Cheeky little Mid Season 'BTS'

Cheeky little Mid Season 'BTS'

Could it get any better?! A glorious, sun-filled morning on an early October's day...hello! We *seriously* couldn't have picked a better day to shoot our mid-season Soleil capsule collection, or a better location in that case! We were blissfully spoiled and the best part about it all, we didn't even have to jump on a plane juggling a thousand suitcases this time. All we needed was a handy budget hire truck teamed with our trusty driver, Bryza (Mr. Who Took My Stapler) and we were on.our.way.
With lots of familiar faces on location, we certainly had the A team on board. And let's be honest, not many people would pass up the opportunity to come to the family home of Peachy, especially when everyone knows she most certainly would be putting on a bloody good spread (her choc-raspberry muffins are pretty much famous to those in the know).How many hands do you need to pack up an extendable table!? Well...usually one set will do the job just fine but we took extra special care at 'Casa Dale', especially considering the amazing mid-century table in question was a super special one-off piece from Modern Times. We even asked *cough, demanded* everyone wear soft-soled shoes, because, well, the floorboards are freakin' unbelievable and we always treat our shoot locations like they were our own homes! Organised chaos? The initial concept always looks a little like this, think “Real life mood board” but on the floor…sometimes this is the best creative process when you’ve got a room full of unbelievable talent doing their thing so you gotta' roll with it I say!Everyone plays their part on the day! No one (and I mean NO ONE) escapes even the most tedious of jobs, as you can see Pheebs landed ironing duties - and hey, if ironing floats your boat, feel free to send me your deets, stat!As you can see, this is what it looks like behind the lens. Many people doing many things, all-of-the equipment and we even took it in turns to hold back the AH-MAZING white Skip pendant light. It had to be moved from side to side or up and around (or both!) depending on the angle Armelle was shooting...and that thing is heavy. No gym required today. Al lookin' real cute in front of our Iris Wall HangingReasons why Peachy’s parents are the coolest. Everything from their taste in music (and record player!) to their bowls and cutlery. FAB-U-LOUS!One of our main campaign shots of the Gael Tufted Blanket and Paige Floral Bedcover, from my iPhone with a sneaky appearance from Jem in the background. No rest for the wicked, hi Jem! We had some really cool pieces to style in our shoot thanks to our generous friends at House of Orange, HK Living, Domo and En. Gold - almost too many to choose from!Pheebs roped in poor Erin to get on board the ironing-train. Now, have you ever ironed the cords of your Pj's? Well, when on photoshoot I guess...A full day flies by OH SO quickly when it's hectic on set, think making beds, packing, ironing, un-making beds, packing, ironing and repeat 1000 more times! And a few laughs thrown in for good measure. 

Did I mention Peachy likes to chuck on a big spread? 'Cos oh boy did she deliver! Talk about the hostess with the most-ess. And it's exactly what we all needed to get us through, if you're reading this Peachy - WE LOVE YOU!

We hope you enjoyed this sneaky little recap of our mid-season photoshoot! If you'd like to see anything else featured in our Journal posts, leave us a comment below, we'd love to hear from you.

Styling: Julia Green from Greenhouse Interiors Style Assist: Aisha Chaudhry, Alison Lewis, Erin Mellington. Photography: Armelle Habib Assist: Kinga Kardynal

With love

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