Nothing but Good Vibes!

Nothing but Good Vibes!

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With our latest collection inspired by the sunny American state, California, it seems only fitting that I share with you a Californian bungalow that I could imagine our Cali Collection sitting so pretty in!

This quaint house at the edge of the Sonoran Desert in Alamorio, California, was originally home to a deft weaver. According to her son, she taught at the local community college and weaved the most beautiful rugs. After hearing of this story Chy, the new resident of this magnificent home, was so inspired she took up weaving herself! The house is sprinkled with macrame wall hangings and planters from her new found hobby… It’s quite something to consider the impact a home can have on your life, don’t you think?! 

This tranquil bungalow is an amalgamation of Chy and her partner’s individual styles. A mix of old and new, decorated with keepsakes from their travels together. Like all my favourite homes plants are in abundance, but my favourite feature of the home would have to be their art wall, which helps disguise their TV! 

Understatedly cool and a celebration of the quintessential Californian bungalow – we LOVE!


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