How to declutter your bedroom happy

How to declutter your bedroom happy

Do you ever find when your bedroom is untidy or cluttered, your quality of sleep or general sense of well-being can suffer? At Sage x Clare, we’re BIG believers that our surroundings and physical environment have a direct impact on our mood, health and well-being. “Tidy house, tidy mind” after all.

Studies show that clutter around the house can make us more stressed and anxious, less productive and even negatively impact our overall satisfaction with life. In fact, people who sleep in cluttered bedrooms are more likely to have trouble falling asleep and experience interrupted sleep.

We’ve popped together our 5 steps and top tips on how to declutter your bedroom and transform it into your happy place again. You may like to tackle your project in stages if need be or if you’re feeling pumped knock it out in a weekend.

With these decluttering tips, we’re not aiming for perfection or expecting you to maintain a spotless bedroom all the time. Clutter and getting a bit messy is just a part of life. But sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than having a good clear out, getting all your stuff organised, putting clean linen on the bed and admiring your fresh bedroom.

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Step 1. Your decluttering tool kit

Before diving straight into your decluttering project you may want to pick up a few supplies to make your efforts as easy, effective and long-lasting as possible. Grab cleaning supplies, garbage bags, a new clothes hamper, storage baskets, containers, hooks and drawer organisers. IKEA and Kmart have so many incredible storage solutions you never knew you needed!

Tip: It's a good idea to note down the measurements of your dresser drawers, bed height and cupboard shelving to ensure your new storage solutions will fit nicely before you head out on your shopping trip.

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Step 2. Out with the old

A great place to start with the aim of making some breathing room is getting rid of any shoes, clothing, accessories, electronics, reading materials or decor that no longer serves you.

Set up different boxes or garbage bags to place items in to toss, donate, sell or put into storage. Also, create a pile of items and clean clothes you want to keep and organise later. 

As a general rule, donate or dispose of anything that you haven’t worn or looked at in a year that doesn’t have sentimental value. Remember if you wouldn’t give an item of clothing to a friend, then it’s probably not worth donating. Get rid of anything damaged beyond repair, stained or unflattering that you never reach for.

Tip: Get your favourite motivational music blasting – Lizzo, the Spice Girls or Tina Turner, whatever it takes to keep you driven and focused on completing the task at hand!

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Step 3. Unlock oodles of storage

Utilise every inch of your bedroom and furniture using clever storage solutions to get better organised and maximise the available floor space.

We love to use our small colourful resin bowls for storing jewellery, watches, cosmetics and keepsakes on the bedside table or dresser. They look cute and are the perfect size for items you need access to every day. Plus, they help to reduce the likelihood of losing a special piece.

Add hooks on the back of doors for keeping frequently used robes, jackets, hats or scarves within easy reach. Using drawer dividers helps to keep all your socks, undies and tees accessible and neat.

Hanging shoe racks can also be a total lifesaver if you have limited storage or shelf space in your closet.

For anything you intend to put into storage, say, at the top of your cupboard or under your bed, such as costumes, extra blankets, special occasion shoes or seasonal clothing, we suggest labelling your boxes so you can easily access what you need without having to pull every box out.

If you don’t already have a spot for dirty clothes, a decent-sized clothing hamper will go a long way to minimise the mess that can accumulate throughout the week.

Tip: Make use of any spare Sage x Clare muslin bags and sheet bags you have to keep PJs, slippers, hair accessories and cosmetics organised. Our beauty bags are also handy for stashing those small bits and pieces that accumulate on bedside tables and are an easy way to keep surfaces clear.

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Step 4. Deep clean

Now that all your clothing, shoes and accessories are put away and looking neat in their fancy new storage containers, it’s time to give your bedroom a deep clean. We like to start from the ground up. Vacuum or sweep and mop your floors, wipe down all surfaces and dust away any cobwebs. 

For a next-level refresh, you may like to deodorise your mattress, wash pillow inserts and decorative cushions, steam clean your curtains, wipe down blinds and ceiling fans, clean mirrors and dust the bed frame with warm water. Grab the glass cleaner and clean windows inside and out to welcome in as much natural light in as possible.

Tip: Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to your dusting solution to leave a fresh and dreamy smell in the air. Tea tree and lavender essential oils are great calming scents for the bedroom and they also have antibacterial and deodorising properties.

Step 5. The joy of decorating

Now that you have a clean and tidy canvas it’s time to get creative and decorate! Opt for cheerful bright colours and prints for your decor to instantly uplift your mood, add personality and evoke a feeling of happiness and tranquillity in your space.

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Display special objects from your travels, sentimental items, family photos or artwork that reminds you of good times and memories to further personalise your space and the feeling of homeliness.

Put fresh linen on your bed. Layer on soft accent cushions and blankets to enhance the inviting and comfy feel.

Create a cosy reading nook using floor cushions or bean bags to encourage you to spend more ‘me time’ in your bedroom relaxing and getting lost in a great book.

Add a dimmer to your overhead lighting or invest in dimmable smart globes for your bedroom lamps. Having dimmable warm lighting will allow you to create the perfect mood whether it’s time to unwind or fold the laundry.

After all your effort and hard work decluttering, you may like to treat yourself to a new houseplant, blanket, sheet set or wall hanging to help reinvigorate and breathe new life into your space.


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So there you have it. Our 5 steps to a clutter-free bedroom. Follow these steps and your sleep sanctuary will be organised, shiny and feeling like new again. Decluttering can be a project that’s easily postponed and feels like a drag but we know you’ll feel all the better for it and get an awesome night’s sleep once it’s completed.

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