Craft your dream bedroom aesthetic based on your star sign

Craft your dream bedroom aesthetic based on your star sign

They say our personality traits and even our tastes are written in the stars. So why not look to astrology for some home decor inspo and *really* nail your next bedroom refresh? Here are our tips and best homeware picks for stylin’ ya boudoir beautifully based on your zodiac sign.


Our fiery Aries pals are drawn to bold designs and rich hues that reflect their confident and energetic nature. Chock-full of personality, our Viola Linen Quilt Cover provides the perrrfect statement piece and warming sunset shades Arians want in their interiors.

retro pink diamond print quilt cover with velvet headboard and shaggy rug

Featured: Viola Linen Quilt Cover


One of the more sensual signs, Taureans love the comforting feel of luxe textiles and quality bed linen. Craving soothing pastel tones, the Beatrice Linen Quilt Cover is our pick teamed with a shaggy wool rug, Taureans will be in plush pastel heaven!

purple check quilt cover with wall hanging, floor cushion and shag rug

Featured: Beatrice Linen Quilt Cover


Playful and quirky, Geminis are into lively colours, and eclectic decor and rearrange their furniture on a whim. With fun fringe, vibrant colours and a reversible design, Geminis will adore the versatility and lively spirit of our Vignolo Tufted Blanket and Palo Alto Linen Quilt Cover.

green stripe bed cover with large red and orange flowers in front of brown brick wall

Featured: Vignolo Tufted Blanket


Protective, loyal, caring and sensitive souls, Cancerians value cosy and comforting styling that promotes a sense of security. Look to soft shades of blue to create a restful retreat with our Linen Quilt Cover - Chambray and Bebington Fuzzy Blanket. 

blue chambray quilt cover on timber floor in front of timber panelled wall

Featured: Linen Quilt Cover - Chambray


Natural leaders who enjoy the spotlight, Leos gravitate towards dramatic decor. Pair the power colour purple with EPIC eye-catching floral bedding, like our Camarillo Quilt Cover, to radiate positive Leo energy.

floral and leaf print quilt cover on rattan bedhead with pink side table

Featured: Camarillo Quilt Cover


Neutral tones and minimalism appeal to down-to-earth and uber-organised Virgos. Virgos love bringing soft earth tones into their bedrooms – our Linen Quilt Cover - Cashew would be perfecto.

light peach linen quilt cover in front of white brick wall with hanging wicker chair

Featured: Linen Quilt Cover - Cashew


Diplomatic, sociable and charming, Librans value peace and balance. Our pretty Tishy Quilt Cover fulfils the desire for soft inviting colours and symmetry. For added points of interest, embrace the typical Libran’s love of art with sculptural forms or an affordable wall hanging.

blue, green and peach striped bed cheets in front of white brick wall

Featured: Tishy Quilt Cover


Scorpios are known for their intensity, determination and mysterious nature. This water sign is into dark and moody colour schemes and sensual textures. Pair our burgundy Sienna Quilt Cover with lots of shaggy and velvet cushions for the ultimate brooding aesthetic.

overhead shot of maroon bed sheets with colourful squiggly line print

Featured: Sienna Quilt Cover


Free-spirited and optimistic, Sagittarians are fans of exotic patterns, vibrant shades and comfortable furnishings that allow for plenty of relaxation. Sagittarians will adore the rich blues of our Berkeley Quilt Cover and want to unwind on the Ilkley Bean Bag for hours on end.

large blue floral print bed sheets on a rattan bedhead

Featured: Berkeley Quilt Cover


Capricorns are ambitious, practical and patient. Our Florentine Quilt Cover is perfect for Capricorns that are drawn to green hues that evoke a sense of growth and stability.

print clash bed sheets overhead featuring different coloured florals and geometric prints

Featured: Florentine Quilt Cover


Individualistic, innovative and slightly eccentric, Aquarians experiment with bold and unusual colour combinations. Team our Mica Quilt Cover with daring floral sheets then load the bed up with mismatched colourful cushions for Aquarian appeal.

blue knit blanket on check bed sheets in front of white brick wall

Featured: Mica Quilt Cover


Imaginative, empathetic and spiritual, as a water sign Pisces has an affinity for all things ocean. Pisces likes to bring gentle blues, seafoam greens and beach-inspired decor into their homes. We have a feeling they will love the beachy details and tranquil feel of our Santa Monica Quilt Cover.

beachy bedroom style with a surf board, rattan chair and artistic santa monica inspired printed bed sheets

Featured: Santa Monica Quilt Cover

There you have it, lovelies! Our top tips for dressing up your bedroom based on your star sign. Do you rate our linen reccos or maybe you want to embrace the vibe of a different zodiac? We hope we have sparked some fresh ideas that’ll make your bedroom space look and feel AMAZING. X

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