Heart-to-Heart: With Samantha Elliston

Heart-to-Heart: With Samantha Elliston

Meet Samantha, our 10th Birthday art competition winner! It’s safe to say we were immediately captivated by her entry (when she submitted it back in July). Ohhh how Sage x Clare it was. She nailed the brief.

We recently caught up with Samantha in her Gippsland home and I could hardly believe my eyes when I stepped inside. Sage x Clare EVERYWHERE. Handcrafted projects everywhere. Books everywhere. And even a home library. It was meant to be.
Read on to find out about Samatha’s hopes and dreams as an Artist, what inspired the winning artwork and her fave Sage x Clare pieces (duh!)

Featured: Fresno Strappy Maxi Dress

Firstly, congrats on winning our 10th Birthday art competition! How did you create this piece, from start to finish?

Thank you! It was such a wonderful surprise to be notified that I won, I was over the moon. First of all, I wanted to capture something that really spoke to the elements of Sage x Clare that I love: maximalist, colour and pattern clash. I have this beautiful pink couch in my home where I usually place all my favourite Sage x Clare cushions that I wanted to include that so I could combine a piece of myself and my home into the art piece. I love including colour and storytelling into my art so I added in all my favourite pieces I’ve seen and put them together to show a warm and inviting little home that I hoped other people would resonate with.

Sage x Clare
 Drum roll! Here's the winning illustration... about as Sage x Clare as it gets. Featured: Cecelia Coasters, Earl Vessel, Culver Jacquard Robe.

Sage x ClareFeatured: Posie Knit Throw, Culver Jacquard Robe.

Where do you look for inspiration for all your illustrations?

Pinterest and Instagram are my best friends when I’m looking to create something new. I usually create a collage to inspire colour palettes and any sense of feeling I’m trying to convey. Sometimes I just create a collection of sketches that later come together as a final piece. I try to make sure I’m always creating something so that I can keep those drawing muscles well exercised.

Aside from being an Artist, you’re also a Specialist VCE Literature and History Teacher. How did you find yourself in both these spaces? Chat us through your career journey.

I’ve always loved reading and finding all those little easter eggs of meaning in books, so for me it was a no-brainer to choose it as my major when I went to university. History, for me, is just an extension of that. It’s finding all the little stories that come together to create a larger picture. When I was at school, I had the most fantastic teachers in both these subjects who helped me to further develop a passion for these two areas. I wanted to be able to talk about my passions and share that with others as well as being a safe space for kids, just like my teachers were for me. I love the kids I get to work with now and being able to foster passion for them makes my job worth it every day. Also, shout out to my students for voting for my artwork in the Sage x Clare drawing comp – love you guys!

Sage x Clare
Featured: Redondo Towelling Robe.

What are your career highlights? (Aside from winning our art comp ha ha!)

Oh, this has definitely been a highlight! In my art, I would say that working with Wednesday Books Publishing to create some bookish posters was the first time I did something truly big with my art. Through that, I got to create a piece for one of my favourite authors, Victoria Schwab who reached out to me to tell me she was a fan of my illustration style. At first, I wasn’t sure it was real. I was so excited!

In my teaching career I would have to say that just making my classroom a safe (and very colourfully decorated) environment and having the opportunity to be a safe space for kids is my favourite part of my job. Every day I get to teach them something new that makes my day fun and exciting.

Tell us about your hopes and dreams as an Artist.

I’d love to just keep creating piece for people and get my art out there more. My big dream for my illustration journey is to create a graphic novel and maybe someday see it on the shelves of my local book shop. I’ve had this witchy-mystery planned for so long that I would love to complete. I’ve started the character design and now it’s onto the comic panels!

Sage x Clare
Featured: Redondo Towelling Robe - DahliaLompoc Wall Hanging, Reedley Linen Quilt Cover, Redondo Linen Flat Sheet - Dahlia, Reedley Linen Fitted Sheet, Reedley Linen Pillowcase Set, Redondo Linen Pillowcase Set - Dahlia.

Where did your love for colourful homewares + interiors come from?

Oh, that came from first seeing the home of my best friend, Holly. She has these beautiful spaces in her home with loud colour and pattern clashes that make you feel so happy to exist in. I’d never seen a home with so much life and pure joy before. Once I bought my own home, I knew that I wanted to create a space like she did. I even modelled my current bedroom on my bedroom at her house! She introduced me to Sage x Clare and all the wonderful inspiration of colourful living. I follow a lot of beautiful homes on Instagram and TikTok now to give me further inspiration on my next little projects throughout my space. I’m always changing things, whether it be a hand-painted wall mural or little corners with colourful accents.

Featured: Lompoc Wall Hanging, Reedley Linen Quilt Cover, Redondo Linen Flat Sheet - Dahlia, Reedley Linen Fitted Sheet, Reedley Linen Pillowcase Set, Redondo Linen Pillowcase Set - Dahlia.

Sage x ClareFeatured: Vivid, The New Bohemians Handbook, Toni Bowl - Spearmint.

Sage x Clare

Featured: Piedmont Ruffle Cushion.

We were thrilled to see your home is covered in our goodies! Fave Sage x Clare item in your home, GO!

Thank you! My Sudbury Beni Rug is my ride or die – it just adds so much to the space and my kitties love to bask in the sun on it. Next would definitely be my Poole Woven Wall Hanging and Hythe Patch Bedcover. They add so much to the space.

Aside from work, you’re an avid reader and you now even have a home library… what are your top three books of all time?

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen for the classic vibes, The Hating Game by Sally Thorne for romance and From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout for my favourite genre, romantacy.

Sage x Clare
Featured: Fresno Strappy Midi Dress, Sablon Jute Rug - Bay Leaf, Palo Alto Floor Cushion - Dahlia, Palo Alto Floor Cushion - Cayenne.  

Sage x ClareFeatured: Sablon Jute Rug - Bay Leaf, Posie Knit Throw, Fresno Soutache Cushion - Dahlia, Sutter Knit Cushion.

Lastly, what brings you joy outside of work?

Like you said before, I’m an avid reader. I read about two books a week that I love talking about with my friends. Usually when I’m not reading, I’m drawing or crocheting cardigans, blankets or little wall hanging for my place. At the moment, I’ve been really into creating friendship bracelets for the upcoming Taylor Swift Era’s Tour which has been really fun!

Sage x ClareFeatured: Sablon Jute Rug - Bay Leaf, Posie Knit Throw, Fresno Soutache Cushion - Dahlia, Sutter Knit Cushion, Palo Alto Floor Cushion - Cayenne, Briggs Cotton Cushion - Dahlia.

Sage x ClareFeatured: Fresno Strappy Maxi Dress.

With a whole lotta love xx 


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