Shashi’s Chai Tea

Shashi’s Chai Tea

As Melbourne is taking a little longer to warm up this Spring we thought it would be nice to revisit a journal entry we wrote a few years ago. We’ve come a long way since then, and yet there are still some special moments that we often reminisce about.

This is a particularly treasured one – a journey that incorporates a tale of true survival and resilience, a good dose of wanderlust, a much-loved family recipe and a warming cuppa tea. Could it get any better than that?!

Here’s an excerpt from our original post:

“We’re not a food blog, but this is worth the exception! Shashi, the lady who taught us how to make true Indian masala chai, is quite the survivor. After welcoming us into her tiny abode, we realised she isn’t just a whizz in the kitchen, but a woman with a story of tragedy, fate and resilience.

After dealing with the unexpected death of her husband and having two young children to raise and educate, Shashi began teaching what she knows best, traditional Indian recipes. Without knowing a word of English, she began passing on these time-honoured recipes, with the help of traveler’s to translate. Through years of teaching in her kitchen, Shashi learnt to speak six different languages and now has a thriving business in the heart of magical Udaipur. We certainly didn’t expect this inspiring story when we signed up for a cooking class!

After experiencing the warmth of this amazing woman and her home, I feel like I’m passing down my grandma’s much loved recipe here… So cherish it because it really is worth cherishing.”

As avid tea drinker’s at Sage x Clare HQ, there is something decidedly lovely about making a pot of tea from scratch and sharing the moment with those special few people in your life. Not to mention that this is the BEST traditional chai recipe of all time… Enjoy Xx


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