The Perfect Present

The Perfect Present

Even the very best gift-givers (ahem, me) can lack inspiration sometimes. As I write this it’s November 12th and usually being this close to Christmas I would feel frantic + in a tizz about what needs organising. But not this year... nope!! Instead I am just filled with gratitude. I’ll be soaking up every hug, conversation, all the laughter, the food, the music, the mess. All of it. And I’ll be giving gifts from the heart. It’s just over a month now until Santa will be on his merry way and we hate to alarm you......but it’s GO TIME folks. Nobody likes a last-minute-Larry and thoughtful gifts will *always* win over vouchers. So without further ado, we’ve curated a gift collection that will cater for all personalities and price ranges. YOU’RE WELCOME! 

Sage x clare gift guide 1. Tula Round Nudie Bath Mat - powder & mist 2. Nur Velvet Santa Sacks 3. Taffy Nudie Towel - Xmas 2021 4. Ornaments

We’re so damn passionate about gift-giving that we even created a collection inspired by it. Enter our lovely Carnival collection - it has something for everyone. Ornaments special enough to keep forever. Santa sacks full of charm and oh-so-spacious. Our *first ever* Tula Round Nudie Bath mat. AND everybody’s #1 favourite towel in a bold limited edition colourway.

sage and clare1. Nopi: The Cookbook 2. Renzo Napkin Set 3. Callie Tea Towel 4. Satia Oven Mitts 5. Teo Jute Placemat Set

We all know an entertainer. The friends that invite you over for dinner on the reg and make you feel as though you’re at a 5 star restaurant. The ones that were born to host and cook like they mean it. Whipping up a dinner for 10 people doesn't scare them, it excites them.

sage and clare gift guide 1. Moon Milk 2. Josep Stripe Linen Pyjamas 3. Happy Society Essential Oil Blend - Lune 4. Happy Society Loose Leaf Tea - Euphoria 5. Linen Quilt Cover - dusk 6. Effie Linen Pillowcase Set 7. Sweet Sleep Pillow Perfume 8. Skylar Linen Euro Pillowcase Set - cashew 9. Becket Linen Quilt Cover - Orchid

The sweet dreamers are in bed by 9:30pm *sharp* with a cuppa + book in hand.  Of course, that's after they complete their wholesome nighttime routine. Their greatest loves are - bed, bedlinen and tea. They get their 8 hours in every night no.matter.what. And when sleep calls their name, they do *not* feel guilty about doing a phantom from your party. To the sweet dreamer, bed is life and ain’t nobody gunna’ tell them any different.   sage and clare

1. Places We Swim 2. Beach Beauty Shimmer 3. Everybody Loves The Sunshine - Zinc Beach Balm 4. Everybody Loves Sunshine Oil 5. Cape Chamomile Complexion Mist 6. Phosphorescence 7. Taffy Nudie Towels 8. Anja Woven Tote Bag 

Once a beach bum, always a beach bum. Sand, waves and sun is their jam. They are carefree and lurve the outdoors. These are the adventurous souls that feel most themselves when by the water. They'll get up at the crack of dawn for a swim and will bathe in the sunshine at any chance they get. 

sage and clare gift guide1. Mekko Fitted Cot Sheet 2. Kirby Play Mat 3. Clementine Cotton Pillowcase 4. Monty Quilt Cover 5. Pico Muslin Wrap 6. Jammy Knit Blanket 7. Bart Crochet Cushion 8. Sweet Sleep Serum 9. Jai Baby Balm 10. Mad About Monkeys

Little humans need colour and FUN in their life. They’ll remember their bedrooms, cushions, books and bed-linen forever. And they’ll study every single detail of it too, so it’s important to get it right. Luckily we know just the place for charming kids + baby wares that’ll stick with you 4 EVER! 😉 

sage and clare

1. Mim Moon Robe 2. Katie Hair Scrunchie Set 3. Lani Cosmetic Bag 4. Aerin Face Washer - dusk 5. Best Skin Ever - Seabuckthorn 6. Happy Society Palo Santo - Body Warming Oil 7. Rose Quartz Roller 8. Cheri Beauty Bag 9. Aerin Bath Sheet 10. Plant Based Beaut

The beauty babe knows every skincare tip, product + ritual known to mankind. They watch makeup tutorials for hours on end, their body is a temple and they will never-everrrrr go to bed without completing their precious skincare routine. They are an encyclopaedia of knowledge for achieving glowy-skin-goals and their skin shines bright like a diamond.

sage and clare gift guide 1. Della Jacquard Robe 2. Happy Society Space Mist 3. Camp Cosmic Contemplation Candle 4. Otto Woven Wall Hanging 5. Marribel Coir Door Mat 6. Vivid 7. Jemima Knit Blanket 8. Poolside With Slim Aarons 9. Maeve Beni Rug 10. Cameron Woven Floor Cushio

The home bod quite frankly…. would rather stay in. A great weekend for them - is spent at home. They will not click ‘attending’ on your FB event invite because they know that they'll have more important things to do that weekend (which is still 4 months away). Like re-watching Sex In The City for the 500th time and reorganising their wardrobe. There’s always a hot pot of tea brewing in their kitchen, a candle forever burning and calming music filling the air. Home is not just home to them, it’s their happy place and their sanctuary.

If you had told 10 year old me that giving someone a present one day would feel just as good as receiving one, I would have said you were bonkerssss. Wise-old-me can now say, there is truly no better feeling than surprising a loved one with a gift that you know they’ll really adore. With Christmas around the corner, we hope this inspires you to find the perfect pressies for your loved ones. X 

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