A sneak peek behind the scenes

A sneak peek behind the scenes


Shhh…I have a secret. Ok well it’s not really a secret but I have been dying to share with you the behind the scenes images from our most recent campaign for the Barrku Collection as featured in the latest issue of Real Living Magazine.


We shot across two very, very hot days – 40 and 42 degrees, in Melbourne’s leafy suburb of Warrandyte at the enviable Casa Warrandyte. We were sweltering! Warrandyte is in a bushfire danger zone so we were all on high alert, ready to evacuate with whatever linen and cushions we could carry!



It was the first time we’ve shot the one collection over two days and it felt like a cast of thousands! We had Julia Green from Greenhouse Interiors and Noël Coughlan styling with the help of Katie Logan, Alison Lewis, Emma Smith and Laura Garrubba. Annette O’Brien was on the lens with assistance from Ethan Masters.


Of course I was there to represent Sage and Clare, as well as my Dad, Brian Bell and a few visits from my husband Chris Monahan to help out along with our son Jude. We like to keep things in the family!

We even gave Jude his first taste of stardom, but my usually very happy little man was suddenly camera shy. With a little help from the crew with an impromptu concert of singing and dancing (I’m not gonna lie, there may have been a eukaleli involved), we managed to make him smile for the camera. Onya Jude!


Now, I know you’re probably all asking “but what did you eat?” Well, Warrandyte has recently been blessed with Aumanns Produce Store – a true foodie’s heaven. So it’s fair to say, we ate well!

Lots of fresh fruit platters, crusty sourdough with blood orange marmalade, salads and kombucha for lunch and bliss balls and caramel slice for an afternoon pick me up! Paired with the acoustic tones of Leon Bridges and anything else from The Big Little Liars soundtrack we ate and sang our way through the shoot, often starting at 8am and finishing at 7pm.

And that’s a wrap. I’m pooped…

Be sure to grab your copy of the latest Real Living mag to see more behind the scenes images. If anyone needs me, I’ll be asleep.


Photography: Annette O’Brien

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