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Colour Queen: Kate Eliza

Recently we searched far + wide for some 'sheet-hot' ambassadors to help us style up a storm, using our refreshed range of french flax linen.

Being long-time lovers of Mornington Peninsula based artist, Kate Smedley's (@_kate.eliza) art, we were tickled pink when she submitted pics of her styled bed....
Her sense of colour, fun + eclectism were just what we were looking for and we couldn't (and didn't) go past appointing her as one of our three 'sheet-hot' linen ambassadors.

Ahead of the exciting release of Kate's new art series later this month, we chatted to her about all things styling, art + colour.

French flax linen
Kate Eliza artist

Hey Kate, we've been long-time fans of your art + style. What has your creative journey been like to date? How did you come to be where you are today?

Oh thank you so much for the kind words, I’m just quietly fan-girling over here and so grateful for the love! 

It’s been such a wild ride; all of the ups and downs that any creative putting original work out into the world feels I’m sure - can I do this, should I do this etc?! And, just riding those waves as they come and go.

Honestly, I still pinch myself daily that anyone would love anything I do.

Sage x Clare French flax linen

You have an innate sense of colour + style, not only in your artistic work, but your home too. Tell us a bit about where you live and your home; fav shopping haunts, where you create your art, erghm, your go-to homewares/linen shop..........?

Eeee thank you!! Yes I’m so naturally drawn to colour I just can’t help it, it feels like it’s busting from me! 

We live in a beautiful home on the Mornington Peninsula kind of set into a tree canopy, which is amazing.

All of the things in our home have been collected over the years slowly as I’ve found and fallen in love with them. I think this has gradually curated my own sort of home-style that feels authentically me, rather then trying to follow along with any particular look or theme. 

My shopping spots are Op Shops on the Mornington Peninsula, Mynd Interiors (Sage x Clare stockist!) for all homewares and linen and finally, I do love me a good roadside find!! 

Prudence Caroline

Which is your favourite room in your house, and why?

Oh, this is tricky! I think my living room? I have a couple of my favourite pieces of art in there: a beautiful original by Bonnie Gray and a Prudence Caroline piece. They just make me so so happy every time I’m in there. It's a really fun colourful room that we use every day, which means I get to appreciate both pieces often.

Kate Eliza skateboards

And those rad (can I say that without sounding daggy?!) painted skateboards as artwork! We love them - where did the idea come from for those?! What's the process?

Hahaha 'rad' is not daggy! Or is it? Maybe I’m totally out of touch with current cool lingo?!

Thank you yes, these are something I actually wanted to do for years, but just had to find the confidence to throw myself at it as I was always worried maybe there wouldn’t be a market for it?

I had painted boards for our own home, but never sold them until I made them part of my last series. The process behind these new ones is I utllise the board as my paint palette for my larger pieces, creating the base layer for the piece. I then add flowers or a quote to make them all their own little piece of art. 

Kate Eliza Tide art series

What's next for Kate (well, apart from styling up a linen bedding storm for us!)? We heard on the grapevine you might have a new art series releasing soon.....?

I can’t wait to get my mitts on your dreamy new collection, it’s so so so up my alley! 

My latest art series, TIDE launches November 15th at 5pm on my website.....eeeeeeek I’m so nervous and excited, but also just thrilled I’m about to put so many pieces out into the world. 

I’ll be doing nervous laps of my house until then but yes, I just can’t wait to share it and have it loved by others! 

Sage x Clare French flax linen

Thanks for your time Kate, we can.not.wait to check out your fab art series (not to mention the magic you continue to style for us!).

Check out Kate's work here via here via Instagram page or on her website https://kateelizastudio.com .

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