How to give your bedroom a grown up pink glow up

How to give your bedroom a grown up pink glow up

If you’re anything like the Sage x Clare team and got swept up in Barbie movie mania (hands up, who still has those Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa tracks on repeat?) and you’ve wanted to nurture your inner child with pink home decor ever since we’ve got ya covered!

Playful, romantic and downright joyful, there are so many reasons pink is one of our absolute favourite colours to use when designing homewares and styling our homes.

Now we know what you’re thinking, “BUT I don’t want my bedroom covered in hot pink from floor to ceiling à la Margot Robbie.” Well, you don’t have to. There are so many elegant and stylish ways to incorporate a little bit (or a lot!) of pink into your interiors as an adult.

Here are our grown up pink bedroom decor ideas to take care of your inner child and live out your Barbie dream house fantasies every day.

Bed with pink printed linen and green pillows on a multi-coloured shaggy rug
Featured: Redondo Linen Quilt Cover - Dahlia



Soft and vibrant shades of green make for an excellent complement to pink bedroom decor. Introduce refreshing shades of green with houseplants (bonus: they improve air quality!), artwork, rugs, throws, accent cushions or nature-inspired bed linen to beautifully set off your pink feature pieces. We lurve pairing the Sablon Jute Rug in Bay Leaf, Posie Knit Throw or Pasadena Punch Needle Cushion with splashes of pink decor.

Bed with striped floral bedding and cane bedhead in front a a wood panelled wall

Featured: Palo Alto Linen Pillowcase - Dahlia
Bed with floral sheets sitting on a round green jute rug in front of a white wall and boho rattan screen
Featured: Sablon Jute Rug


A timeless and sophisticated style, striped bed linen is a divine way to add a special touch of pink to your bedroom. For a serene and understated almost neutral look, opt for quilt cover stripes in peach, coral or other soft pinks layered with beige, white or grey sheets. Maximalism more your style? Go for a cheerful baby pink and paprika stripe quilt cover paired with lush floral print sheets and pillowcases, and add a mauve velvet blanket on top for extra cosiness.

Two-toned striped bed linen in front of a white wall decorated with a Picasso print and house plants

 Featured: Tishy Cotton Quilt Cover - Dahila

Close up of a bold floral printed fitted sheet and green striped quilt cover


Embrace your inner disco Barbie and look to the past for inspiration when bringing pink into your boudoir. Think geometric prints in bold shades of flamingo, watermelon and bubblegum to really make a statement. Our vibrant Redondo Linen Quilt Cover is the perfect blend of bold pinks and playful retro vibes. Or pick up the Brae Cotton Pillowcase to create a cute eclectic geometrical pink bed moment.

Close up of a bold floral printed fitted sheet and green striped quilt cover
A funky printed cushion featuring green rectangles and pink diamond shapes


An easy way to inject some luxe and dreamy pink vibes is through your selection of decorative cushions. For an effortless modern boho look mix and match cushions with unconventional textures, shapes, patterns, fabrics and different pink hues. Our Biggs Cotton Cushion with intertwined tape applique, Minyama Woven Cushion and Fresno Soutache Cushion are our fave pink pillow must-haves.

A close up of a white cushion with woven pale pink ribbon detail amongst other colour cushions on a couch
Small floral printed bed sheets in green, blue, pink and orange with matching colourful throw cushions


Where would Barbie and Ken be without their fabulous accessories? Not having nearly as much fun! Lighten the mood by adding pops of pink to your room through your choices of wall art, rugs, floor cushions, books, bed frame or even table lamps. Enhance the warm and welcoming feel with some mood lighting. The addition of a glowing salt lamp, rose quartz crystals and a scented candle or two are sure to add to the tranquil ambience. Top off the look with our gorgeous resin bowls, the perfect solution for storing and displaying jewellery and trinkets.

Close up of a diamond printed orange and pink quilt cover with a pink velvet pillow and 70s lamp
Pink resin bowl with petal shaped edges
Featured: Petal Bowl - Peony


If you’re a creative soul there are so many ways you can get your hands dirty and embrace a pink bedroom makeover. Upcycle a piece of furniture you already have like a lamp base, pendant light, stool, plant pot or side table with a few coats of spray paint in your favourite shade of pink. Pick up some paint or apply a graphic wallpaper to create a pink wall as a show-stopping feature. Or why not reupholster a bench seat, floor cushion or headboard in rich pink velvet, a retro print or luxurious pale pink linen? Check out our Palo Alto Floor Cushion for print inspo!

Sqaure pink thick striped floor cushion with handle

Featured: Palo Alto Floor Cushion

Close up of bold red, pink and green orchard print beanbag with pink fringe

Featured: Camarillo Bean Bag


To style your home with pink in a more grown up way Jemma, our Design + Production Manager and styling extraordinaire, suggests that “If you have a multi-coloured interior and want to play with pink, single out a specific shade and make it a design feature by repeating its use in various accessories and locations.”

“This way you don’t need to start from scratch and you can easily ramp up or tone down the pink as the mood strikes you.”

Our bonus tips for pink bedroom styling:

  1. Printed pillows and base sheet colours in green make for a fresh and complementary look for pink quilts or bed covers.
  2. Opt for striped bed linen in any shade of pink for an elegant and timeless look.
  3. Add an energetic and playful hit of pink to your room with retro-inspired geometric printed bedding.
  4. Up the texture and luxury level with accent cushions in different shades, shapes and fabrics showcasing pink.
  5. Select a shade of pink in your sheet set and try to match it to various accessories around the room (think: art, cushions, decorative vessels or plant pots) for a cohesive look.
  6. Don’t be afraid to edit if need be. Have a play around, rearrange items, remove items, mix and match unlikely combinations until you have it looking and feeling just right.
  7. Remember, styling your home is supposed to be fun! You can’t go wrong by introducing pink elements into your bedroom that bring you joy and enhance your feeling of peace in your space.
Bed with pink and green checked quilt cover with striped pillows and floral topsheet
Close up of whimsical green leaf and pink and red flowers printed bed sheet set with white background

Featured: Reedley Linen Quilt Cover

We hope these pink bedroom ideas show that pink decor is not only a reasonable choice for grown up bedroom decor but a highly attractive one. Feeling inspired? Try thinking pink and give your bedroom a refresh Barbie herself would be proud of.

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