Tips For: Styling A Unisex + Shared Kids Bedroom

Tips For: Styling A Unisex + Shared Kids Bedroom

Tips For: Styling A Unisex + Shared Kids Bedroom

After welcoming our sweet Poppy girl to the world in October last year, we’re officially a family of five (and packed to the rafters). With our growing fam-bam and after the recent arrival of our new Frankie Bunk Bed from House Of Orange, I felt inspired to share some tips on styling a unisex + shared kids bedroom. Jude and Heidi are absolutely THRILLED with their new shared bedroom situation and so am I because it means we’ve stilled got a spare bedroom upstairs for our visitors. I hope you find these suggestions helpful lovelies! 


When styling a unisex + shared kids bedroom... 

Use a broad colour palette

Try not to make assumptions about what colours your kids want and let them be part of the styling process. Kids love colour… ALL colours. I’ve really shifted away from approaching their rooms in a very gendered aesthetic. At the end of the day, kids love pattern and colour universally and in all its varieties. It also means that the items you do choose have more longevity and can be used for future siblings down the track. The broader the colour palette, the less likely you’ll find yourself in a rut of pink for girls, blue for boys and yellow for either. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with the colour + pattern and let their imaginations run wild.

sage and clareShop the Frankie Bunk Bed in limewash here. And our kids + baby collection here.

sage and clareHow sweet is this bookshelf customisation on the bunk bed?

Longevity is key  

It *really* pays to think about longevity when you’re designing a kids bedroom. From the bedding, to the furniture and the decor - if these pieces are well considered, you’ll only have to buy them once. For these bedding combo’s in Jude and Heidi’s room, I’ve purposefully opted for prints with longevity they’ll adore for years to come. This also means I can use their pillowcases in our bedroom too. Also - We’ve extended our sleep range this season and there’s now sooo much variety (cotton + linen) for your little ones and you!

sage and clareHello trundle bedPerfect for sleepovers or for when Mum/ Dad are needed to fight off monsters in the middle of the night.

sage and clareFeatured: Arca Chair Nature - Nordic Fusion.

Invest in quirky, heirloom pieces they’ll have forever that can change in form and function. For instance, I purchased that little wooden seat (pictured above) when Judie Pie was a toddler but it also doubles as a side table AND I could even use it in my bedroom too.

sage and clareFeatured: Bambi Chair - Top 3.

And this green IKEA cabinet (pictured below) is not intrinsically a kids cabinet. I could totally steal it for myself down the track or move it to another area in the house... sneaky huh? *Pats self on back* 

sage and clareFeatured: Green Cabinet - IKEA, Toys - Epoche, Mr Maria bear light - Rhino Rhino

Yup, good quality furniture always wins! I’m downright obsessed with our new bunk beds from House Of Orange - and even better, they've been beautifully handmade here in Melbourne. They’re a really sturdy design, they’re customisable and a really good way for kids to learn how to share. Jude and Heidi were fascinated with this bunk bed and they immediately turned it into their little play zone. #CubbyHouseGalore. Side note - The House Of Orange team can even cut them in half to be two separate beds when sibling shared rooms aren’t so cool anymore. Jude + Heidi, we will separate them on your 21st Birthday. You cool with that? 

Opt for toys that double as decorative pieces 

Heidi’s new hobby? Bringing home the ugliest toys she can find… every. single. day. Ha ha ha. I have no idea where she finds them but it’s relentless. The good news is, there’s a whole lotta toys out there that create wonderful play for children but that also serve as lovely decorative pieces for their bedrooms. Like these toys pictured above from Epoche. Oh and for the not-so pretty masses of toys they accumulate? Be sure to create hidden storage spaces. My friends at One Day P.A. helped me nail this - check out there website here. 

sage and clareFeatured: Brosley Cotton Basket, Phil Fish Cushion and Miffy Plush toy from Rhino Rhino.

sage and ClareI'll never grow tired of looking at this Mr Maria bear light from Rhino Rhino, the kids and I adore it.

There you have it! Those are my top tips for styling a unisex + shared bedroom BUT you can also apply this to any kids bedroom really - for ultimate flexibility and versatility well beyond their younger years.    


With a whole lotta love xx 

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