A look through the lens with…Phoebe Bell

A look through the lens with…Phoebe Bell

The abundance of natural light, colour, texture and curated artwork and accessories from around the globe had us swooning at every turn! We couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy the hard work that comes with starting and running a business than seeing your hand crafted homewares soulfully adorning every corner of your home.

Read on for more but I warn you, there is some serious home envy coming your way (she says as she checks how much money is available on her credit card…).

Who lives here?

Phoebe Bell, my husband Chris, our 18 month old son Jude, and Billy the Spoodle.

sage and clare home doco series phoebe bell

1. Frankie Linen Euro Pillowcase Set $109 2. Paloma Linen Euro Pillowcase Set $109 3. Linen Standard Pillowcase Set – Moonlight $85.00 4. Whisper Folk Pillowcase $45.00 5. Jasper Knit Cushion $79.00 6. Linen Fitted Sheet – Chambray from $175.00 7. Linen Flat Sheet – Tobacco from $179.00 8. Linen Quilt Cover – Lilac from $285.00 9. Hannah Check Mohair Blanket – Aqua $289.00

sage and clare home doco series phoebe bell

How long have you been here?

We’ve lived here for 2 and half years, after moving from a small unit in Templestowe. This is the first place we’ve ever truly called home together as a couple and now as a family. We recently bought a new home in North Warrandyte so we’ll be moving soon – it’s with mixed emotions as this home has been really good to us.

sage and clare home doco series phoebe bellsage and clare home doco series phoebe bell

Why did you choose this place to call home?

When we lived in nearby suburbia, we drove to Warrandyte every weekend to walk along the river, have scones and tea in the village and get down to the local market. It became where we chose to spend our time, so it made sense to search for a home here.

Chris’ Grandy lived in this home for many years and the opportunity came up for us to buy it after Grandy passed away. It was not only a sentimental home for us but also a place we saw so much potential in. The bones of the home are lovely with high sloping timber ceilings, slate flooring and a split level floor plan. We loved that it offered us an opportunity to create a beautiful family home with some small cosmetic changes.

sage and clare home doco series phoebe bell

1. Matilda Velvet Sham – Lilac $159.00 2. Palo Folk Floral Cushion $169.00 3. Tahli Stripe Pillowcase $45.00 4. Pippa Chainstitch Cushion $159.00 5. Linen Fitted Sheet – Moss from $175.001. Rosa Square Felt Cushion $149.00 2. Linen Quilt Cover – Blush from $285.00 3. Sia Woven Blanket $169.00 

sage and claret home doco series phoebe bell

What do you do for money?

Well I’m a qualified lawyer but after 6 long years of studying, I decided this was not the path for me, despite it’s potential to earn me plenty of $$! I went through a couple of years of being completely and utterly lost… I worked as a stylist and loved parts of the job but I still couldn’t see this fulfilling me long term. Then Sage x Clare was born! I was young, naive and brave – the perfect combination to start a homewares brand without any experience in anything it required! It’s been a steep learning curve and I’ve never worked harder, but I was lucky enough to convert this to a paying job after a couple of years. My husband, Chris, works in property development and fortunately was able to largely support me while I got Sage x Clare off the ground.

sage and clare home doco series phoebe bellsage and sage home doco series phoebe bell

1. Halo Chainstitch Cushion $159.00

What do you do for love?

I go to work! Honestly. This brand is not without its hair-raising moments but I love the thrill of it. And I love my team – we’ve got great camaraderie and energy, it keeps me focused and passionate.

Of course, in addition to work, I have a not so healthy shopping addiction (sorry Chris), love spending time in local Warrandyte with my gorgeous family, camping and waterskiing in Torrumbarry, and love to explore the world. That sense of wanderlust is always burning.

sage and clare home doco series phoebe bell

1. Hannah Check Mohair Blanket – Turquoise $289.00 2. Jules Beaded Cushion $159.00 3. Matilda Velvet Sham – Turquoise $159.00 4. Fran Flower Rug $199.00 5. Anders Berber Wool Rug – Merlot $999.00

sage and clare home doco series phoebe bell

Happiest memory here?

As cliche as it sounds, bringing home baby Jude. Jude was born in early December and Chris took a month off work… I was in such a bubble, I look back with absolute fondness at that time. Absolute magic.

Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of sleepless nights, mastitis and all the other fun stuff, but I’d rate it as one of the happiest and most content moments in my life.

sage and clare home inso series phoebe bell

1. Oscar Pom Pom Throw $149.00 2. Gaia Mohair Check Cushion – Turquoise $159.00 3. Resor Stripe Cushion $79.00 4. Pippa Chainstitch Cushion $159.00 5. Zoe Speckle Cushion $79.00 6. Matilda Velvet Sham – Turquoise $159.00

sage and clare home doco series phoebe bellsage ans Clare homme dodo series phoebe bellsage and clare home doco series phoebe bell

Saddest memory here?

Shortly after moving in, our 4 and half year struggle to have a baby hit some real low points and I was filled with immense sadness at the realisation that we may not be able to have children. I had multiple surgeries and we rode the highs and great losses of IVF… It was tough. Fortunately, that journey led us to eventually meeting baby Jude.

1. Lou Camo Beanbag $259.00 2. Rosa Square Felt Cushion $149.00 3. Nerida Felted Wool Rug $399.00 4. Chubby Swing by Jesse Cleay $390.00

Fave local hangout?

So many options around here… We pop down to Now and Not Yet often – a not-for-profit local cafe that supports refugees and also the community. If we feel like jumping in the car, we venture to A Boy Named Sue – a most lovely little spot with yummy home-cooked food in the quiet and bushy St Andrews. It’s an absolute must! Oh and the swimming holes of Warrandyte in Summer! Hard to believe we’re within an easy commute into the city and yet the landscape around here seems so pristine and untouched.

home series sage and clare phoebe bell11

1. Palo Folk Floral Cushion $169.00 2. Jasper Knit Cushion $79.00 3. Resor Stripe Cushion $79.00

Next on the wanderlust list?

Actually off to Bali tomorrow with Jude and my Mum! Then I turn around and go back again to shoot our next range there – OMG how lucky am I? Plus a work/pleasure trip to India in July… I’ll be busy!


Wild Wild Country… I do love a good docu-series and this one’s a winner.

1. Peony Woven Throw $159.00


Ok so I used to be a voracious reader… my home is literally filled with books! But since Jude, I don’t think I’ve read any more than a few pages. I’m horribly addicted to Instagram and I tend to do the one-eyed scroll in bed – before my phone hits me in the head and I decide it’s probably time to call it a day… I do have Note to Self by my bedside though – short stories, poems, ramblings so suits me perfectly.

home series sage and clare phoebe bell01

Listening to?

I sound like an old fart, but anything Jazz/Soul on Spotify. Such easy listening and seems to put me in a good mood, every time.

home series sage and clare phoebe bell04

With love,


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