I’ve been working very hard lately, not only creating our latest ‘Love Shack’ collection but also designing the interiors of the incredible, new Light Space Yoga studio in Ivanhoe! If you’ve been meaning to start or to reacquaint yourself with some vinyasa then this might help motivate you…

The space was intentionally designed to have a Mediterranean look and feel and has been fitted out with the most dreamy tiles, our quintessential ‘Sage x Clare’ fabrics, custom ply, sheer drapery and the most lush olive trees I could get my green thumbs on! Hopefully transporting everyone who enters its doors into a mini ‘mind-cation’ – I just wish I could move in!

Our custom bolsters, blankets, cushions and eye masks are also available for purchase from their studio. This Ivanhoe studio, the third in their lineup, opened last weekend and offers a range of classes with plenty more to come. Make sure you book your spot; if not to brush up on your downward dog then at least for a mediterranean feast for your eyes! Namaste xx

Styling by Phoebe Bell. Photography by Annette O’Brien.

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