Team Summer Essentials

Team Summer Essentials

Al and the fam are off on a driving holiday to Robe, South Australia these holidays, which means the beach buggy will be on board and ready for all-of-the sandy fun times by the beach!
Now, Al has mentioned her LOVE for her Bimby & Roys many a times around our HQ, I mean who wouldn’t love a super fun pair of bathers that also can be worn as underwear? You never know when you’re gonna get a spur of the moment chance to jump in a glistening pool of water on holiday, so why not be prepared!? Al is also our biggest PJ fan, so naturally she will be taking her Jasmin's along for the ride!
1. Bimby & Roy underwear/bathers 2. The Beach People - Beach Cart 3. Kindle 
4. Sage x Clare Jasmin Linen Blend Pj's 5. St Agni Vera Sandals 6. Mecca Save Face SPF

One of our lovely Christmas helpers, Amy, will be heading away to Phillip Island these holidays with her family, before joining one our other wonderful Christmas helpers, Loretta, in Inverloch! Sounds like a pretty good time if you ask me! Amy, being the talented photographer she is cannot leave home without her camera or her Sage x Clare Scrunchies, to help keep her hair out of the way when taking all of her beautiful shots!1. Canon 5D Mark vi 2. Go-To Zincredible 3. Sage x Clare Nimes Hair Scrunchies
4. Fjallraven Backpack 5. Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

When we asked where Brian was off to he responded with “Where do you reckon?” Which can only mean 1 thing, he is off to Goolwa, South Australia! Now you may be wondering why amongst his fabulous selection of essentials he has chosen a Xmas Nudie Rudie Bath Mat!? His answer, well, was nothing short of priceless… “Just in case I have forgotten to get someone a present, I’ll have this sitting in my car” We thought that was pretty bloody clever! 

1. Kindle 2. Kincrome Esky 3. New Balance kicks 4. Ping Golf Clubs
5. The Rolling Stones 6. Sage x Clare Tula Nudie X-mas Bath Mat

Now Erin's not actually sticking around for the hot Aussie heat this summer, she is, in fact off to Germany for Christmas and we are all SERIOUSLY jealous! Now, her essentials have been claimed as the coolest around the office (it’s definitely the sour squirms, isn’t it!?). But she won’t be jumping on that plane empty handed…her Sage x Clare Cadiz Knit Blanket will be coming onboard to keep her nice and comfy for that *super* long-haul flight. ‘Cos no one likes a scratchy aeroplane blanket now, do they!?1. Sage x Clare Cadiz Knit Blanket 2. Nike Free Runs 3. Second Life Podcast
4. Rose Apothecary Tote 5. Natural Confectionary Co Sour Squirms 6. Ray bans

Our Fishy friend is off on a family road trip with Peachy & Gyppy to Port Elliott, South Australia for Christmas! Now if you know Fishy, you would know that she is, indeed, a character of her own! With a slight woft of Gin & Tonic, from her perfume, of course - she is planning to use her Rosquilla Muslin Wrap to bundle up her goodies (all the snacks) and pop them on the end of a stick for her daily walk to the beach...think Blinky Bill/Swagman style! This, paired with her black Maseur sandals, *oh boy* is she one trendy lady!1. Maseur Black Slides 2. Chupa Chups - Watermelon 3. Demeter fragrance Gin & Tonic 4. Sage x Clare Rosquilla Muslin Wrap 5. The Philosophy of Andy Warhol by Andy Warhol

Unlike the rest of the Bell fam - Jem, Macca and Nelly are off to Kiama and QLD these holidays, lucky ducks! Now Jem and Nelly, being the blondies they are, will definitely be packing their Surf Mud zinc and a nice wide brimmed hat to shade the both of them while Nelly sits like a little joey in her Yoli & Otis Wrap! We reckon you'd be able to fit all of Jem's essentials and probably Macca's too in our Sage x Clare Umbra Tote bag, 'cos its just so darn roomy!1. Lack of Colour Hat 2. Confetti Rebels - Friday I'm In Love T-shirt 3. Sage x Clare Umbra Ticking Tote 4. Birkenstocks Arizona 5. Surf Mud Zinc 6. Yoli & Otis Carrier

