You say Tiger, we say Tigre: AW20 is here

You say Tiger, we say Tigre: AW20 is here

Today we've all jumped on board the Venga Bus (remember that song?!) and catapulted our AW'20 Tigre collection into your eager eye-balls. To say the response has been gratifying is an understatement, you guys have given us *all* the love and we are oh-so happy (yet humble) to receive it with open arms. 

So, in the wake of your enthusiastic hell-YEAH to the new collection, we thought we'd give your eyeballs even more eye candy to feast its peepers on...

*are you as in love with the location of our photoshoot as we are? ... Yes? Well then you best head on over and read our interview with Katie Brannaghan, owner of 'The Fender' house in Mt Martha, VIC.  

1. Reggie door mat $69.00 2. Jojo door mat $69.00 3. Billy Jute door mat $69.00

This season sees a new product extending our style and quality to not just the indoors, but also the outdoor with the release of three doormats in the Tigre collection. These cheery mats prove that practical need not be boring! I've got my eye on the G'day one....totally 'STRAYA!!!

1. Twiggy bath sheets in Khaki and Tangerine $89.00 each  2. Twiggy face washer in Khaki $15.00 each 3. Twiggy Hand Towel in Tangerine $45.00.  4. Bobby Cosmetic Bag $49.00 5. Palmera Floral Robe $139.00. 6. Issy Harlequin Bath Mat $89.00. 7. Loco Cosmetic Bag $49.00. 8. Twiggy hand towels in Tangerine and Khaki $45.00. 9. Tula Nudie Bath Mat in Tangerine $79.00 10.Issy Harlequin Bath Mat $89.00 11. Tula Nudie Rudie Tigre Bath Mat $89.00 12. Tula Nudie Rudie Boysenberry Bath Mat $89.00

Now, it wouldn't be a new SxC collection without us hitting the old REFRESH button on our bathmats! This season we have Harlequin and Leopard joining the bathmat par-tay, along with our new Nudie Rudie team members: Tangerine, Boysenberry and the go-with-everything, Tigre. However will you choose????

1. Elsie Cotton Legging $79.00 2. Florence Beaded Clutch $99.00 3.Tana Cotton Legging $79.00 4.Wiladene Braided Blanket $249.00 5. Sally Embroidered Cushion $169.00 6.Casa Cotton Sweater $89.00 7. Espina Shag Cushion in Honey $169.00 8. Elsie Cotton Legging $79.00 9. Patty Floral Cushion $159.00 10.Cova Woven Floor Cushion in Tangerine $249.00 11. Ricci Cotton Sweater $89.00 12. Mari Cotton Sweater $89.00 13. Tana Cotton Legging $79.00 14. Maisy Knit Cushion $159.00 15. Capri Velvet Sham in Honey $.00 16. Edna Punch Needle Cushion $159.00 

We've finally been let outta' the house: APPAREL is HERE 😱😱😱 !!! You asked, we deliver (we'll get around to pizza too one of these days ;-) ). We've got the softest oversized sweaters, and the perfect-fit leggings (we've worked super hard on the fit to prevent saggy-legging-bum syndrome. No one wants that). Pheebs is planning on styling her ensemble up with some layered gold jewellery, chunky ankle boots and her signature hat for the perfect AW night out outfit of 'I-made-an-effort-but-i-haven't-really-had-to-try'. Questions about fit? Check out our Journal post detailing the fit across the size range here

1. Marina Linen Tablecloth $169.00 2. Pasa Napkin Set in Honey $69.00 3. Rosie Embellished Cushion $159.00 4. Mabel Cotton Legging $79.00 5.Casa Cotton Sweater $89.00 6. Pasa Napkin Sets in Honey and Saltbush $69.00 per set 7. Pasqa Cotton Legging $79.00 8. Vera Linen Tablecloth $.00 9. Pasa Napkin Set in Saltbush $69.00

Handrawn florals and modern leopard print are evident throughout the collection, but are particularly noted in our new season dining range. We're loving the contrast of the Marina linen tablecloth with the Pasa napkins for a casual, yet elegant table setting. If your guests aren't admirers of your cooking easily divert their attention by dressing your table in our finest linen... they won't even taste the charcoal (promise 😉).

