At Home Entertaining: SETTING THE MOOD!

At Home Entertaining: SETTING THE MOOD!

After being deprived of soirees & gatherings at home for months upon months last year, I'm going alllll out in 2021! And on that note, how is it already April?? Ca-raaazy. I’m a homebody at heart, which is why I love bringing the fun to me... luckily my family have all chosen to reside less than 30 mins apart. There’s nothing quite like a weekend shindig at home and our cosy home overlooking the Warrandyte bush and Dandenong ranges beholds some of my favourite views. I love dining out just as much as the next person… but with 2 small kids? It's easier to create my own restaurant - menu, music and the MOOOOD included! Fingers crossed there’s still a few balmy nights ahead over the next few weeks.

Not to toot my own horn, but I think I may be starting to nail (ok that's probably a stretch too far!) the whole at home entertaining thang... sooo here I share some of my newfound wisdom from a gal who is the opposite of a 'natural' in the kitchen. Enter: my manual on how to create good vibes when entertaining at home.

dine1. Jeanna Linen Table Cloth 2. Eloise Napkin Se

Styling tips on how to set the table 

  1. A statement table cloth is a MUST. 
  1. Napkins that are just as colourful and bold are also a non-negotiable (they're made from offcuts so they're sustainable too!).
  1. Bring out those dining pieces that you hide away to collect dust for the “good occasions”… you bought them to be used and enjoyed. Three cheers for our resin range - serving ware, coasters and utensils never looked prettier!!
  1. Candles *always* bring a sense of calm and warmth when they're flickering throughout the night… but keep an eye on them. Skip this step if you’re planning on a few champas' :-) 
  1. Finally, if you’ve got the time, some decorative effort is always a crowd pleaser - my go to? collected old jars with a posy of fresh blooms or foliage from the garden. 



DineShop our entire dine range here.

Music is *CRUCIAL* for creating good vibes... here's some playlists we love!

Golden oldies

SpotifyClick here to listen.

Some Jazz Classics 

Click here to listen.

Dinner with friends (how appropriate!!) 

Click here to listen.

Triple j’s hottest 100 Of The Decade 

Click here to listen.

Funky & fun dance anthems (for all the Jamiroquai lovers) 

Click here to listen.

Heavy metal heads (thanks Aus for the tip):

Click here to listen.


Our head chef at S x C, also known as Jem and our Production & Design Manager, shares some tips in the… food + drinks department! She's the nominated chef on our shoots because cooking for 10-15 people doesn't seem to phase her and she's the type that can whip something delish up out of an empty fridge. Genius, I know. 

fish tacos

  1. Roast veggie pasta is great for large groups of people - super easy - cherry tomatoes, capsicum, fennel or onion, garlic, sometimes eggplant - all chopped up and tossed in an oven tray with olive oil, S+P. Roast on high for 20-30 mins and then just toss through rigatoni or penne…! Add bocconcini and basil for fanciness :-)
  2. Espresso Martini hot tip: add egg white and maple syrup to your go-to recipe and it’ll make it foamy, sweet & creamy. 
  3. Mocktail recipe - I call it Jaipur Summer - pineapple, mint, ice in a blender. And then add lemonade.
  4. T2 do a great iced tea flavour (can be consumed hot too) called Packs A Peach, they also sell nifty jug infusers to prepare it in! Add sliced fruit of your choice, ice and pretty decorations for the cherry on top.
  5. Mini fish tacos are always a crowd pleaser and super easy to whip up! I love adding cumin, lime juice, salt & pepper to my fish of choice. Plus a salad to go with it… you can’t go wrong with this! 
  6. A platter to kick off a dinner party is alwaaaays a winner! It also keeps the guests occupied as you prep dinner. CHA-CHING! No hangry people up in here. If you're in the local area & time-poor, @stgraze do a fab job. Food to-die-for.
  7. Always check in with friends for allergies or dietary requirements beforehand… learn from my mistakes... I recently served up lamb ragu tossed through pappardelle to friends who don't eat meat and are also gluten-free #fail
  8. Then for dessert?? I’ve never met a soul that doesn’t love a sticky date or ripple cake (yep, I'm ol' school like that). Easy & DELISH. 

For an abundance of wholesome recipes? Check out these guys on our website:

Cook bookOstro - Written by Julia Busuttil Nishimura

  1. Pasta Grannies - Vicky Bennison
  2. Nothing Fancy - Alison Roman
  3. Neighbourhood - Hetty McKinnon
  4. Nopi: The CookbookYotam Ottolenghi and Ramael Scully
  5. Ostro - Julia Busuttil Nishimura
  6. Sourdough - Casper Andre Lugg, Martin Ivar Hveem Fjeld


A calming fragrance to fill the room… hello Happy Society. My diffuser always creates a blissful space and instantly fills a room with tranquility. 

essential oils

And lastly, as the saying goes… look good, feel good. Don’t let your style slide just because you’re staying in. Now, we hate to be biased buuuut our dress range offers comfort and effortless elegance all in one. Check them out here.

floral dresses

So there you have it! Just a friendly bit of advice to create long-lasting memories at home. If COVID has taught me anything? It’s to appreciate the little things...  like staying in, spending time with loved ones, cooking, clothes that make you feel fabulous, music and holding on to anything that fills your insides with joy.

Happy entertaining... you're now officially on your way to being THE best dinner party house on the street.

With a whole lotta love. X

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