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the 'silpi' collection

the 'silpi' collection

The ‘Silpi’ Collection is about taking a series of time- honoured artisanal techniques and pushing the boundaries to make them relevant to our lives today. Every piece in our collection is created by the hands of an artisan, whose trade has been passed from century to century. The collection is an ode to their skill and lifelong commitment, while also being a celebration of their survival in a world of advancement.

We designed the collection on the road, shaped by a series of snapshots from our travels to India, Turkey and Morocco. A sketchbook and plenty of discussion became a mainstay on our journeys through nostalgic towns on rickety, atmospheric trains.

Our colour palette was inspired by the washed-out streets of Jodhpur, Jaipur and Moulay Idriss, with hints of the saturated colour reminiscent of Holi and the carnivalesque life of Rajasthani cities. While our pattern play was taken from the mosaic tiles of our riad in Fez and the domed interior of the Blue Mosque.

Block printing, hand weaving, crewel embroidery and kantha stitch have been used extensively throughout the range. Both cheeky and irreverent. our signature designs shake off the confines of tradition with excitement and renewal. Stylised floral and Jacobean designs have now been replaced with bold and playful patterns that suit our approach to interiors today.

Let us take you on a nostalgic journey, but now with fresh eyes.

With love, Sage and Clare

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