Resources: First Nations History + Culture.

Resources: First Nations History + Culture.

In the lead up to January 26, we wanted to share some resources that our team, family and friends have found helpful to grow their knowledge of First Nations culture and history - As a team and as individuals, we are committed to keep learning.
Last year we completed our inclusion & diversity training through the SBS Inclusion Program (this training will be ongoing for our team) - within this program is an amazing module on: First Nations cultures, the impacts of colonisation, the Stolen Generations and intergenerational trauma (to any biz owners reading this, we highly recommend this course). After completing this particular module, we were lucky enough to work with John Briggs (find his website here) to expand our learning further. John talked with us about focusing on positive disruption and sitting in the uncomfortable. And his lessons and wisdom will stay with us forever.
In 2023 *and beyond*, we promise to keep educating ourselves on this rich history + culture. We encourage you to save this journal for future reference and to share it with your friends + family - hope you find these suggestions helpful.

But first, let's sit with these facts for a few moments... 

In 1770, Australia was declared “Terra Nullius”, meaning land belonging to no-one. This wasn’t overruled until 1992 in the High Court of Australia (the Mabo decision). 

First Nations people weren’t counted in Australia’s population figures until 56 years ago (the 1967 referendum).

First Nations people in their 50’s today are among those removed from their families under a Government policy of assimilation (the Stolen Generation)

The Australia Day national public holiday only began in 1994. 

Come and learn with us... 


Children's books



Charities to support

A special thanks to the Miimi and Jiinda team - Lauren Jarrett and Melissa Greenwood, for allowing us to use their beautiful artwork in this journal. There is a beautiful story behind this piece (and all of their artwork) - see below:
"We are all born from Miimi Marraal (Mother Earth) and we all carry the innate knowledge and wisdom passed down from our ancestors. If we can come back to this sense of being, living and walking in our authentic truths, we can live in a deeper place of harmony and alignment. This painting represents the core essence of being. It depicts traditional birthing caves and the three circles represent birth, life and wisdom". - Melissa Greenwood (Miimi Marrall). 
All Miimi & Jiinda prints are made to order and custom framed on Gumbaynggirr Country - shop their website here.
sage and clare
If you've got some other informative resources about First Nations history + culture, be sure to get in touch via Instagram DM or email ( - your suggestions are very welcome.
We pay our respect to Elders past, present and emerging.
With a whole lotta love xx

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