Team SxC: Book Selections

Team SxC: Book Selections

Two things the SxC team's got no shelf control for: eclectic homewares + books with beautifully designed covers.

When I announced to the team we're now selling a carefully curated selection of books; they were here one minute, flown off the shelf the next.

Here's what my team took off the shelf and put straight onto their TBR pile:

Brian, Warehouse / Mr Who.Took.My.Stapler: Plants for the People 

Ok, I gotta' admit that what happened here, is what normally happens around here: I got my photo taken without any clue what it was actually for. I was just told to sit in the middle of plants and look interested in a book. I've learnt to just do as I'm told...

Plants for the People, $39.00

Funnily enough, though, turns out I actually *am* interested in the book (see what can happen when you do as you're told?).

Modern medicine definitely has its place, but I'm also open to exploring more alternative methods like some of those suggested in this book.

As I've had my fair share of health problems, I'm all for having an open mind when it comes to treatment. As (I think?) the expression says, 'there's not just one way to skin a cat'.

I'm quite glad I did as I was told  (on this occasion) as it gave me the opportunity to read something I wouldn't normally!

Plants for the People, $39.00

Erin, Operations /El Capitano of Coffee: Phosphorescence

I love when I have the — rare — opportunity to just sit & read a book in a quiet, cosy corner. Always with a cup of coffee (Erin doesn't know but we're going to give her coffee biz a not-so-subtle plug here: BEAT coffee - *the* best beans!)

Phosphorescence, $32.00

I like to mix up my books, I'll read a light-hearted fiction, then something that focuses on personal growth, which is exactly what this one is all about, 'finding the light within’ (*particularly* poignant for the time we're living in right now), Phosphorescence

Phosphorescence, $32.00

Jade, Wholesale / Netflix + Stan Trusted Recommendation Officer: Heavily Meditated

I discovered meditation a few years ago so was super excited to bring home 'Heavily Meditated' (some days I wish it read 'medicated'!).  

In all the craziness of balancing life, I started spending just 10 minutes every day meditating and it has been a game-changer for me.

Casa SweaterPasqa leggingsLago printed beanbag, Nopah tufted blanket, previous season - no longer available

I was drawn to this book because I was eager to get some meditation tips, as well as hearing Caitlyn Cady's story; which did not disappoint.  

She is right when she says “anytime is a good time to meditate”; it's not easy to prioritise a meditation session, but when you do, it really helps let all that 'sit' ;-) go...!.  

'Heavily Meditated', $29.00

Casa SweaterPasqa leggingsLago printed beanbag, Nopah tufted blanket, previous season - no longer available

Helpful hint: don’t put the Nopah Blanket over your body while meditating on the bean bag, this can result in a quick nap or, a very deep sleep!

Heavily Meditated, $29.00

Jem, Director of Design + Dumplings: Well Being

Confession: as much as I'd like to say I'm a clean livin 'meditation in the morning' kinda' gal, truth is: I'm not.

That said, I am a believer in all things in moderation and this book is the perfect companion for my more balanced approach to well-being.  

Almarita Wall Hanging

Well Being, $34.00

This book has a little bit of yoga and meditation and then also some recipes (chocolate cookie crunch bars - yes please!) - mind, body, spirit, along with some tasty recipes is a winning combination for me.

Author Danielle Copperman's approach to wellness is void of any guilt, it's approachable and achievable and doesn’t make you feel like your current lifestyle is *totally* rubbish!

Almarita Wall Hanging

Well Being, $34.00

Kel, Social Media + Marketing / Head of Bad Puns: Ultimate Road Trips: Australia

We bought our first caravan right as restrictions came into play (impeccable timing when your feet are already *extremely* itchy), so we've only been able to travel to two places so far: home (super convenient!) + Halls Gap for a long weekend.

Espina Shag Cushion, PeachHazel Flower CushionClara Knitted Throw , Lio quilt, Turquoise (Queen size quilt on double-sized caravan bed = just the right amount of overhang), Capri Velvet Shams, Saltbush + Honey (currently sold out, however, Nude is available) 

Ultimate Road Trips: Australia, $39.00

Whilst we're eager to hit the open road and get cruisin', with current restrictions here in Victoria, that doesn't look like an imminent possibility (dang it).

Instead, we're starting to plan our upcoming trips; we love watching Trip in a Van on YouTube, for Oz caravanning inspo, but this book 'Ultimate Road Trips: Australia' has also given us plenty of travel ideas we otherwise wouldn't have known about.

Espina Shag Cushion, PeachHazel Flower CushionClara Knitted Throw , Lio quilt, Turquoise (Queen size quilt on double-sized caravan bed = just the right amount of overhang), Capri Velvet Shams, Saltbush + Honey (currently sold out, however, Nude is available)

On our must-visit list is a Spring long weekend to Bright and hopefully a bigger trip either to WA or NT in the coming year (crossing all fingers, toes + earlobes)

In the meantime we're spending our time decking out the van with *all* the essentials: UNO cards, spiral marshmallows (in my opinion, the best for an *extra* crunchy toast) + fun cushions for my daughters to have pillow fights with are top of the list!

Ultimate Road Trips: Australia, $39.00

Nat, Social Media / Lunch Lady Superior: The Flower Expert 

I like to collect flowers and dry them for around my house. I’ve done it for years and have some really out-there creations, which are now doing a great job at collecting a lot of dust......

Nat wears, Elsie LeggingsNetta Cross Back Apron. On table, Vera Linen tablecloth

The Flower Expert, $50.00

I wanted to read this book bcos' it teaches you how to style certain areas of your home with flowers, and also what flowers go well together.

I loved author, Fleur McHarg's approach to combining different colours + varieties of flowers; I'm going to try putting some arrangements together that I normally wouldn't have even considered (and that's saying a lot for me!).

Calma tea towel, Tangerine, Vera Linen table cloth

Fleur's had over 25 years experience in the industry and her work has been featured in mags such as Vogue, definitely someone to learn from. 

I not only have plenty of flowers dotted throughout my home, but I also enjoy drawing them. That way I can marvel at their beauty long after their petals have wilted. 

The Flower Expert, $50.00

Peachy, Fishy + Gypsy - Customer Service, Warehouse + Office Pooch / Sisters Doing it For The Pasta: Pasta Grannies 

We couldn't walk pasta the Pasta Grannies book because, uuuuummmm, why would we? Pasta *is* life!

Fishy wears Netta Crossback Apron, Saltbush, Peachy wears Ricci Sweater, Gypsy wears, a longing look for a big bowl of pasta

We both love to spend a lot of time in the kitchen because we are a tight-knit gang, and also because we like to ensure we *never* carb alone. 

There’s always wine, tea towels thrown over the shoulder (Sage x Clare, of course), crisps to share, blue cheeses to snack on and wine….oh yeah, we mentioned wine, didn’t we? ;)

Pasta Grannies, $39.00

We've had lotsa' fun cooking with the Pasta Grannies book, especially for Gypsy who loves any excuse to get in the kitchen, mainly hoping for a bit of cheese or extra gnocchi to fall from the bench #dawglyfe.

Calma teatowel, Tangerine, Thankyou x Sage x Clare handwash

We would totally wrap up this book to gift to a friend who loves the classics (and who likes sharing their cooking creations with their very-good-gift-giver friends) and is a fan of doing things with all the laughter and love in a way that only a good wannabe-Nonna could.

A penne for our thoughts on Pasta Grannies, it's impastable to resist....

Pasta Grannies, $39.00

We're so happy to now bring two cosy-home must-haves - homewares and books - together, making it easy to treat yourself, or a (lucky!) friend.

'Check out' our full selection of books here.


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