Heart-to-Heart: With Zee Scott

Heart-to-Heart: With Zee Scott

Hailing from London, Zee Scott is a woman of many talents working as a Marriage Celebrant, MC, workshop host, mini wedding venue host and Cake Artist. With such a creative eye and vibrant biz offering, we had an inkling Zee’s colourful Essendon digs would be right up our alley.

Come and check out Zee’s place as we sit down for a chinwag about all things career journey, small business ownership and UNREAL cake decoration (and how you can get involved in the yumminess). 

Sage x Clare
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You’re a busy woman Zee! Tell us about your career journey and how you got to where you are now.

I am currently a Marriage Celebrant and the host of the most awesome buttercream workshops - Bento & Bubbles - at Zee Scott HQ!

It definitely hasn’t been a straight line to get to where I am in my career. I have always been a ‘yeh, sure, why not?’ kinda person. Needless to say, I have filled many roles; from Actor to HR Manager to Cabaret Stage Manager to nightclub ‘door gal’... the list could go on!

I love everything about my world right now. It’s the best balance of all the things I love to do. Just some more acting and modelling roles would be the cherry on top! HA.

What do you love most about your job AND what do you dislike most about your job?

As a Marriage Celebrant, I love meeting new people. I love learning about them and having the honour of telling their stories. I have always been a creative writer and knew from a very young age that I would do something to do with writing. I have a couple of fiction novels penned in my teens that may see the light of day… one day!

I’m so tempted to be like "oh, I LOVE everything about my jobs” but I will keep it real... for ‘Bento & Bubbles’, I dislike tidying up! I sometimes have help for this bit but I usually end up helping anyway!

Oh, and admin work… I really dislike admin! I do get help with that but even a lil’ 3 word email reply is a chore to me!

How do you keep your creativity alive? What helps inspire new ideas and when do you feel most inspired?

I love ‘old things’ and I love looking at old things and putting my own spin on it!

I feel that throughout the last few years [especially since the boom of social media] people have confused ‘inspired by’ and copy. I can be inspired by art - visual or written - or by a piece of clothing or a song... Creativity is what I do with that spark of inspiration.

I am inspired daily and have an overactive brain… My problem is trying not to be too creative! I may only sleep 4-5 hours a night but there are still only so many hours in a day.

Featured: Yarrow Blouse

How would you describe your personal taste in interiors?

I have been obsessed with mid-century design for as long as I can remember. Something about the tanned wood and greens that makes me feel at ‘home'.

I love bright colours too so anything with reds and yellows… I have quite an eclectic taste so I do slip into ‘kitsch’ bits too. Like my ‘London Underground’ sign… which is a nod to my HR days with Transport for London!

You’re a fellow Melbournian, we’d love you to describe your perfect day out in Melb to us… 

I’ll imagine it’s a warm day [not too hot, I’m a Londoner, anything over 25c is too much!]. Grab coffee and a bite from my fave local cafe ‘Benny and Me’, then jump onto the train into the CBD. A stroll through the NGV and ACMI. As an actor, I love to watch a stage show or two.. Something in a smaller local theatre is preferred.
Then, close out the night with my gal pals at Dessous enjoying my personal menu faves.. oysters, sandos and cocktails! Ideally home and in bed by 9pm HA.

Favourite pieces of furniture/ décor in your home and why?

There are two main pieces which bring me joy…

The first, my original ‘Parker’ coffee table. I managed to talk my Mum into giving it up when I moved to Australia. It’s the first item she purchased when she moved to London ‘way’ back in the day [I won’t say which year coz I’d show her age … BUT it was purchased brand new so, you do the maths! HA].

The second is an illustration I purchased on my last visit to the UK. The image is of the building I used to work in [back in my HR days.] It was a short 5 minute walk to work when I was there so, this photo is basically of my home! Everytime I look at it a memory will come flooding back. ( Both pieces pictured below).

Featured: Mateo Jute Rug - Sumac, Hermosa Jacquard Robe, Capistrano Tufted Cushion, Santa Clara Punch Needle Cushion, Templeton Cushion.

Do you have a favourite career memory (where you felt on top of the world)?

This is such a tricky question… it really depends on how you categorise ‘success’.

There have been many moments where I have thought ‘oh wow, that felt good’... My first cake order back in 1997, my first wedding in 2015… even my first Bento and Bubbles in 2023!

At the end of the day, life really is just a collection of moments and memories and I try to enjoy them all to the fullest.

What’s your best advice for people who want to start their own biz… but are too scared to take the leap?

What’s stopping you?

25 years ago when I first started my business [cakes], things were so different. It was a big leap. Now everything is so much more accessible.

From social media marketing, to government training and funding, everything is more accessible.

Think about your ‘why’... why do you want to be in business. This is what keeps me going. Not every day is ‘party and prosecco’... some days are just plain old ‘work and water’. Those are the days you think about your why. For me, I have always wanted to work for myself… that’s why I started and that’s why I’m still here.

Also don’t just start a business because you see someone else making money in that field. There has to be an ounce [or more!] of passion. Passion feeds imagination> imagination feeds creativity > creativity feeds motivation!

Your workshops look like so much fun… Tell us more about these please and how we can book?

I have been teaching cake decorating classes since 2010.

In one of the previous cake decorating sessions, I had a group of four who decorated a 6inch cake each. Immediately after the session, they were heading off to the theatre and questioned what they may do with the cakes. After that session, I thought, why not make the cakes smaller and focus on the ‘fun’ side of decorating!

During the session we practise piping and discuss tips and tricks but it’s not too serious. I offer one on one sessions for attendees who wish to go deeper and learn more about decorating a cake.

I specialise in ‘Vintage’ buttercream decoration because my Mum used to decorate the original ‘Lambeth’ piped cakes back in the day. I learned a lot from watching her and only wish I was skilled enough to do the mega piped wedding cakes she did in the 80’s!

Why ‘Bento & Bubbles’? I LOVE alliteration so as soon as the name came into my head… I knew it was a ‘go’!

I call it the best ‘2 hour happy hour’ and honestly, the amount I have laughed during the sessions since they started back in August 2023!

Group sessions are scheduled and available online however you are able to book a private class at Zee Scott HQ OR a member of my team can bring the class to you!

Bookings and enquiries are through the website: www.zeescott.com

What’s on your Sage x Clare wish list right now Zee? Top three products, GO!

Oh, anything from the ‘Goldie’ collection! It’s my fave. Those are like all of my fave colours in that range.

It’s hard to pick three things but here’s the first three things at the top of my current wishlist!

1. Mateo Jute Rug [sumac]

2. Santa Barbara lounge set OR the quilted jacket… anything in Santa Barbara!

3. Wigan Holiday Tote Bag

I’d have it all! I love to know about the companies I buy from. And I love that businesses like Sage x Clare always share what goes on behind all the gorgeous marketing pics.

Featured: Yarrow Swing Blouse, Lompoc Wall HangingBerkeley Apron.

Who is the person you look up to most in this world and what’s the best lesson they ever taught you?

My sister, Shereen will always be the person I look up to the most. She really motivates me… everytime I speak to her on the phone [pretty often] I feel like the most confident ‘go-getter’ to have ever walked this earth!

She is definitely the person who taught me to ‘do what you want to do'. Often if I have to make a business decision, she is the first person I’ll call… even ahead of my partner! I mean… It makes sense that she is a life coach!


You can find Zee's website here and follow her on Insta here.


With a whole lotta love xx


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