The Spirit of Peace

The Spirit of Peace

For those struggling with making your rental property feel like a home, this is the perfect example of how it is humanly possible!! Especially, if like me, you have a sweet spot for some boho lovin’artisanal textiles and an indoor plant or two… or ten!

This home based in Southern Florida is the creation of Carley Summers, a photographer and stylist (clearly!!), and her husband Jonathan Summers. The talented duo had a goal of finding a home with some historic value and discovered this gem, which lucky for them already had so much character, an abundance of natural light and a serene sunroom that sealed the deal!

Their home is full of an amazing array of textures, colours and a beautiful collection of sentimental pieces that reflect Carley’s effortless, bohemian style. “My decorating goal is for people to come in and feel a spirit of peace and rest, even though there is so much going on,” Carley says. “There is always something to look at and there is usually a story with each piece. I am all about the layers. The process of the home is more about how I can layer textiles and bring a natural peace to the home by the design aesthetic.”

With these words of styling wisdom in mind, it is more than possible to create your own space within a home, be that a rental. Inspiring indeed xx

Images via Design Sponge. Photography by Carley Summers.

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