Dutch Home Dreams

Dutch Home Dreams

Sometimes you can’t help but be green…with house envy! Like I am right now with this bright, kaleidoscope-like home owned by two Dutch creatives Anki and Casper of Zilverblauw Blog.

Their home exudes a sense of fun and playfulness – they have effortlessly nailed fun pops of colour in and around their apartment and a sense of innocence with neon signs and ironic quotes. (“And then I was like ‘whatever bitches’ and the bitches whatevered” and “Due to unfortunate circumstances I am awake.”) And how amazing does their mint, industrial lamp attached to the roof look?!!

Anki’s Insta is a constant source of inspiration and what I secretly aspire our home to look and feel like one day! Who knows maybe I might even spot a piece of Sage x Clare in this whimsical house as I’m scrolling through Anki’s colourful feed. Until then we shall dream…


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