Paloma prints if they were our fave celebs

Paloma prints if they were our fave celebs

We thought it would be fun and interesting to get to know and share the inspiration behind some of our prints from our Paloma AW24 collection in a bit of a different way…so we’ve gone ahead and matched our newest prints with their perfect celebrity match.

If Paloma were a person we’d say she is daring, creative, edgy, glamorous and a jet-setter, so the lifestyle of the world’s biggest celebrities isn’t that far removed from her dreamy world. Read on to find out which famous faces go best with our new Paloma prints.


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Our Benita print has the look of the modern-day flower child and songstress herself, Florence Welch. Known for performing barefoot and rocking flowery patterns, maxi dresses, flowy silhouettes and bell-bottom jeans, we feel Flo would approve of our sun-faded wildflower ‘70s-inspired Benita design.


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Mysterious, suave, charming and a bit glam, we think our Fidel print is channelling the internet ‘daddy’ vibes of actor Pedro Pascal. Pedro has been known to sport thick-rimmed ‘70s style glasses and wares from Italian fashion houses, like Gucci and Valentino when he hits the red carpet which aligns perfectly with the vintage Italianate inspiration behind Fidel.


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Known for marching to the beat of her own drum, her unique sense of style and a LOVE for a certain shade of green, we suspect Billie Eilish would be a fan of our Alejandro print. Inspired by bamboo branches and the Japanese jungle, Alejandro definitely keeps things interesting, fresh and edgy à la Billie Eilish.


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Affectionately nicknamed the ‘Julia Gulia’ print at Sage x Clare HQ after Drew Barrymore’s iconic character in The Wedding Singer, naturally nobody else could personify our Guilia print better than Drew. Both being bold, a little wild, colourful and gosh darn gorgeous, we reckon Guilia and Drew are kindred spirits.

Safia - Martini

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Hailing from Barbados and known for bringing Caribbean influences into her music and fashion choices, we think singer, songwriter and beauty mogul Rihanna is the perfect celeb match for our Safia print in Martini. An opulent tropical print, Safia brings to mind island escapes, palm trees and high-end resorts, so we get the sneaky feeling RiRi would approve of it.

Pello - Bougainvillea

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At this point, actor Timothée Chalamet is almost more famous for his daring, eclectic and ​​avant-garde fashion choices than for his roles on the big screen. We’re big fans of Timothée’s penchant for androgynous dressing and that he doesn’t shy away from colour – especially pinks! For this reason, we like to think Timmy would rate our Pello print in Bougainvillea. Pello puts a modern twist on a classic yarn-dye check by mixing unexpected colours and showcasing opulent shades of magenta and burgundy.


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The poster girl for kitsch chic, actor Zooey Deschanel is well-known for her obsession with ‘60s and ‘70s fashion, silhouettes, prints, makeup and hairstyles. So our cute Mela print, being reminiscent of fruity '70s wallpaper, felt like the perfect fit.

Alexa - Cosmos

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It might be that it is giving Malibu Barbie/ Dreamhouse energy or it may just be the fact that we’ve seen her in pink A LOT, but we feel our Alexa print in Cosmos is made for Margot Robbie. Featuring palm leaves, flowers, pineapples and a cheeky parrot, we think this intricate and uplifting pink and orange print would not look out of place as a textile in Barbieland.

So there you have it! From bohemian songbirds to fashion mavericks to edgy artists to superstars from the small and big screen, our Paloma prints are certainly in good company with their celebrity matches.

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