Design, Inspiration & All Things Fleur.

Design, Inspiration & All Things Fleur.

Shoot location: Poets Lodge

Photography: Armelle Habib, assisted by Sarah Wilkosz and Maki Levine.

Shoot assist + support: The entire Sage x Clare team. 

We managed to squeeze this journal interview in with Pheebs just before she headed out on maternity leave and we’re so glad we did! We're thrilled to bring you our magical new collection, Fleur. We hope that hearing the journey behind the products and understanding the love that's gone into them, makes them all the more special. 
With every Sage x Clare collection comes an entirely new world, let’s dive deeper into how this one transpired, with Owner + Creative Director of Sage x Clare, Phoebe Bell… 
sage and clare

Featured: Regis Fringe Cushion, Ware Knit Cushion, Selsey Cotton Robe

Tell us about your creative role in the business! You’re the Owner + Creative Director of Sage x Clare and also play a huge part in designing the collections with the in-house design team. What part of designing collections do you enjoy the most? And what do you find most challenging about it? 

Yes, I love my role! Along with being across a lot of other aspects of the biz, my role as Creative Director sees me overseeing most of our creative outputs, which could be anything from packaging to range designs, emails to the website. We have a very talented in-house design team who I work with every step of the way and my favourite part of the design process is seeing the initial concept + colour palette come to life with their clever interpretations. There’s always a process of development and refinement and this can often be really challenging as not all designs come naturally or easily. This process is also most rewarding as you look at where you started to where you finish and that extra commitment to creative development is what takes the range from good to magical.

sage x clareMeet my twin sister Jem AKA: Our Design & Production Manager. 

What is your thought process when choosing a colour palette for a new collection? How do you ultimately decide what’s going to work? 

We work quite fluidly when it comes to colour. I’m usually drawn to a couple of accent colours that formulate the starting point and from there we look at what other tones will compliment these to create a well-rounded colour palette. I particularly love fashion and interiors from around the globe so this is often a great source of inspiration when it comes to choosing colours. Sometimes, we amend the colours or add some additional shades in once the print designs get underway, depending on what feels right. The whole process is really intuitive rather than prescriptive or fixed, which I find the best way to work with colour. We’re not afraid to put together unconventional colour palettes and use shades that you don’t see on the regular.

sage x clareFeatured: Dover Linen - Splice, Lyme linen - Orchid, Hayle Linen Pillowcase Set - Olive, Ealing Embroidered Cushion - Sprout, Kettering Chainstitch Cushion, Hendon Round Rug - Vanilla

sage x clareShop all Fleur bed linen here. 

sage x clareFeatured: Kirby Linen Quilt Cover - Oasis, Cannock Woolly Throw, Lyme linen - splice, Sandy Cotton Fitted Sheet, Dunwich Woolly Cushion. Green cupboard - House Of Orange

Can you tell us more about the artisanal journey + features of your products? Why is this important to you and your brand? 

Aside from the absolute joy and wonder that comes from experiencing a piece that’s handmade, I also think it’s so important that we keep these skills and handicrafts alive. To watch our patterns be screen printed by hand or to observe the hand embroidery being stitched across a cushion is so remarkable… I’m often in awe of what our artisans can make through practices that have been passed from generation to generation. Even as we grow as a brand, we’re holding tight to the ethos of handmade as I truly believe the end product is just that much more soulful and one that will be treasured for many, many years to come rather than being turned over for the next new + shiny thing.

sage x clareExplore all Fleur cushions here.

sage x clareFeatured: Fowey Woven Wall Hanging, Hastings Shag Cushion - Cloud, Bromley Woven Floor Cushion - musk, resin.

sage x clareFeatured: Filton Floral Bath Mat - musk, Wragby Cosmetic Bag.

If Fleur was a person, how would she be spending her days and how would you describe her character? 

Oh Fleur, I want to be her for a day. She’d wake with the sun, put together a board of brekkie goodies and sit outside in the morning sun with the paper and her family. She’d have soft jazz playing in the background and no rush to be anywhere other than right where she is. As the day warms up, she’d pile on some sunscreen, pop on her fave swimsuit, summer dress, hat and sandals and head off through the meadow of wildflowers to a quiet, pebbled cove, kids running in front to be the first in the gently lapping water. Juicy cherries and stone fruit would be shared in between beach games, with close friends joining in the afternoon fun. As the day fades, she'd meander back home to drinks and the sharing of simple food with friends + family under the soft glow of festoon lights… swapping stories about travels, favourite reads and recent adventures, before setting in for the night under soft layers of linen and the sweet, salty smell of summer. 

sage x clareFeatured: Lyme linen - both colours, Chorley Jacquard Robe.

sage x clareShop the full Fleur dine range here... bring on summer entertaining on balmy evenings!

sage x clareFeatured: Oaken Sleeveless Maxi Dress.

Have you always had this creative side to your personality? Where did your love for colour, fashion and interiors come from? Tell us about your upbringing and the experiences that lead you here.  

Funnily enough, I never really thought I was creative and still have trouble describing myself in that way. I always grew up as the very book-smart, academic type… pursuing law before ever even thinking about doing something more creative. I got a bit lost along the way though and a very wise mentor once said the clues are in the things you do for no reason other than enjoyment. It was then that I realised how much time I spent looking through interior and fashion mags, how much joy I felt around colour, and how important it always was to create an inspiring place to live in (no matter if it was a shared rental in my uni days!). I’m not entirely sure where those interests came from but can definitely say they’ve always been there. I still don’t consider myself a wildly creative type… I’m a sponge for all the magical creativity put out into the world and I’d say my relationship with my outward creative expression is more of a discipline and one I spend time cultivating.  


Shop the entire Fleur collection here.  


With a whole lotta love xx

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