Bedtime rituals of the Sage x Clare team for a better night's sleep

Bedtime rituals of the Sage x Clare team for a better night's sleep

Today, March 15, marks World Sleep Day – a celebration of sleep created by the World Sleep Society to raise awareness of important sleep issues.

The goal of the World Sleep Society is to advance knowledge about sleep, circadian rhythms, sleep health and sleep disorders worldwide.

One of the key messages of World Sleep Day this year is that sleep is a critical pillar of health. Research shows sleep supports brain health, memory, learning, immunity and energy levels. And we know poor sleep has been linked to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, reduced reaction times and impaired judgement.

With so many health benefits and risks on the line, what actions can we take to get a ‘healthy sleep’? Well, World Sleep Day acts as an annual call to action for us to take a moment and reflect and make time to allow for better quality sleep.

So in the spirit of World Sleep Day, we thought we’d put this question to the Sage x Clare team: “What is your bedtime ritual?”, to learn about and get inspiration on different ways we can all get a better and healthier night’s sleep.

While we may not have the best bedtime routines every night (we are works in progress after all!), we certainly recognise the value in starting or modifying our bedtime rituals to help us wind down, get better sleep and in turn boost our energy and health.

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Loz, Warehouse Assistant

A night owl for as long as I can remember, nighttime is a tricky balancing act because my perpetual need for a few hours of alone time every evening competes with my need for a quality, deep, heavenly sleep. With a wonderful hubby who works from home and two gorgeous kids, one with additional needs, time to myself is scarce. But oh how I LOVE me some solitude. I not only love it, I need it to be a happy human.

Both my kiddos are a bit older now and most nights they’re not in bed until 10pm but I simply cannot call it a day at that point too. That would leave no ‘me’ time! No glorious, quiet, solitary time to recharge (and watch whatever I like on TV!).

So with that in mind here is my perfect bedtime scenario:

  • The window is often open and fresh air drifts through the bedroom, even in winter.
  • My bedroom feels especially peaceful when it’s uncluttered and tidy, so I really make an effort to keep the ever-looming floordrobe at bay.
  • I never use the ‘big light’. Lamplight always.
  • My phone is charged in the kitchen, far away from my easily tempted scrolling fingertips.
  • Bed is actually my favourite place on earth and fresh bedding is my favourite kind of bedding. So a once a week bedding change keeps me happy. But honestly, if I could pay someone to change my sheets every day for me I absolutely would.
  • Oh and on my bed there’s a combination of linen and cotton. I love the feel of sleeping on a cotton fitted sheet but I love the beautiful soft, lived-in look of linen. So my top sheet, quilt cover and pillowcases are always a combination of gorgeous Sage x Clare linen.
  • Once the fam is asleep, a quick shower makes hopping into a fresh bed all the more divine. Then once I’m all tucked in I’ll watch a show on the iPad for about an hour- with the blue light turned off and then I switch off, grab my book and get lost in the pages until I start to feel nice and drowsy. It works a treat every time.
  • Oh, and one last very important thing; in winter, I'm team electric blanket all the way!

Bonnie, Content Creator

I’d be lying if I said my bedtime routine was perfect every night… in fact, most nights I do everything they say you *shouldn’t* do e.g. listen to loud upbeat music before bed and dance my heart out (what can I say? I get the zoomies), sit on my phone scrolling in a TikTok hole until ghastly hours of the night, or googling silly things like murder cases and I also regularly eat too much sugar before bed.

BUT my partner is really getting fed up with this unhinged bedtime routine of mine and I am realising I need to sleep a lot more than I used to, so (slowly) I am trying to change my habits! Some things I’m trying to implement each night/ day to improve my sleep:

  • Eating a kiwi fruit before bed (it’s said to help improve sleep).
  • I’ve also recently bought Elle Macpherson’s Evening Elixir hot chocolate – an infusion of magnesium + natural vitamin C.
  • I like to eat dinner before 7pm and have a hot shower straight after to start relaxing.
  • In recent months I have tried to exercise in some way each day – whether it’s a walk or pilates.
  • Stretching right before bed – it’s said to help your body relax.
  • Limiting TV + mobile phone use right before bed (but personally, I find this pretty impossible).
  • Journaling if my mind is racing…which it usually is every single night (especially at bedtime!).

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Erica, Customer Care Specialist

I’m a natural night owl, but a wannabe morning person. For me to be a morning person, I need a good night's sleep. And I find the success of a good night's sleep for me is all in the prep work:

  • No coffee after 2pm.
  • I try to leave at least an hour between screen time and bedtime.
  • I like to organise my outfit, lunch and to-do tasks for the next day before I go to bed (helps clear the mind and leaves no excuse for snoozing the morning alarm!).
  • Having fresh and beautiful sheets really helps entice me to bed. I’m a linen lover at heart, and have also converted my husband – and now there are no exceptions, all our sheets must be European flax linen! I recently bought the Sage x Clare Safia linen and I’m obsessed!

Emma, Textile Designer

Every night without fail I watch a terrifying true crime doco or crime series (right now I’m bingeing The Fall) whilst negotiating with my cat, Mary, over our preferred bedtime. I usually win this argument by bargaining for more time with some tasty snacks. After hitting my maximum level of fear factor we then start our bedtime routine.

