Caring for your linen

There is nothing quite like the textural luxury of linen. Breathable, soft and luxurious, our linen combines a laid-back bohemian vibe with the unmatched quality of this beautiful textile. To ensure the longevity of your linen we recommend you read below to get the best results. 

Care instructions

1. Wash prior to use.

2. Warm gentle machine wash at 40 degrees with like colours and fabrics (do not mix with towels or other items likely to leave lint). 

3. Do not wash with sharp-edged clothing accessories such as metal zippers, buttons and hooks. 

4. Use a mild eucalyptus based detergent (such as wool – commonly found in the supermarket) that doesn’t contain optical brightening agents to ensure your linen doesn’t weaken or discolour over time. 

5. Fabric softener is not required. As linen is a natural fabric, it will soften over time on its own.

6. Clean stains as quickly as possible after they appear by gently soaking and washing. Stains that have been left to set will be difficult to remove. 

7. Do not bleach or dry clean. 

8. Air dry where possible otherwise tumble dry on low to medium for 15 minutes (do not use the high/hot setting as this will damage the fibres). 

9. Do not leave your linen on the clothesline or in direct sunlight for an extended period of time as natural fibres are susceptible to sun bleaching.

10. Do not overload the dryer. 

11. Remove your linen from the dryer while it is still slightly damp and allow to air dry over a bed or railing if you hate ironing as much as we do. This will allow gravity to take care of most creases.

12. Make sure your linen is completely dry before storing to prevent dampness and mildew. 

With the correct care you will prolong the life of your linen and enjoy it for many years to come!

Sage x Clare tips

We do ask that you remember that linen in its raw form is a very durable fabric but incredibly coarse and unpleasant to sleep in. To make our linen soft from day dot, we pre-wash it to give it its beautiful and luxurious hand feel. This process can somewhat shorten its lifespan, but let’s be honest here, who wants to sleep on hard scratchy linen? Not us! Here are a few simple steps to improve the lifespan of your linen:

S x C Tip 1: Change your sheets regularly (we recommend every 1 – 2 weeks). 

S x C Tip 2: Rotate your linen with one or two other sets.

This isn’t because we want you to buy more Sage x Clare linen (but if you need to…you gotta do what you gotta do, right?), it's so you can give your linen time to rest to ensure the fibres don’t wear out sooner than you’d like, much like your fave pair of leggings or sports bra. 

S x C Tip 3: Fitted sheets in particular wear faster so we recommend you have these on a higher rotation than other items.

You may find your fitted sheets will begin to show signs of wear sooner than your pillowcases, flat sheet or quilt cover. This isn’t a flaw in the fabric, but a direct result of the way your body moves in your sleep. We recommend you increase the rotation of your fitted sheets more than your other linen items and use the hand wash cycle of your washing machine to prolong their lifespan. 

S x C Tip 4: Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse.

We all know how bad it is for your skin to go to bed with makeup on, but it’s also bad for your sheets! Avoid direct contact with cosmetics or skin products that haven’t completely dried yet, e.g. body lotion, fake tan, hair or body oil and especially specific acne treatments that may contain peroxide or bleaching properties.  

A note on colour and shedding

Shedding is a natural occurrence in the life cycle of linen. As your linen softens with age, the excess fibres need to be removed and this results in shedding, the darker the fabric colour, then more it will shed due to more dye being used. This is completely normal and you can speed up the shedding process by a few extra cold washes and tumble dries. 

It’s natural to find colour variances in the same shipment of our linen. As linen is a natural fibre, the raw flax may be different season to season and will react to the dyes differently. Fading over time can also be expected so be sure to follow the care guide and keep your linen out of direct sunlight. 


We hope you love our linen as much as we do. It's a dream to sleep in xx