Sheet, Easter Pyjamas.

sage and clareFeatured: Walls - Whisper White - Dulux, Light Pendant - Lights Lights Lights, Pot - Warran Glen.

Poppy's nursery


sage and clareFeatured: Cot - Ubabub, Tessa Cotton Fitted Sheet, Print - V. Happy Co

sage and clareFeatured: Mobile - Meri Meri, Eames Elephant - Living Edge, Carlotta Carpet Rug - Bluebell.

sage and clareFeatured: Chair - CCSS, Sorrento Cushion.

sage and clareFeatured: Chest of drawers - IKEA, Mr Maria Light - Rhino Rhino, Heater - Bunnings, Cot - Ubabub.

sage and clareFeatured: Ceramic Wall Art - Warrandyte Pottery Studio.

sage and clareFeatured: Sorrento Cushion, Miffy Plush Toy - Rhino Rhino 

sage and clareFeatured: Cot - UbabubTessa Fitted Cotton Cot Sheet, Positano Baby Wrap.

The living room + dining area  

 sage and clareFeatured: Art on the left - Leonard Joel Auction House, Art on the right - Belynda Henry.

sage and clareFeatured: Pot - Mimo Pots, Print - Vintage Posters Only.

sage and clareFeatured: Bench seat - HK Living from House Of Orange, Gia Floor CushionLuigi Patchwork Cushion.

sage and clareFeatured: Aida Play Mat.

sage x clareFeatured: Couch - Globewest, Luigi Patchwork Cushion, Brunetta Jacquard Cushion - Mauve, Winslow Tufted Rug, Ottoman - Alba Atelier.

Featured: Wall Hanging - Maryanne Moodie.

sage and clareFeatured: Blinds - Wall T Wall by Luxaflex, Table + chairs - Nord Modern, Venus Bowl, pendants - Lights Lights Lights, wall hanging - Maryanne Moodie.

Featured: Bench Seat - CCSS, Print (left) - Vintage Posters Only, Prints (right) - Inge KingSerafina Velvet Cushion - olive, Marta Soutache Cushion, Cosimo Pom Pom Cushion - Wisteria, Theresa Knit Cushion.

 sage and clareFeatured: Blinds - Wall T Wall by Luxaflex, Art - Kate Eliza,

The play area, Heidi + Jude's bedroom and the spare bedroom

Featured: Toys - Grimms from Epoche

Featured: Couch - Jardan, Yellow Ottoman - Coco Flip, Print - Vintage Posters OnlyFia Velvet Cushion - Pea, Matera Cushion, Lorenzo Cushion, Giorgio Knit Cushion.

Featured: Mr Maria light - Rhino Rhino.

Featured: Shop our Play collection here.

Featured: Bed - IKEA, Print - Vintage Posters Only, Chrome lamp - Waverley Antique BazaarBanda Pj Set, Coat Rack - Eames from Living Edge, shop our Play range here.

Featured: Green cabinet - IKEA, Toys - Epoche, Mr Maria Light - Rhino Rhino.

Featured: Frankie Bunk Bed - in lime wash from House Of Orange, Chair - Nordic Fusion, shop our entire kids + baby collection here.

And lastly, downstairs

Featured: Vintage chairs - Curated Spaces, Blue side table - Jardan, Brunetta Jacquard Cushion - BluebellBlinds - Wall T Wall by Luxaflex.

sage and clareFeatured: Ava Punch Needle Cushion - pea, Florentine Embroidered Cushion - Pear.

sage and clareFeatured: De Sede Couch - purchased at auction by Leonard Joel, art - Dina Broadhurst, coffee table - Jardan, walls - Robinhood by Dulux AusFia Velvet Sham - marigold, Floria Printed Velvet Cushion, Elliane Reversible Cushion - Bluebell, Ava Punch Needle Cushion - Pea.

sage and clareFeatured: Table + chairs - FB marketplace, Blinds - Wall T Wall by Luxaflex.

sage and clareFeatured: Custom-made bookshelf bed - Al + Imo, print - Vintage Posters Only, shop our entire sleep range here.

sage and clareFeatured: Crazy paving - Eco Outdoor - installed by ID Landscaping, bathroom reno by Cj & C Construction, Florence Bath Sheet - CherryPalermo Bath Sheet - Chai

sage and clareFeatured: Ceramic Mugs - House Of Orange, resin.sage and clareFeatured: Palermo Bath Mat - Chai

Did we miss something? Send us a DM on Insta. With a whole lotta love xx 


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