I lure Mary into her bedroom with the promise of more snacks. Yes, my cat has her own room – it’s essential for me to achieve a ‘good’ night’s sleep. I then brush my teeth and wash my face before making my way to bed in a zombie-like state, way past my actual bedtime. At this point, I realise my cat Mary was right and I should’ve been in bed hours ago. I then indulge Mary in some late-night snuggles on my bed. I then doom scroll on my phone until the memories of the terrifying true crime doco are long gone. While Mary pretends to be asleep and I have to carry her back into her room.

At this point, I am so tired that I stumble back into bed and roll myself up in my comfy sheets like a souvlaki. I prefer to sleep in cotton sheets for that smooth soft feeling and breathability but I do pair my cotton sheets with linen quilt covers and pillowcases. I usually choose my bedlinen based on the pattern that I am most in love with and I love to mix patterns to create a maximalist colour landscape.

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Larissa, Copywriter

I like to keep my bedtime ritual pretty simple. After having a peppermint tea, I take a warm shower, brush my teeth, wash my face and apply my face oil and hand cream. Once in bed, I might read a chapter or two of the current novel I have going to help my brain wind down.

On occasion, if I have trouble falling asleep I will listen to a guided relaxation or rain sounds for 15 minutes on my Google Home. There’s just something so soothing about the sound of rain and feeling cosy all snuggled up in bed – it works like a charm.

My sleep must-haves? I’m a cotton sheet fan for sure. There’s nothing better than the buttery soft and cool feel of cotton. I also rate a silk pillowcase, I find it not only makes bedtime feel super bougie, but it helps reduce static and keeps my hair looking fresher for longer, and as an extra bonus, my skin feels better. Defs worth the investment, highly recommend!

Maddi, Senior Retail Warehouse Assistant

Some of my bedtime must-haves include:

  • A regular bedtime/ wake time is a must for me as it allows me to fall asleep quickly and feel more refreshed upon waking.
  • I am a cotton sheet lover, I enjoy how breathable and light they feel throughout the night.
  • I am an advocate of quality sleep for overall health and recovery so I am always in bed ready to sleep by 9:30pm.
  • I have dim soft lighting in my bedroom, as it helps to calm the body and encourage sleep.
  • A clean space. I tend to sleep so much better if I am getting into a well-made bed (I like to make my bed every morning) and there is no clutter in the room.
  • Exercising regularly is another must-have for myself for a good quality night's sleep. I can always notice the difference if I haven’t set aside that time in my day to move my body.

As for my evening rituals, before bed, I usually have a shower or bath to wind down. I love to add some magnesium salts and essential oils to the bath for extra relaxation. I also avoid eating close to bedtime, usually I will have dinner around 6pm. I will have peppermint tea and sometimes a small treat (usually a Loco Love vegan chocolate). I tend to avoid coffee after 1pm due to the disruption it has on the quality of rest and my ability to fall asleep.

I will generally read before bed to help my mind switch off – I love a good lighthearted romance and it distracts me from spending too much time on my phone. And lastly, making sure that I have everything prepared for the next day allows me to settle better and sleep soundly through the night.

Sarah, Digital and Graphic Designer

After I get my munchkin to bed it's straight into the shower for my skincare routine, and then I get into my PJs. Comfy PJs are key for a good night’s sleep I think – I am living in my Sage x Clare lounge sets at the moment, they’re perfectly oversized and the natural fibres are so soft and breathable. Then it can all go downhill from there when I end up scoffing chocolate and doom scrolling for the rest of the night before I eventually fall asleep.

Cotton sheets are my go-to bedding for summer. They feel so cool and crisp on my skin and I sleep so much better on those hot nights we’ve been having recently.

Michelle, Wholesale Sales Manager

Here’s my recipe for getting a great night’s sleep. I try my best to stick to healthy eating habits, especially in the evening. I recommend stopping eating in the evening at least two to three hours before bedtime to allow for proper digestion and avoid any discomfort while sleeping.

Magnesium plays a crucial role in promoting relaxation and supporting sleep. So I take a magnesium supplement before bedtime to help calm the nervous system and improve sleep quality.

A clean clutter-free bedroom creates a peaceful environment conducive to sleep. I like to keep my bedroom as tidy and organised as possible to help keep my stress levels down and promote relaxation.

I also find my emotional well-being is closely linked to sleep quality so it’s important to address negative emotions and stressors before bedtime. Practising gratitude and forgiveness, and expressing love and appreciation to the people around me helps cultivate a positive mindset and promotes a better sleep. So I’m a big advocate of never going to bed angry.

Lastly, I’m a big fan of essential oils, they are such powerful tools for promoting relaxation and sleep. Some calming oils to consider around bedtime are lavender, chamomile, bergamot, cedarwood, vetiver and Frankincense. I use these kinds of oils in a diffuser in the bedroom, apply them topically to pulse points or when I have time for the ultimate nighttime relaxation ritual in a warm bath before heading to bed.

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Keen for more sleep wisdom? Take a read of our journals: Sleep tips by sleep expert Lisa Varadi and 5 steps to declutter your bedroom happy.

Do you have any bedtime rituals or routines that you swear by to get a great night’s sleep? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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