Behind the scenes - Tigre

Behind the scenes - Tigre

Our usual behind-the-scenes photoshoot recaps are full of drama: hospital visits, missed flights and other Oscar-worthy shenanigans. But this latest Tigre shoot? Well, to be honest, it was completely and utterly: NON-EVENTFUL!!!!. And we mean that in the best possible way. Calm + organised + serene - yup, we'll have more of where that came from!

What: Tigre AW20 Collection Shoot

When: January 2020

Who: Stylist: Noël Coughlan with Assist Rebecca Leijer, Helen McCready and Erin Mellington    

Photographer: Armelle Habib with Assist Kinga Kardynal  

Team SxC: Phoebe, Jem, Alison, Jade, Nat, Marlow and Georgia

Where: The Fender House, Mount Martha, VIC (we were lucky enough to interview the lovely owner of this home, Katie Brannaghan. You can read about her reno story and mid-century treasure hunting haunts here.)

Image: Airbnb

Katie Brannaghan and her husband, Ian, purchased this iconic Karl Fender designed home in 2017. In need of some serious TLC, they have since restored the house to its former 1973 glory, including the totally retro and appropriate green carpet! We couldn't think of a more fitting location to show our Tigre collection in it's very best retro-influenced light....

This sprawling home, set out over 6 different levels, is occasionally available as a private rental on Airbnb. Weekend getaway anyone? Looking to make up numbers? I'm available....

Are you as fascinated with this house as we are? The Design Files featured this stunner of a 1970's home on their fab blog last year .

Weather: What's a photoshoot without some unpredictable weather? Although we were smack-bang in the middle of summer, it rained almost every day. We still managed to get some FAB outdoor shots though.

Food: We are extremely lucky to have a very talented cook in our team, Marlowe (commonly known as 'Fishy'). Fishy catered for the entire shoot: salads; lasagna; curry were just a few of her culinary specialties. Not only did she keep us all fed and energised, she also managed to cater for the full gamut of dietary requirements; just like the pro - she's too humble to admit - she is.

Most memorable moments

#1 Nelly (Jem's 18-month-old daughter).
 She arrived camera-*ready* and adorably stole the show. Whatever Armelle and the crew needed, she performed and she did it oh-so-well. I mean, look at her: cuteness overLOAD and not a sign of any diva behaviour!!

#2 The murky pool.... You might remember that ca-raaaazy weather we had back in January that turned all the glistening crystal clear blues a delightful brown-green? Yep, that was at this same time and thanks to this weather, mid-shoot the stunning pool looked more like a marshland than a residential pool....

#3 Hanging out with the crew day + night. The Fender House's 6 bedrooms + 9 beds + 3.5 baths gave us plenty of space for the whole crew to stay and hang out for a few days. It's not often you get to just chill out with other adults once you have a family + responsibilities, so it was a fun change of pace for a few days!

Fav shot from the shoot? 

I LOVE our Passa bedcover with it's velvet floral + leopard reverse offering a delightful nod to the charming + lesser-known side of Ibiza.  This shot manages to effortlessly capture both the feel of the shoot, and the Passa in their very best light. And that green carpet....match made in retro heaven!!!

So there you have it: no trips to the hospital, missing deliveries or emergencies in sight.... it might not make for an eventful recap, but it was a very pleasant photoshoot to be part of. And it's pretty safe to say the ah-mazing photos are testament to the vibe of both the collection and the shoot: relaxed and laid-back. xx

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