Ibiza Baby!

Ibiza Baby!

IBIZA1IBIZA2IBIZA3IBIZA4IBIZA9IBIZA8IBIZA7IBIZA6IBIZA5IBIZA14IBIZA13IBIZA12IBIZA11IBIZA10Before we talk about how we wished we lived in Ibiza in this perfect balance of a rustic and cool abode, can we please mention the dog? The canine is totally owning his throne like nothing else! Now we got that out of the way, how incredible is this light and bright space – the residence of designer Luis Galliussi. We are so in love, we want to white wash all our walls. An extra lovely touch is how the surroundings of this dwelling are introduced in every room with the naturally arranged botanicals. Pom poms, a cute pup and florals…what more does a girl need?! xx

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