Goodbye Clutter.

Goodbye Clutter.

A couple of months ago I became *obsessed* with the show ‘Get Organised With The Home Edit’ - you can find it here on Netflix. I quickly realised how terribly unorganised my house was. And as someone who likes things in order, I actually felt pretty ashamed of my mess and was determined to get my sh*t together! 
Now to the average eye, my house looked pretty clean. But lemme tell you, there was monsters hiding in the cupboards. That’s where the One Day P.A team came in! I stumbled upon this fabulous biz while scrolling Insta and reached out to them immediately. 
Before long the One Day Pa team had waved their magic wand over my entire house. And man, they really do bring a new meaning to the word organised. After sharing my newly decluttered pantry and bathroom on the Sage x Clare Insta stories… you were just as blown away as I was with the work of Louise & her brilliant team. 
We put out a little Q&A to gather your burning questions about all things home organisation and here’s the superwoman herself, Louise Hammer - Founder & Director of One Day P.A to spill the beans… 
sage x clare

Meet Professional Organiser + Owner & Director of One Day P.A - Lou Hammer.

What is your number 1 tip for keeping my house organised? I am drowning over here.

Categorise and label everything you possibly can. This takes the guess work away from working out what goes where for the entire family. 
sage x clare

Say hellooo to my new and improved bathroom vanity! Ain't she perfect?

Were you always organised as a kid or did you grow into these habits? Teach me your ways! 

I absolutely was not! I had the floordrobe, assignments were crammed the night before and I couldn't stay on task to save myself. I undertook lots of training in time management and productivity to help me in both professional and personal life.  

sage x clareYou're staring inside my newly assembled and immaculate fridge. Gah I'm so proud.

How do I keep my kids toys tidy? They are hurricanes

1. Less is best - kids truly don't need a lot to keep them entertained.
2. Regularly decluttering broken and age inappropriate toys.
3. Categorise the toys and store in a system such as the IKEA Trofast units - and don't forget to label. 
sage x clare

sage x clare

What's your #1 pantry storage container? 

I have a few containers that we regularly use. As every space is different, we source an option to suit specific needs. In saying that we love the OXO brand (as seen in this pantry we set up below) IKEA also do a great, cost effective glass clip lid option.
sage x clare
one day pa Geelong

Best way to organise my linen cupboard? It's a hot mess!

I highly recommend sorting linen by category (fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow case, quilt cover) and if room allows also sort by bed size. Store each category in a labelled basket or even label the shelf so it's easily identifiable for everyone. 
sage x clare
sage x clare

Do you offer services for Melbourne and Geelong?

Yes we service Geelong, Melbourne & Ballarat. We'd love to hear from you.

What's the best way to get in contact with you guys to book in? Send help!

The best way to contact us is to email our Operations Manager Danita -
Alternatively you can find the One Day P.A Instagram here OR their website here. 
With a whole lotta love xx 

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