Heart-to-Heart: With Aurora Art

Heart-to-Heart: With Aurora Art

Our next Heart-To-Heart guests were just a hop, skip and a jump away from our HQ. The moment I stepped into the Aurora Art Studio, I felt a huge surge of happiness. This gallery is full of delightful colour and bright florals... it really took my breath away. I’ve been Insta friends with Melbourne based Artists Lani + Zara Nicholls for quite some time and it was a joy to finally meet them in person.
If you’re already an Aurora Art follower like us, you’re also probably addicted to watching their soothing painting reels. I could watch them all day long. This Mother & Daughter duo are incredibly passionate about creating colourful and joyful art. Sound familiar? Yep, our mission as brands are beautifully aligned. I can confirm their art is even more gorgeous in real life. Lani + Zara have also recently started hosting painting workshops in their gallery… sign me up puh-lease! It looks like so much fun.
Sage x clare

Featured: Viola Beni Rug, Nora Floor Cushion - Mauve, Portofino 3/4 Sleeve Maxi Dress, Gia Blouse, Florentine Embroidered Cushion - Cherry, Ava Punch Needle Cushion - Sherbet.

What is the story of Aurora Art, how was it born? 

We are a Mother and Daughter Artist duo, Melanie (Lani) & Zara, working together as Aurora Art. Over 25 years ago, Lani started creating artwork for the family lounge room and children’s bedrooms. While Zara has been painting since she was able to hold a paint brush. Aurora Art was born while Zara was finishing her Bachelor of Fine Arts three years ago. We opened up our website and Aurora Art Gallery in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne from which we sell our original artworks, prints, host painting classes and events.

sage and clareFeatured: Florentine Table Cloth, Earl Vessel - Yuzu, Candice Board - MatchaAurora Art artwork.

We can pick your art from a mile away (ahhhh those painting videos on your Insta are so soothing to watch)! It has such a unique + joyful feeling and the colours are always divine. Where do you find your inspiration?

Thank you, it’s always amazing when people say they recognise and enjoy our artwork. We believe inspiration is all around us. We live in the beautiful Yarra Valley and are inspired by the countryside, nature, family, our culture and experiences.

sage and clare

Featured: Portofino 3/4 Sleeve Maxi Dress, Aurora Art artwork.

The world of social media can be bitter-sweet for creatives... What is your relationship with social media?

Social media is an amazing way to connect with our collectors and support other creatives. A large part of our week is spent creating both art and content. It can be hard keeping up with new algorithms, but overall it is helpful being able to connect with others around Australia and the world.

How would you describe your taste in interiors… does it reflect the style of your art?

Yes, our homes and probably even our wardrobe, reflects the style of our art. We love filling our homes with lots of artwork, cultural artefacts, flowers and joyful colour.

sage and clareFeatured: Fiorello Tufted Cushion, Ava Punch Needle Cushion - Sherbet.

What Sage x Clare items are currently on your wish-list?

A comfy bedcover for winter and always some of the Sage x Clare dresses.

We love that you’re a Mother + Daughter duo… so special! What do you love most about working together?

We feel so blessed to be able to spend time and work together. We love the flexibility and are lucky that we usually share the same opinions on how to approach different aspects of our business.

sage and clareFeatured: Gia Blouse, Portofino 3/4 Sleeve Maxi Dress, resin, Aurora Art artwork.

For someone who is indecisive or unsure on how to choose the right art for their home. What tips would you give them?

Personally, we believe you should select your artwork first and then other accessories for the room such as cushions or blankets. You should feel a connection with the artwork, its colour and message. When purchasing artwork, we always like to know about the Artist too.

sage and clare
Featured: Gia Blouse, Aurora Art artwork.

What’s your favourite piece of art you’ve ever painted and why? (Also if you have a photo of it, please share it with us!)

There have been so many artworks that we love. At the moment, we love “Everglow” which we painted together. It is a massive 180cm long and we love its warmth and colour.

sage and clare
Featured: Pai Tufted Rug, 'Everglow' by Aurora Art.

I’ve always been envious of Artists, it seems like such a therapeutic, happy and rewarding career. What are some misconceptions about being an Artist? 

Being an Artist is an amazing job. We love connecting with others at our classes, but there can be moments of self doubt while working alone during the week. The biggest misconception about being an Artist is that we paint all day. There’s a lot of administration and planning behind the scenes.

sage and clareFeatured: Gia Blouse. You can book a workshop with the Aurora Art team here.

Tell us about your creative process. How does a piece of art come to life from start to finish?

We paint in layers, so the artwork evolves over time. Usually we have an idea in our mind and then we create intuitively.

sage and clare
Featured: Floria Velvet Beanbag, Pai Tufted Rug, Olympia Sweater - Indigo, Olympia Trackpant - Indigo.

What’s been your #1 favourite memory as a business owner?

Opening our Gallery in the Eastern Suburbs has been our favourite memory since we started Aurora Art. We really enjoy spending time creating, exhibiting and hosting artwork classes there.  


With a whole lotta love xx

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