No, Thankyou.

No, Thankyou.

Team work makes the dream work!

Around 6 months ago we received a cheeky little DM on Insta from the change-makers over at Thankyou, wondering if we would be interested in a collaboration of a lifetime (UMMM HELL YEAH! Do we even need to think twice?)

Pheebs was so convinced it was a prank that we all huddled around her phone…yep, it was a message from Thankyou and yep, it was real! After each of us took turns to check (again), it was confirmed, this dream-team really did want to partner with us… US!? THIS WAS HAPPENING!

Fast forward a few weeks and we were sitting face to face with the team at Thankyou in their inspiring Melbourne HQ. We got to know each other a little more and shared all of the times we’d supported Thankyou throughout their journey from the sidelines.

Here we are meeting the totally fab team at Thankyou HQ earlier this year.

From writing to Coles and Woolies to get Thankyou on their shelves, to buying their book “Chapter One” to help lift their baby range off the ground (hello stalking 4 different supermarkets in one day to hunt down nappies for Jude – seriously, the nappy hunting ritual is real), we were dedicated to their cause!

After professing our love for the Thankyou brand we realised the #supportsquad feels were reciprocal. The Thankyou team was totally crushing on our colour loving hearts, pattern clashing vibes and complete authenticity in a world where finding real connection is becoming harder and harder. So it was official, we were all “zest friends for life”.

Now, it was time to get serious and chat all things hand-wash. To tie in with our upcoming launch of the Soleil collection, it was only fitting to harness Soleil’s Mediterranean and Moroccan vibes and jam them into one, fun-packed label!

Working on the label design.

With a colour palette reminiscent of charming sun-faded destinations and a cheeky nod to Picasso, the Thankyou / Sage x Clare label was born.

1. Thankyou / Sage x Clare Hand wash $8.50

But what’s a gorgeous label without an equally evocative scent? Heady summer vibes of lemon oil and botanical aloe vera were dreamt up by the Thankyou perfumers and the result left us transported to a place that’s nothing but warm, exotic and sunny.

“Close your eyes and imagine that you are wandering through a summer garden in the south of France…”Do you see the lemon tree? Do you feel the breeze coming off the Mediterranean Sea?”

“Have you passed by the succulent garden full of Aloe Vera? Is there a cup of punch in your hand, loaded to the brim with wild mint and blueberry? Okay, now put all of that into one bottle”.

And thus, the NEW Botanical Aloe Vera & Lemon Oil hand wash came to life!

It’s all about clean hands, cool homes and content hearts

We cheekily packed a few bottles in our bags to Byron and had them on set while shooting the new Soleil collection. And oh boy, it was then that it finally sunk in just HOW truly incredible this once in a lifetime opportunity was.1. Thankyou / Sage x Clare Hand wash $8.50 2. Maelle Hand Towel – Lemon $45.00 3. Mia Embroidered Clutch $69.00

SC BB D2 5131. Thankyou / Sage x Clare Hand wash $8.50 2. Maelle Bath Sheet – Cantaloupe $89.00 3. Maelle Fash Washer – Lemon $15.00 4. Maelle Fash Washer – Cantaloupe $15.00
SC BB D2 0251. Thankyou / Sage x Clare Hand wash $8.50 2. Maelle Hand Towel – Lemon $45.00 3. Mia Embroidered Clutch $69.00 4. Maelle Bath Sheet – Lemon $89.00
SC BB D3 2151. Thankyou / Sage x Clare Hand wash $8.50 2. Maelle Hand Towel – Cantaloupe $45.00 3. Maelle Fash Washer – Cantaloupe $15.00 4. Tula Nudie Rudie Bath Mat – Pickle $79.00 5. Adilah Linen Robe $139.00

To be a part of a movement that not only raises awareness for a global humanitarian crisis, but 100% of Thankyou’s profit helps end poverty is something we couldn’t be prouder at Sage x Clare to be involved in.

Thankyou x Sage and ClarePhoebe, founder and creative director with the hand wash
Thankyou x Sage and ClareThe Sage x Clare team looking proud as punch.

We rise by lifting others

After secretly hiding our excitement for what felt like FOREVER, it was finally PARTY TIME! On a very typical, Melbourne winters night (which was hilarious because the hand-wash has ALL the summer vibes) we launched our Thankyou / Sage x Clare hand wash at the super cool, Greenfield’s Albert Park!

KARON PHOTOGRAPHY -76781. Etienne Velvet Floor Cushion – Cherry $179.00 2. Ophelie Punch Needle Cushion $159.00 3. Sol Sequin Cushion $99.00 4. Leida Loop Cushion $89.00 5. Rylie Round Cushion – Punch $69.00 6. Pascal Velvet Sham – Clay $159.00 7. Marseille Knit Cushion $95.00 8. Melody Fringe Cushion $85.00 9. Thankyou / Sage x Clare Hand wash $8.50

1. Etienne Velvet Floor Cushion – Pickle $179.00 2. Nahla Printed Bean Bag $259.00 3. Cleo Fringe Cushion $85.00 4. Thankyou / Sage x Clare Hand wash $8.50

Pheebs did an amazing job joining some very inspirational individuals on the panel for a casual discussion, covering everything from small business journeys to our top home styling tips!

KARON PHOTOGRAPHY -6314Phoebe, Justine Flynn from Thankyou and Julia Green from Greenhouse Interiors


Thankyou have BIG HEARTS and oh boy, did we reeeeally feel the love! Thankyou have their values in all the right places and this collaboration has truly been the stuff of dreams! We might even go so far as to say that it’s sitting right at the top of the highlights reel.

These very stylish bottles are now available to purchase on our website or via Thankyou, Woolies, Coles and Chemist Warehouse. But word on the street is that they’re flying off the shelves quicker than we can say please and Thankyou x

With love,


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