A look through the lens with… Alison Lewis

A look through the lens with… Alison Lewis

In our first edition we speak with Interior Designer and Stylist Alison Lewis. She lets us into her 1930s Californian Bungalow in Kew, Melbourne where we ohhh and ahhh over the period style features, lead-light windows and the downright awesomeness that is her abode.

Who lives here?

Alison Lewis, her husband Dave and their 2 year old daughter Ava.

How long have you been here?

“Only 6 months. We bought the house last August and settled in early October. Before that we lived a somewhat nomadic life for 5 months in between selling our last home and buying the new one. It was an interesting time but gave us the opportunity to do some travel and really think about where we wanted to live.

We were very much ready to have our own space again and settled quickly in 45 days – I’d already drawn up a new floor plan and curated the look of the house before we even moved in! Now I just need to put it in action.”

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Why did you choose this place to call home?

“My husband fell in love with the house and surrounding suburb immediately, I took a little longer to warm up to it. I could see the huge potential and its beautiful bones but I just wasn’t sure I was ready for another renovation after we spent the last 6 years renovating our previous home! I’ve definitely fallen in love with it over the past 6 months though and we love the central location, Ava’s childcare is only a walk away and we’re easy driving distance to lots of good restaurants, shops, suppliers and eventually schools."


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What do you do for money?

“Originally I worked in finance as an anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing analyst while living in London. Upon returning home I worked as a risk and compliance analyst and eventually a risk manager. When I was 27 I decided that the corporate life was no longer for me so I went back to design school full time. I’m now a freelance interior designer and stylist (www.alisonlewisinteriors.com.au) so I have the flexibility of working for myself as well as being able to work three days a week at Sage and Clare HQ where I focus on content strategy, in house interior design and styling (stay tuned!) and client liaisons. My husband Dave is the founder and CEO of Australia’s leading business and personal development podcast, The Mentor List (www.mentorlist.com). Check him out! #shamelessplug”

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What do you do for love?

“I’ve been married to Dave for 8 years and together for almost 17. We have 2 year old Ava now and I adore my little family. Along with my family, friends, nieces and nephews I’m lucky to be surrounded by love. I also love to go on holidays (who doesn’t right!?), camping, water skiing, sitting by the pool and spending time in Bali!

I’m also one of those people you just wanna slap in the face who says I do what I love – but it’s true, I am and I love my job. I’m lucky I found my passion in interior design.”


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Happiest memory here?

“The day we settled on the house I got the keys and ripped up the 40 year old carpet, it was both incredibly satisfying and some of the dirtiest work I’ve done. It did expose pink baltic pine floorboards in perfect condition underneath though! We’ll sand them back and re-stain them eventually but for the moment we’re enjoying the colour, it’s not often you see pink floors and it makes me happy seeing them every day.”

Saddest memory here?

“I don’t have one thankfully!”


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Fav local hangout?

“Oh dear, definitely Adeney Milk Bar in Kew. In the 6 months we’ve been living here I think we’ve already spent a small fortune there, at one stage we were going 3 to 4 times a week! We’ve cut that down to once or twice a week now but it’s still our fav local hangout with great food and coffee. I always feel like we’re in an episode of Cheers! when we go there…”where everybody knows your name…” Sorry millennials you probably have no idea what tv show that is – it’s a classic!”


Next on the wanderlust list?

“We did a bit of travelling post selling our house last March and saw lots of amazing places, both local and overseas: Hawaii, Bali, America, Perth for a friends wedding along with a scattering of weekenders and the wanderlust list has taken a well earned battering. We’re going on a family holiday to Noosa in July (I haven’t been since we did the 24 hour drive in the car as a family when I was 16 squished between my sisters in the back and Mum and Dad up front!) and then we’re hoping to head to Bali again for a winter getaway."


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“OMG Outlander on Netflix. I’m a little obsessed, Dave and I are binge watching it. I’ve read the first novel in the series of the book and I love it when the film or tv adaptation is true to the novel. Plus Jamie is a bit of alright – wink wink. ”


“Oh this is a very random book Dave bought for me. It’s called ‘The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida’. It’s a practical guidebook for living a masculine life of integrity, authenticity and freedom and explains the way men think and feel – very informative for the feminine partner in their lives. A winner for any relationship if you ask me!”


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Listening to?

The Mentor List podcast of course!! I also love listening to anything folk rock on Spotify but my most favourite thing to listen to has to be the giggles of Ava, I love making her laugh for that very reason. Best sound in the world don’t you think?!

With love,


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