What's a whole gummy shark got to do with the bushfires?

What's a whole gummy shark got to do with the bushfires?

The team here at Sage x Clare have big hearts, and even bigger concern for those who are doing it tough in the aftermath of the horrific bushfires that have recently ravaged our country. 

We’ve all felt a range of emotions: helplessness to dismay to sorrow and we’ve all been humbly impressed at the ability of the wider community to step up and give what they’ve got. So in the spirit of giving, some of our team have shared what they're personally doing to lend a hand. And perhaps if you’re feeling a little helpless - like a lot of us are - it will also give you some ideas of how you can also help.

Jemma & Brian: Blaze Aid

In the aftermath of the Black Saturday fires, Brian volunteered his time with Blaze Aid where him, and a team of helpers, helped a local farmer to pull down fences and clear land where he lost one of two houses on his property, plus his surrounding land and livestock.

Brian said the process was very cathartic, emotional and needed; it took one thing away from the farmer’s to-do list that would otherwise have been burdening him. Whilst having a team of people to help with the clean up was appreciated, it was the opportunity to share both his story and some of his emotional load that was an even bigger benefit to the farmer.

This year, both Brian and Jemma are planning on volunteering their time to Blaze Aid to help other in-need farmers in the East Gippsland region . If you’d like to join up and help rural property owners rebuild their fencing and other structures, you can find more info here: https://blazeaid.com.au/

Courtney: Northside Wine & Dine - Bushfire Relief

Our magical packing Elf, Courtney is super humbled to be helping out in her local community by helping run a fundraising dinner hosted by East Brunswick Urban winery, Noisy Ritual.

Courtney already volunteers with local group, Free to Feed and it is through her work with this organisation that she has offered her time to help serving food and working in the bar at this fundraising event. Good on ya' Courtney!
Guests will be treated to a 3-course dinner, entertainment and local music, with 100% of proceeds from the night going to Fire Relief Fund for First Nations and Kiah Fire Relief (FERCS)

So, if you feel like heading Northside on Wednesday the 12th of Feb, you can book your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/northside-wine-dine-bushfire-relief-tickets-90100780861

Phoebe: Pop & Scott - Make it Rain raffleImage credit: Pop and Scott

We’ve caught Pheebs at her desk a few times drooling (and we don’t mean metaphorically unfortunately…… sorry Pheebs) over the 15K+ worth of prizes on offer in this raffle of goodies from Australian makers, designers and artists. She’s been quick to buy loads of raffle tickets in an attempt to nab one of the amazing prizes on offer (she personally has her eye on these long-lusted-after Coco Flip products, in particular their Honey Lamp *sigh*….), and of course with zero guilt attached as all money is going towards a range of charities that aim to give help to heal, grow more trees, and support and action future change.

Get in quick to purchase your tickets though,  as this one-of-a-kind-good-design-good-vibes raffle ends on 7th Feb: https://www.popandscott.com/products/make-it-rain-raffle-ticket

Pheebs is also planning on spending some quality time with her fam bam by taking some quintessential Aussie weekend road trips down East Gippsland way. Pheebs, I know you love a good ice-coffee and I’ve heard they do a mean one at a cafe in Lakes Entrance - I’ll give you the deets and hook you up so you can still get your icy-fix!

Nat: It’s My Shout

We first heard about this concept through our lovely Social Media superstar, Nat whose parents own a local cafe that also run a program similar, called "Pay it Forward". The concept is simple, brilliant and effective: if you can't drive out and help those in the fire affected areas, show your support by buying a virtual product through their website.

It’s incredible the products you can ‘virtually’ buy: a large whole gummy shark (we’re serious) for $500, shout the whole bar at Buchan Caves Hotel for $100 or even book a virtual room to help compensate for lost tourism revenue over the Summer period.

The idea is your virtual purchase can then be redeemed by someone who visits the business and you get to ‘pay it forward’. Bloody brilliant concept though Nat’s just not quite sure what she’d do with a whole non-filleted gummy shark…? She’d be pretty happy with an ice-coffee shout herself.

So, as the SxC team cruise through the year that is 2020 we will have in the back of our minds how we can continue to help our fellow Aussies who are doing it tough. These stories above are just a few ways you can assist.

If you’ve got any other suggestions for us, please let us know - we’d love to hear them.

With love

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