SxC apparel: it was *always* bound to happen?

SxC apparel: it was *always* bound to happen?

Six years ago I couldn't have *begun* to imagine what was ahead for SxC, especially as I sit here checking out the fan-tabulous! pics of our new apparel collection, as part of our latest collection, Tigre (you can read more about that launch over here). Upon reflection though it's pretty clear: apparel was an obvious evolution for the SxC brand....why just let our design aesthetic hang out inside? It was well and truly time for us to hit the streets.

1. Elsie Cotton Legging $79.00 2. Tana Cotton Legging $79.00 

I have to admit, I am *very* picky when it comes to the fit and feel of my clothing, and these  (possibly unreasonable?) high standards prevented us from launching this category earlier. We went through several iterations (read: head banging frustration) of samples before we were 100% happy with the fit, material and sizing. 

1. Casa Cotton Sweater $89.00 2. Pasqa Cotton Legging $79.00

One thing I know from *a bit!* of experience is that buying clothing online can easily bamboozle the hell outta' ya' 🤷‍♀️. And I for one try my very hardest to NOT have to trudge back to the post office to return an item of clothing that didn't fit, didn't look the same as online or didn't make me rich, beautiful and desirable (told ya': I've got high-ish standards 🤪).

1.Ricci Sweater $89.00

So, because I want to help you to also not have to to trudge back to your local postie, I roped (read: bribed with endless cup of tea I.O.U's) my ever-willing team members, Al, Erin and Jem (well, she's my twin so let's admit it: she never *really* had a choice) to show you how the range fits across the different sizes.
Jem: 158cm | Normally wears size 4-6 | Wearing: Casa Cotton Sweater $89.00 + Pasqa Cotton Legging $79.00

Jem likes to wear her sweater on the oversized side, so she's pretty chuffed with the roomy fit of her Casa Cotton Sweater. Whilst she normally prefers to wear her leggings on the snug side, she's happy with the slight bit of extra room she has in this extra-small Pasqa legging. That said, the 7/8 fit of the leggings allows Jem to have a full length fit on her petite frame.
Pheebs: 170cm | Normally wears size 8 | Wearing: Lumbi Cotton Sweater $89.00 + Elsie Cotton Legging $79.00

Here I am showing just how accommodating the fit of our apparel is on my 23 week pregnant body! I'm wearing a medium in the sweater, with plenty of coverage to still keep my baby bump nice and toasty. The size small in the leggings still feels comfortable on my waist, whilst sitting high on the ankle on my 170cm tall body.Alison: 168cm | Normally wears size 10-12 | Wearing: Mari Cotton Sweater $89.00 + Tana Cotton Legging $79.00

Would you check out Al in her on-brand head-to-toe Tigre attire; including the coincidental hat choice?! Al prefers a snugger fit in the leggings, so would size down rather than up in these. When it comes to sweaters, she prefers a roomy fit so she's gone with the medium; that way, she can tuck it into her jeans. Sleeves rolled up would complete the outfit for Al.
Erin: 180cm | Normally wears size 14-16 | Wearing: Ricci Cotton Sweater $89.00 + Mabel Cotton Legging $79.00

Erin is our jack-of-all-trades: warehouse go-to, stylist extraordinaire and now, resident model! She likes her leggings tight on the leg so is happy wearing the large size in her legging (although, she would be just as happy in an XL too) and her sweaters she prefers to wear on the looser side like this one.
Erin said these leggings fit *just* how she likes them to. Yay!

1. Pasqa Cotton Leggings $79.00 

Got questions?!  We've dug our crystal ball outta' the store cupboard and pre-empted them already. Who said we're not at genius level????....

1. Ricci Sweater $89.00

I love a cosy sweater in the cooler months...what’s  the cosy factor on the sweaters?

The cosy-meter is turned up to MAX on these sweaters. 100% cotton fleece ensures you'll be kept warm and toasty. The slightly oversized fit of these beauties also amps up the cosy a notch or two.

1. Lumbi Cotton Sweater $89.00 2. Elsie Cotton Legging $79.00

Nothing worse than a waistband digging's the fit on yours?

Aaarrrghhh, my pet hate too! Nothing worse than going out for a big meal and feeling like your waistband is going to push all your vital organs out! Our leggings are snug enough to stay up, but have enough elastic so they don't dig in.
I'm pregnant in the pic above wearing mine and my baby belly felt comfy, yet fitted.

1. Mari Cotton Sweater $89.00 2. Tana Cotton Legging $79.00

I love my colourful undies, but I don't think the world wants to also see them through my leggings?

Look, we're all for a statement undie, but we getcha' on wanting to keep the fun for your eyes only. We went through several iterations of our leggings to ensure the see-through factor was a non-issue.
This can be attributed to the superior density of the cotton jersey mix we use, it ensures the world only sees what it's *meant* to see...

1. Elsie Cotton Legging $79.00

Will you consider sizes bigger than a large in the future?

We hear ya' and we LOVE the feedback. We're onto it: XL is now available for pre-order in both sweaters and leggings.
Apparel is a brand new thing for us and we kept our initial order small whilst we tested the waters. Turns out the water is running HOT, so we've placed another order to accommodate demand! You guys well and truly ROCK!

1. Casa Sweater $89.00 2. Elsie Legging $79.00 3. Ricci Sweater $89.00 4. Mari Sweater $89.00 5. Tana Legging $79.00

Thanks again for the feedback and your extremely warm welcome to the new members of the SxC family. They're feeling the love, and we look forward to them passing on the love to you.

Keep your eager eyes peeled for some styling know-how posts in the coming weeks. We can't wait to show you how easy it is to dress this range up, down and even sideways 🤪! 


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