Your Best Skin Ever.

Your Best Skin Ever.

Your Best Skin Ever

sage x clare

Skincare hey… nothing but complex, confusing and H-A-R-D… or so I thought anyway. It was a total mystery to me until I had my skin epiphany mid last year in lockdown.

Enter: Living Libations. At last! I had finaaaally found a range that ticked *alllll the boxes*… and what do I mean by that exactly?  

  • 100% natural ingredients + gentle on the skin
  • Actually works… like really really really well
  • The scent of these products is heavenly
  • Aesthetically pleasing + retro packaging (crucial!)

Now, I know each person and what works for them can be vastly different than what works for me. But... after many of the Sage x Clare team members also tried out this range and crushed on it just as hard, I realised I was onto something. In fact, I was so passionate about this skincare that I decided to start stocking it at Sage x Clare in October last year. And the feedback ever since about this liquid gold? ASTONISHINGLY wonderful. 

“ This has CHANGED my skin. I bought the seabuckthorn as I used to have bad acne, I just can’t describe how amazing it is”. @alicethedaisy

“ They are the best!! Simple, natural and make you feel amazing!!! I got rid of my glycol products and complicated routines and I will never go back!! “ @snoutintherough

“ I’ve been using Living Libations for years and still can’t get enough of their products! So glad you stock them now :)” @all.da.things 

sage x clare

Alrighty sooo we’ve established it’s proven to work + all kinds of FAB. But now I thought I’d elaborate on my personal routine in case you’re stuck on what Living Libations products to buy and how to use them. (FYI: these steps below are in order) 

How I use Living Libations... 

My skin type: combination skin - slightly on the oily side. 

My AM routine… 

  1. Best skin ever - sandalwood
  2. All seeing eye cream
  3. Sundew vitamin D cream

My PM routine…

  1. Best skin ever - seabuckthorn
  2. Rose glow complexion mist
  3. Rose glow creme
  4. Rose glow serum
  5. Dew dab spot on treatment

For the record you don’t need to include ALL of these steps above but this is what I find works *wonderssss* for my skin. The cult fave that’s non negotiable though? The Best Skin Ever. And if you like to keep your skincare super simple - you can actually use this as a cleanser + moisturiser in one... AH-MAZING right?! Another thing to add - the Living Libations products will last you yonkkkks.

How do I choose the right Best Skin Ever for me? 

This is one of the most commonly asked questions we get around the Living Libations range and the most favoured in our team is *by far* Seabuckthorn BUT here’s some pointers on choosing the right one for your specific skin type. 

living libations

Seabuckthorn - rich in omega oils and vitamins A,C,E and B, bursting with bioactive botanicals, cleanses acne, restores damaged skin. This is the best all-rounder for all skin types so it's the way to go if you're having trouble choosing!

living libations

Sandalwood - soothes sensitive skin, deeply nourishing and hydrating, restores homeostasis from extra thirsty/tired skin

living libations

Frankincense - elevates rough and red skin, awakening and renewing, soothing for inflammation after swimming/shaving 

living libations

Rose - cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising all in one, great for wrinkles, redness and dry skin, strengthening for your skin. Perfect for maturing skin.

Au naturale makeup options... 

Moccasin Flower shimmer - Moccasin Flower Shimmer - I use this as a cream bronzer, applying to anywhere I need a bit of a ‘yeah I just got back from a European summer’ kinda vibe.... it’s shimmery in all the right ways, promise.

Maiden Fern Blushing Balm - this goes on after, to the apples of my cheeks and my lips - don’t you love a multipurpose?! It’s the perfect naturally flushed colour and it also actually works to make you blush, thanks to its gently warming ingredients. So clever!

Cosmic Apricot Shimmer - and lastly I apply this beauty to highlight - think bridge of the nose, top of the cheekbones, upper eyelids... wherever I want to get my ‘glow’ on. Luuuurve it, particularly when I’ve had a shocking sleep and feel anything but fresh. 

Exfoliate me baby...

Tired skin? It’s a thing! Especially in the cooler months. So if you really wanna’ go the extra mile or are in locky-d with no chance of a facial anytime soon? Give your skin a complete rejuvenation hit with a glorious Living Libations face mask.

Royal Rose Honey Mask  - Y’know when you walk out of a facial and every little bit of grime has been sucked out of your pores?! Well this mask is how you'll achieve that glorious feeling at home. I use this guy on the weekly to achieve smooth + calm skin. 

 sage x clare

My secret weapon - the Eugenie Face WasherAlright so friendly word of advice? These face washers are lifeeee changing. They offer the perfect amount of exfoliation and help give your skin a thorough cleanse. Their waffle texture *gently* pulls away the day with ease when combined with the Best Skin Ever. A match made in HEAVEN.

How to get that glowy skin from within...

Now we mustn’t forget the crucial role that our gut health plays in all of this too and if this subject just bamboozles the hell outta’ ya? Fret not! I’ve got some secret skin bibles that we stock here at S x C.

Plant-Based Beauty 

plant based beauty

plant based beauty

The Beauty Chef Gut Guide 

the beauty chef gut guide

the beauty chef gut guide


sage x clare

sage and clareCheck out all of our awesome + carefully selected line-up of books here. 

You’re probs wondering why I’ve included this Sleep book in there right? Well less sleep = more stress, more stress = more breakouts. Simple! Or so I've heard on the grapevine. 

Pillow talk...

Lastly, resting your head on soft natural fibres each night is another crucial component of being kind to your skin. You're lucky we know just the right place to find a pretty pillowcase or two... PLUS regularly washing your pillowcases too is key - I do this weekly.

sage and clareEdwige Pillowcase Linen Pillowcase Set - Image cred: @armellehabib

So there you have it! And hey I’m no expert BUT I have spent years trying to perfect my beauty regime and it's never felt better after using LL + educating myself on what I'm actually feeding my skin. I wish that someone had told me about Living Libations sooner! So for anyone that’s feeling a little lost with their skin journey… give it a whirl! You won't look back.  X

P.s. Yay for looking at the ingredients in your skincare and actually knowing what the hell they are.

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