Capturing Moments: @lamblovesfox

Capturing Moments: @lamblovesfox

  Last year, we hunted down some ‘sheet-hot’ ambassadors for our updated range of French flax linen. One of those was NSW based photographer Katherine Louise or better known in the Insta world as @lamblovesfox

Landing across her work I soon learned that every visual moment she captures is a unique one. Backdrops of florals, nature and her humble abode (oozing of character & cosy feels) caught my eye straight away. Plus her gorgeous children that frequently feature in her imagery wearing the most adorable and nostalgic attire!
The kind of imagery you find yourself staring at again and again… and AGAIN, she has a super power for capturing that millisecond of sentimentality. A few months after Katherine styled our pieces in her charming home, we decided to check in and chat with her about her journey + what is still to come. 

Linen by Sage x Clare in Dusk, Cashew, Blush, Peach Puff and Tan.

Hello there Katherine! As soon as I came across your work, I was amazed by your clever technique. Can you explain the exact moment or thoughts that led you to become a photographer? Where did it all begin? 

My mother is an artist so I was always surrounded by art and photography, including my mother’s black and white photographs of me and my siblings. Photography and art therefore came naturally to me, and by the time I finished high school I was a habitual photographer, mainly film and polaroids. Wherever I went I always had a camera with me. I was, and am always documenting the world around me in still images. It is the way I see the world. I went to art school and pursued photography there. When I had children I gathered so many photos that I decided to put them online, and things have developed from there. 


What would you say is your purpose or goal as a creative to achieve with your photography?

I always aim to capture a certain mood of contemplative placement in the world, that moment of awareness in the subject where the difference between world and self has been erased. This mood is best captured in muted tones and an earthy palette—essentially a vision of the world that stands adjacent to our brazen and fast-paced digital age. 

You have achieved such an effortless sense of nostalgia & warmth with your home styling but this feeling also ties in with your photography. Who shaped this signature style growing up? What are your art, homewares & photography inspirations? 

A large part of my taste is influenced by Australian life, which is very self-conscious of its colonial past and is always searching for cultural roots. Visually there is a great mix of rural and urban elements in the Australian landscape, and a great emphasis on rehashing the past through humour. I love hunting for second hand goods in markets, and now online, to find visual elements that reflect my own eclectic style. The element of nostalgia probably comes from a yearning for a time that is less frenetic than our current world, a simpler time where things were well manufactured and emanated aesthetic integrity. Although, with the many artisans online there seems to be a return to making and producing things that reflect such timeless values.  


Linen by Sage x Clare in Dusk, Cashew, Tan and Hayfolk.

Profession aside, tell us three things about YOU. When the lens has been put away, what are your guilty pleasures and the things that make you truly happy? 

Nothing makes me happier than hanging out with my family. I love going on bushwalking adventures and frolicking by the seaside. Anything to pry my eldest two children away from their screens.

Other than that I love the feeling of fresh, clean linen bedding. I love mixing and matching the colours of sheets and pillowcases to create a mood. It’s amazing how you can change the atmosphere of a whole room just by changing your sheets.


What’s next for you personally and professionally in 2021? 

I continue to attract clients in lifestyle photography, and on top of growing my online presence, I also plan on developing more of a focus on “art” photography this year, specifically of subjects that are more suitable for the gallery space. I don’t know where that will take me yet, but it could be an exciting adventure, and also a return to the kinds of things I was thinking about when I was at art school.


Linen by Sage x Clare in Dusk, Cashew, Blush, and Tan.

Thanks for your time Katherine! We get so excited when we see new imagery of yours in our feed and have loved getting to know you.

Check out Katherine's work here via her Instagram page or find her website here.

With a whole lotta' love x

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