Heavily Meditated
Heavily Meditated
Heavily Meditated
Heavily Meditated
Heavily Meditated

Heavily Meditated

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Why we love?

Does meditation sound like it only fits in the realm of 'those' wellness, hippy, yogi types? Yeah, we get it. We don't wake at 5am to an hour of journalling, followed by an hour of meditation and then a dairy-free, nut milk, green-loaded, superfood smoothie consumed with complete mindfulness either... (not that there ain't anything wrong with that if you're a magical-unicorn-type that *actually* does this!)

So, I guess that's why we were looking for a book on meditation that feels relatable and on our level. With a title like 'Heavily Meditated' and the most glorious colour combo (pink + red = we could just look at you all day!), we suspected this might be it.

It's not holier than thou - it's real and authentic and funny. Perhaps we really can take up this meditation thang.


A down-to-earth guide to meditation and getting high on life.

Heavily Meditated has everything you need to know to get hooked on meditation for good. Presented in a simple, friendly, accessible style that even the busiest of meditation-doubters can relate to, this book clearly outlines:

  • What meditation is

  • Five fundamental meditation techniques (and which one is right for you)

  • Where, when and how to sit.

  • How to deal with thoughts.

  • Why meditation is so damn good for you.

  • How to measure your meditation practice.

  • How to set goals and get hooked on meditation.

  • How to upgrade your practice from habit to ritual.

Filled with exercises, worksheets, cheat sheets and other practical tools, as well as relatable personal stories to light your way, Heavily Meditated is your down-to-earth guide to meditation, and how to turn it into a habit that sticks and reap the benefits of a happier, calmer and more intentional life. 


240 Pages


Dimensions 22.9 x 15.2 cms

Written by Caitlin Cady:

Caitlin Cady has been called a "wellbeing whiz" by Australian Yoga Journal and her positive perspectives and relatable, playful approach have inspired people across the globe to get lit up and live to their full potential. American by birth, Caitlin now lives with her husband and three little wildlings in Byron Bay, Australia. With a mad love for meditation and a colourful career, Caitlin is a devoted yogi, entrepreneur, author and speaker. With multiple businesses under her belt, including a night club and street mag in Byron Bay, Caitlin now channels her energy towards empowering others and pioneering meditation medicine. 

In a nutshell, Caitlin is a fiery Aries, hope dealer and meditation junkie, here to remind all of us of our magic and that we are born to shine.

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