10 Books You Need To Read In 2022.

10 Books You Need To Read In 2022.

In this journal, I’ve compiled a list of 10 books you must read in 2022 (geee that’s a tongue twister) to offer some perspective and entertainment for the new year that lies ahead. As I write this, my Instagram feed is filled with people stressed about Covid. People waiting in line for 6+ hours to be tested and still getting turned away because of full capacity. Rapid antigen tests? NOWHERE to be found. There’s a really peculiar feeling in the air at the moment because some of us are on holidays, some sick in bed with Covid, some awaiting test results and some just waiting for their turn. Nevertheless, I feel like we could all use a good book right now to take our mind off things. So here’s a few gems to tick off in the coming months with a mix of fiction, wisdom and wellness. 

Heavily Meditated - Caitlin Cady

This book is for all of you who have ALWAYS wanted to meditate but have never known where to start. It’s been proven that mediation reduces stress, helps you stay focused and promotes productivity (amongst many other beneficial things!). And I dunno about you but I could use some help in all of those areas. While I’m still trying to conquer the art of meditation, I was completely lost before this book came along. Incredibly useful information and makes meditation seem less intimidating. 

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Atomic Habits - James Clea

This suggestion couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. Whether we like to admit it or not, when the new year rolls around, we’re all pretty keen to make some positive changes + resolutions. Except usually they’re proven unsuccessful by about mid-day 1st January. 😬 James Clear’s international best-seller offers a proven method to successfully conquer your goals. He shares that when we start small and be really consistent...extraordinary things can happen. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day now was it? ;). 

Sleep - Lisa Varad

Now we like to think we know a thing or two about sleep here at Sage x Clare… but Lisa Varadi? Is the SLEEP MASTER and she spills all of her best secrets in this magical sleep bible. Chances are, you’ll read this in the one sitting because you won’t be able to stop. Sleep is so damn important and with the help of this book, you’ll learn invaluable lessons + info that you’ll hold onto for life. Read our recent journal with Lisa here

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Sand Talk - Tyson Yunkaport

Our Diversity & Inclusion Resident Expert Winitha Bonney recommended this book to our team and I’m sooo glad she did. The unique outlook of Tyson Yunkaporta urges us to consider different ways of looking at life. Through lines, shapes, listening, nature and most significantly - through Indigenous thinking. 

Phosphorescence - Julia Baird

Written with clarity and simplicity, it's one of the few wellness books I’ve read that left me feeling really nurtured and inspired. Some touching lessons on how to retain happiness and joy in this crazy world. A book I’ll come back to over and over.


Malibu Rising - Taylor Jenkins Rei

From the author of Daisy Jones And The Six, this book is one of those stellar finds you’ll wish you could unread… then read again and again and again. A clever story of a famous family who throw an annual party and have their home mysteriously burnt to the ground. So many secrets, so much drama and it’s SO DAMN GOOD. 

Love & Virtue - Diana Rei

There’s a reason everyone is going bananas for this one. B’cos it’s really really good. It reminded me of my university days and the friends we make we’re not so sure are actually our friends...those weird frenemy relationships that rarely get discussed. This book tells a story of two friends at uni and their fragile friendship. Plus, the darkness and discoveries that adulthood brings. One of those rare reads you’ll break the bedtime curfew for every night… until you get to the finish line.

How We Love - Clementine For

I was first introduced to this book when an episode of ‘The Hook Up’ came on the radio with Clementine Ford - listen to this podcast episode here. The relatable way she spoke and her deep knowledge of love was completely mesmerising which is further shown throughout this marvellous book. It’s incredibly heartwarming, raw and honest. I wish someone had given this to 20 year old me.

Dark Emu - By Bruce Pasco

This was one of many reads I discovered last year as we embarked on our diversity and inclusion training. Dark Emu brings forth a conversation about how Australians understand our country and an argument about the hunter-gatherer tag given to our First Nations people. An incredibly interesting read and perspective. 

Living Ayurveda - Claire Ragozzin

With an abundance of learnings from ancient culture + instilling a holistic approach to life, I was completely enthralled by this one. This book reminded me of the importance of slowing down, eating real food, self-care and keeping up daily practices. I promise you’ll adore it AND it’ll leave you endlessly inspired for fresh habits in the new year. 

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Lose yourself in a good book this summer and take your mind elsewhere. I hope you enjoy these reads lovelies. Check out our complete book edit here. X 

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