Green is the new black

Green is the new black

greenisthenewblackAt Sage x Clare HQ it is quite apparent that we have a weakness for the humble indoor plant and are always thinking of new ways to incorporate a little of the outside world inside our workspace and home. We were fortunate enough to stumble across the Coffeeklatch blog initiated by the creative duo Bart Kiggen & Magali Elali who also happen to be authors of Greenterior (Santa if you’re reading this, hint hint). The blogs philosophy is to find inspiring stories and to pass them on so we’re obeying this philosophy and passing on one of our favourite interviews about another creative duo Bart Haverkamp and Pieter Croes. The Belgium based duo label themselves as garden architects and their apartment is something our green thumbs get tingles about. We won’t spoil too much of this delightful interview but one thing that really resonated with us was their attitude – ‘We’re all part of nature. And by respecting it, you respect yourself.’

If you’re in search for some indoor plant inspiration this one is a must read.

Sage x Clare


Photography by Bart Kiggen. Words by Magali Elali.

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