The lovely Loretta will be heading on a family get-away to Inverloch these holidays and has let us in on a little secret of hers…she CANNOT travel without her own pillows! SO, she will be taking her Sage x Clare Hayfolk pillowcases along for the road trip and of course, her little loom and some wool for when the kids are settled in and she can get creating!1. Spell Byron Bay Dress 2. Wool and the Gang Yarn 3. Little Loom
4. The Young Folk Collective Market Basket 5. Sun Bum Sunscreen 6. Sage x Clare Hayfolk Linen Pillowcase

Our wonderful work experience student Mikayla will be travelling to one of our FAVE destinations this summer, can you guess where!? BALI! What a lucky gurl. Now Mikayla, if you’re reading this we have our Bali pressie list ready for you… jokes aside, Mikayla has great taste and style and has chosen our Maite Linen Robe as a holiday MUST HAVE. Imagine sitting in your villa…fresh juice in hand with your super comfy robe…OK, I’ll stop now!1. Brümate Metal Re-Useable Straw 2. Sage x Clare Maite Linen Robe 
3. By Charlotte Bracelet 4. Mink Pink Heritage Sunglasses 5. Birkenstock Arizona

What am I up to these holidays? Glad you asked! My partner and I are off to Port Douglas, QLD with my 30 week belly in tow! Now, most people think I am CA-RAZY going “up north” almost ready to pop, but give me hot and humid any day and I’m one happy gurl! My undying love for our new super soft Sage x Clare Maelle face washer is insane, and because hotel ones aren’t always all that pleasant, I’ll be bringing a couple of my own. One may even accompany me to the Daintree to keep me cool (‘cos I’m gonna need it)1. Saltwater Sandals 2. Clarins Body Tonic 3. The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart - Holly Ringland 4. Jets One Piece Swimsuit 5. Sage x Clare Maelle Face Washer - Cantaloupe 6. Yashica Kyocera Ninja Star 7. Glossier Boy Brow

Peachy and Gyppy are off on the same family vacay to Port Elliott, South Australia with Fishy (I'm sensing a BIG S.A theme here guys...) with crisps and Fleetwood Mac at the ready. A few canisters of Berocca will be on hand, to cure the “dehydration” from “the sun” of course (definitely not the Christmas bubbles). And with the most perfect Gorman Sundress and her Zesty Bestie Cosmetic Bag, filled with all her goodies, we know she’s gonna have a fab time!1. Fleetwood Mac - Rumous 2. Kettle Original Sea Salt 3. Sage x Clare Zesty Bestie Cosmetic Bag 4. Berocca 5. Gypsy 6. 80's Denim Jacket 7. Gorman Dress

Also off to South Australia, Pheebs and the fam are taking a MUCH NEEDED summer vacay to a place that I am not even going to bother trying to reiterate or spell out, let’s just say I’ve never heard of it but it sounds absolutely *divine*! Now Pheebo, being the super stylish lady she is, of course has a magical summer essentials list, that I reckon would have been hard to cull down to 6 items. But no beach holiday is quite complete without a *super fun* towel beneath your cheeks, so she will be taking the ever-so-soft Maelle Bath Sheet along for all of their days by the beach!1. Sarah J Curtis Hat 2. Go-To Facehero 3. Vans 4. Sage x Clare Maelle Bath Sheet - Lemon 5. Where The Crawdads Sing by Delila Owens 6. Levis Denim Shorts

We hope you've loved taking a peek at our team travel essentials! Now all we need is a bit of sun and we'll be set for the summer - come on Melbs, show us what you've got! 

With love,


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