Cotton On Kids + Sage x Clare.

Cotton On Kids + Sage x Clare.

I can’t believe I’m even writing this… today our collaboration with Cotton On Kids went live (AM I DREAMING?!). I’m seriously floating in the clouds right now and I’m sooo proud of what we’ve created together.

When Cotton On Kids first approached me about this collection, I was in complete shock. A brand I’ve adored for such a long time, a brand that I dress my kids in on the weekly and just one of my favourite Australian brands. From the very beginning, the whole thing just felt right and there was this beautiful synergy between our brands. And so now, after months of planning, the time has come to share it with you... and I get the feeling you're going to be blown away. It’s pretty surreal to think that when I explore the beach this summer, I might just spy some iconic Sage x Clare prints on a pair of togs. How special is that?!  

 Cotton On Kids

Be sure to keep a close watch on the @sageandclare Insta to be the first to know when additional pieces land. You can find what's available now here. 

cotton on kidsHayfolk lovers, this one's for you. 


Summer. It’s the echo of laughter as neighbourhood children run through a backyard sprinkler. It’s the melting icy-pole dripping down your arm. It’s packed lunches at the local pool, and it’s daydreaming as a distant haze dances under a vast blue sky. Quite simply, at Sage x Clare, summer means long days and warm nights, where everyday moments spark life-long memories. 

And it is these simple pleasures and feel-good vibes which set the tone for our exciting new season collaboration, inspired by the nostalgia and fun of summers gone by. As always, the collection weaves in a retro vibe; playful florals and classic stripes feature throughout, as we mix new and exclusive designs with some iconic Sage x Clare favourites.

By embracing simpler times, we give way to exploration and freedom, and set the scene for creating precious memories that will remain for years to come. So whether you’re spending long days by the ocean, frolicking pool-side or even launching into the refreshing waters of your favourite swimming hole, we hope the collection evokes memories of special summer moments – wherever it is you call home.

cotton on kidsFYI: these towel hoodies will land very soon! Find what's already available here.

Close your eyes with me and think back to your earliest memory at the beach. Srsly don't leave me hanging. Do it with me..........

I can smell the strong scent of sunscreen on my soaking wet rashy as I burst outta’ the water, I rub my eyes to try and stop the stinging from the salt water but it only makes it worse, I dive onto my warm towel and let the sun kiss my face, there’s sand everywhere so I shake my towel to get rid of it and my whole family goes nuts at me as it sprays them in the eyes, the waves are small but big enough to boogie board on, there’s loud chatter filling the air as the entire beach natters away, I sneakily listen in on the families convo next to us, their Mum tells them they can get a soft serve on the way home, so I ask my parents if we can get one too, they say no - not before dinner, I crack it and turn the other way but am soon after distracted by an orange frisbee flying above my head from a group of teenage boys close by, jeeeez "watch it" I think and give them a greasy, Jem is next to me pretending to be asleep so I nudge her until she starts laughing and the very second we’re all dry, straight back into the water we run. We don't leave the beach until just before sunset, on the way home Mum caves and lets us get the ice cream. Best day ever.  

Yup, that's what this collection is alllll about. Precious memories & simple pleasures in the sunshine. Summer 2021/22 is looking' gooood. Jude and Heidi? I pinky-promise to dress you in these pieces 

cotton on kids


Within the collection is an all new range of resort wear + accessories for kids and babies, including clothing, swimwear and beach accessories such as beach chairs, umbrellas, beach carts, kids hooded towels + some beach games. Shop the full range here. 

cotton on kidscotton on kids Vests + bucket hats pictured landing veryyy soon!sage and clare


Sizing wise - choose from baby 0-3 months to 18-24 months, kids sizing 2-10 and a selected range of products that are available in sizes 10-14. 

cotton on kidscotton on kids


The collab favours natural materials and delivers fabulous quality + design. We’ve worked hard to create designs using yarn-dyed cotton fabrics and cotton resort wear, featuring our joyful prints - a mix of old and new.

Fun fact: the swimwear range is made from recycled fibres, giving discarded materials new life and minimising waste. 

cotton on kids cotton on kidssage and claresage and clareDon't're not the only one wishing this came in adult sizing :P

It’s been an incredible journey from start to finish with Cotton On Kids. What we've created is full of so much charm + nostalgia and today is one of those pinch-me-moments that I’ll remember *forever*. All in all, this collection just makes me really excited for the future... it screams holidays, summer and fun. I hope you love it. Well what are you waiting for?!! Explore the range here. X


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