Your Home is Your Castle

Your Home is Your Castle


Just when I think I have discovered the major dot points (because let’s face it, the place is pretty damn vast!) of what’s cool in India, I come across something else… Having never visited Tiruvannamalai, South India, it is now on my growing bucket list of places to go since stumbling across images of these colourful castles of sorts.

After my first fateful trip to the sensory ‘delight’ that is India over 5 years ago (I use the term ‘delight’ loosely as sometimes it overtakes my senses in ways I’d like to forget) this chaotic country never ceases to throw up more surprise and wonder! A constant inspiration for us here at Sage x Clare, I am forever motivated by the colours and textures this country embodies.

Oh boy, I cannot wait to finally visit this incredible land again and hopefully get down South to see these masterpiece homes for myself xx

Images via AD Architecture

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