1. Rari Woven Wall Hanging $249.00 2. Teeny Cotton Pillowcase $39.00 3.Condo Cotton Pillowcase $39.00 4. Delvene Cotton Pillowcase $39.00 5. Poppy Fitted Sheet from $89.00 6. Delvene Flat Sheet from $89.00 7. Teeny Quilt Cover from $149.00 8. Viola Star Cushion $79.00 9. 9. Teeny Cotton Pillowcase $39.00 10. Condo Cotton Pillowcase $39.00 11.Poppy Fitted Sheet from $89.00 12. Delvene Flat Sheet from $89.00 13. Teeny Quilt Cover from $149.00 14.Luella Woven Wall Hanging $249.00 15. Casanita Baby Blanket $99.00 16. Bumbi Muslin Wrap $59.00 17. Bessie Dot Play Mat (reverse) $129.00 17. Poppy Quilt Cover from $149.00 18.Teeny Flat Sheet from $89.00 19. Condo Fitted Sheet from $89.00 20. Bumbi Cotton Pillowcase $39.00 21. Simo Velvet Pillowcase in Boysenberry $49.00 22. Condo Quilt Cover from $149.00 23. Poppy Flat Sheet from $89.00 24. Delvene Fitted Sheet from $89.00 25. Hazel Flower Cushion $139.00 26. Poppy Cotton Pillowcase $39.00

We're all about cranking up the fun-o-meter here at SxC (and not just for the kidlets!). But you know what's not fun? Making kids' beds; it can be a bit.of.a.drainer....But with our bright, eclectic and easy to mix-and-match Tigre kids + baby range, you’ll soon be making that bed with that frown turned slightly less down. Ok, that might be a *little* hopeful, but you know, we're all about the glass half full!

1. Lago and Minne printed bean bags $259.00 each 2. Betty Crochet Cushion $159.00 3. Maisy Knit Cushion $159.00 4. Wilma Woven Wall Hanging $399.00 5. Carlos Shag Rug $799.00 6. Rafael Star Robe $139.00 7. Jenny Velvet Cushion in Pistachio $139.00 8. Jenny Velvet Cushion in Peach $139.00 9. Nansa Linen Pillowcase $99.00 10. Roca Linen Pillowcase $99.00 11. Oli Linen Pillowcase $99.00 12. Ohana Linen Pillowcase in Tangerine $99.00 13. Rosie Embellished Cushion $159.00 14. Linen Flat Sheet in Sundance from $199.00 15. Lio Stripe Linen Quilt Cover in Turquoise from $319.00 16.Rafael Star Robe $139.00 17. Vera Linen Table Cloth $169.00 18. Pasa Napkin Set in Honey $69.00 19.Twiggy Bath Sheets in Tangerine and Khaki $89.00 20. Maisy Knit Cushion $159.00 21. Minnie Printed Beanbag $259.00 22. Cova Woven Floor Cushions in Boysenberry and Tangerine $249.00 each 22. Netta Cross Back Apron in Honey $89.00 23. Pasqa Cotton Legging $79.00 24. Carlos Shag Rug $799.00

1.Eda pillowcases in peach, powder and honey $39.00 each 2. Andrea Stripe Cushion $99.00 3. Myrtle Soutache Cushion $89.00 4. Linen Flat Sheet in Tobacco from $199.00 5. Linen Quilt Cover in Dusk from $295.00 6. Clara Knit Throw $199.00 7. Rylie Cushions in Boysenberry, Khaki and Honey $69.00 8. Calma Tea Towels in Saltbush, Tangerine and Turquoise $24.00 9. Rylie Round Cushion in Honey 10. Roberta Knit Cushion $95.00 11. Dado Fringe Cushion $85.00 12. Elsa Metallic Knit Cushion $89.00 13. Rylie Round Cushion in Boysenberry $.00 14. Lena Metallic Knit Blanket $179.00 15. Rafa Fringe Cushion $85.00 16. Myrtle Soutache Cushion $89.00 17. Mildred Patch Cushion $85.00 18. Rylie Round Cushion in Rose $69.00


No need to make it to the mystique-rich beaches of Ibiza to have some fun living out your island vibe fantasies. We've injected a fresh pop of island-vibes to our PLAY range, so you can turn your home into the free-spirited oasis you had previously only dreamed of. ✨

🌴 We hope you enjoy our new collection as much as we've loved bringing the mellow island vibes to you all 🌴 .

Thanks as always for embracing what we do, we wouldn't be here without you, our cheer squad.

With a whole lotta' love xx

1. Bodega Scrunchie Set $29.00

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