Celebrating Pride: LGBTQI+ learning resources

Celebrating Pride: LGBTQI+ learning resources

With Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (SGLMG) in full swing until 3 March, we wanted to take this opportunity to share some information and resources that the SxC fam have found helpful in furthering our understanding of the issues and discrimination faced by members of the queer community.

When we hear Mardi Gras, many of us think of a big street party and celebration of being queer, and while yes there are some truly EPIC parties and parades involved, we want to acknowledge the proud history of SGLMG in championing the rights and recognising emerging issues of LGBTQIA+ people for 40+ years in this country and around the world.

The SGLMG website says it best – “Our glittering Parade and Festival are a demonstration of the amazing power of passion, creativity and community. They are a reminder, as we reflect on all that we have achieved over the years, that every small step forward is a move in the right direction. But while discrimination, prejudice and stigma still exist, our work is not done.”

Both collectively and individually, we're dedicated to continuous learning about the ways we can best support and respect LGBTIQ+ folks as allies.

As we always aim to foster a workplace and an environment where everyone feels at home, our ongoing inclusion and diversity training, via the SBS Inclusion Program, covers key terminology to describe the LGBTIQ+ community, the importance and possibilities of allies, why LGBTIQ+ inclusion is in everyone’s best interests and how to support LGBTIQ+ inclusion.

We certainly don’t know everything about LGBTIQ+ inclusion but it’s an area we’re continuing to learn about and work on. If you’re curious to learn more about the lived experience of LGBTQIA+ people in Australia and beyond, here are some resources our team felt broadened their knowledge and understanding.

Come and learn with us... 




Homo Sapiens
Queer Thinking
Bad Gays


Image: Aurelia St Clair @aureliadotcom – Comedian, Writer, Podcaster @popgayspod

If you have any other favourite LGBTQIA+ learning resources, we’d love to hear from you via Instagram DM, email (gday@sageandclare.com) or comment below – your suggestions are very welcome lovelies!

With a whole lotta love xx

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