Apparel Advice: Straight From The Horse's Mouth!

Apparel Advice: Straight From The Horse's Mouth!

Last year we had a pretty haaaaa-uge moment in S x C history, we extended our collection to an apparel category. Further to that this year in January… we brought you our first-ever range of dresses! Both releases have been a massive hit. Clothing is and always will be something I am highly selective with when purchasing. The way it fits, the hand feel and the way it makes me feel.

Apparel is here to stay at Sage x Clare and we do recognise as an online store that it’s not as simple as *adding to cart* without trying something on. In this journal our aim is to give you some in-depth sizing advice across our apparel range of dresses, leggings, sweaters and sleepwear.

The thing with sizing advice though??? It’s never simple because absolutely everybody in the whole wide world (we hope you sung that like Vanessa Amorosi circa 2000) has their own personal preferences when buying clothing. But generally speaking? We offer: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL in some styles. 


1. Aadi Cotton Sweater   2. Willa Jacquard Robe

When shopping our apparel range, please keep in mind these factors: 

  • Our leggings and sweaters are neat fitting

  • Our robes are one size across all the designs

  • Our sleepwear is a standard fit

  • Our dresses are free-flowing and generous

We’ve rounded up some troops - Jem (size 4-6), Bonnie (size 8-10) and Erin (14-16) to give you some fit guidance across our different apparel sections. We thought this contrast of sizing and individual insight would be super duper handy to share. 

JEM: 158cm | Normally wears size 4-6

“I would describe myself as a petite body type and often find it hard to buy clothing in my size bracket without trying things on. I like an average fit unless I am buying something like leggings which are intended to be quite fitted.” 

BON: 175cm | Normally wears a size 8-10 

“ I definitely fall into that in between sizing bracket and jump a lot between these two sizes. I’ve always preferred a relaxed fit with clothing but it does depend on what I’m purchasing too. I would always rather something be more oversized unless it’s designed to be firm ie: jeans or a singlet”.

Erin: 180cm | Normally wears size 14-16

“I am tall so fit can be challenging with some styles, especially from shoulders to waist when it comes to sweaters and dresses. I do prefer a relaxed fit in general but that can depend on the item. For instance, because our dresses already have a really relaxed fit I would generally size down but for our sweaters that are a bit cropped I would size up for a bit more length".


SIZING GUIDE: Our sweaters are on the neater and cropped side so stick to your usual size if that is to your liking, otherwise you could size up if you want extra room. They’re not designed to be overly slouchy or lengthy.  

Sweater1. Cheri Cotton Sweater 

Jem wears an XS here and this is the perfect fit for her.

Sweaters1. Aadi Cotton Sweater

Bon has sized up to a M here as she has long arms & hates feeling constricted. 

Sweaters1. Lydie Cotton Sweater

Erin wears a size XL in the jumper and likes the way it sits being a slightly cropped. She loves wearing hers with jeans and leggings.


SIZING GUIDE: Similar to the sweaters, our leggings are also a neat fit but typically leggings are designed to be fitted on the legs. We would suggest sizing up if you’re on the taller side or if you’d like the waistband to be more roomy, otherwise stick to your usual size with these. I wore these leggings in my second pregnancy (and for most of 2020 thanks to COVID), you can read about it here.

Leggings 1. Elsie Cotton Leggings - Cornflower 

Jem wears an XS in the leggings and finds the waistband to be supportive & firm, with room to move in the legs. Our leggings are a 7/8 length but they are full length on Jem as she is on the shorter side… which she likes!

Leggings1. Yolandi Cotton Leggings

Bon wears a size S in the leggings here and says they definitely pass the squat test and she could swan around in them all day long at work or home feeling comfy as can be.


Erin wears the XL in the leggings in this image and finds they are really nice and comfortable in the legs, the waistband is nice and secure. Erin could go to an XXL as well to allow for extra room in her waist area. She loves that she can wear these leggings at home all day but that they’re appropriate to wear outside of her home too. 


SIZING GUIDE: Both our flax cotton and jacquard robes are one size which means they will look different on everyone depending on individual size, height and body type. Keep in mind they are a generously cut design to allow for varied sizes and are relaxed across differing sizes.

Flax cotton robes - one size


1. Maika Leopard Robe  2. Hilde Floral Robe

Jacquard Robes - One Size

The jacquard robes have a different feel to them as they are a much thicker fabrication which means they will fall slightly differently on the body BUT are also just as comfy & roomy. Jem finds these are slighty less relaxed fit to the cotton flax robes and so she prefers to wear them as she is petite.

Robes1. Willa Jacquard Robe  2. Romy Jacquard Robe  3. Dara Jacquard Robe


SIZING GUIDE: Our Pj’s are made from linen + cotton and feel beautiful and lightweight on the skin. They have a standard fit, however if you’re someone that luurrves to go bigger with your pj’s then you can totally size up… this never hurts with pj’s for that extra comfort factor. 

Apparel 1. Brielle Linen Blend Pj's 

Jem wears an XS in our pj’s and finds this fit to be juuuust right!! They’re nice and light to sleep in and she doesn't find herself getting tangled in them (crucial!!).

Apparel1. Gigi Stripe Linen Pj's 

Bon wears a size S in our pj’s and loves the elastic waistband as it is secure yet & comfy. She also likes the width of the legs and arms, allowing her to stretch out in bed in her somewhat unusual sleeping positions! She is very picky with her pj’s & gives these an A+!

Apparel 1. Brielle Linen Blend Pj's

Erin wears a size L in our pj’s and likes that the legs are full length even with her height. She really loves the pattern, blend of colours and comfortable fabric.


SIZING GUIDE: Our dress range has been intended with a beautiful oversized fit in mind!! They are supposed to have that flowing, loose-fitting and relaxed look across the different shapes and sizes. We would recommend sticking to your usual size or even sizing down if you want them to be less oversized. If you’re in-between sizes, you can definitely size down.


Apparel1. Amelia Wildflower Dress  2. Ivy Floral Dress

Jem wears an XS in the Amelia Dress & Ivy Floral Dress. These are the only shapes & size that Jem can wear from the dress range with her petite frame as she finds the others a little too oversized for her liking. Jem prefers tightening the ties at the back to synch hers in & add shape.


Apparel1. Meadow Wildflower Dress  2. Arya Leopard Dress

Bon wears a size S in these shapes - they fit her just the way she likes with lots of room to move and feels they are really flattering cuts, enveloping the body with elegance.  


Apparel1. Amelia Wildflower Dress  2. Arya Leopard Dress

Erin sized down to a M for a neater fit with the Arya Dress but could wear her usual size L too if she wanted more of an oversized look. She wore a size L in the Amelia dress as she finds she likes a bit more room with the sleeveless styles.



We hope this was helpful in understanding the fits of our apparel range. Please remember we’re always here to help if you have any queries at all! We’re only a phone call, DM or email away if you get stuck when shopping up a storm! You can find the full version of our apparel advice here on the journal.

With a whole lotta love X

p.s. We understand that sizing can be very subjective and we’re continually listening to your feedback. We hope to gradually expand our size range to offer our apparel to more shapes, in line with demand and the feedback we receive.


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