Welcome to the Love Shack

Welcome to the Love Shack

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We are thrilled to be able to introduce to you our Love Shack Collection! After several journeys far and wide we now appreciate that there really is no place like home…

The Love Shack Collection is about coming home, wherever that may be; a familiar scent, a sandy beach or a sweet melody.

The collection is quintessentially Australian – a nostalgic nod to this vast, sunburnt country that gives us comfort and belonging after long travels afar. It’s a rediscovery of simple times and a humble childhood filled with memories made special by the people and places in them…

From stays at Nanna and Pops house, sleeping soundly on faded floral sheets, to those long days at the beach under our brilliant, scorching sun. Vintage ditsy florals, worn denim and hand- knitted crochet have been interpreted to reveal a collection that explores innocence and is reminiscent of times gone by.

Our Love Shack collection is in honour of that familiar sense of home, which is intrinsically tied to this great southern land and our lives within it.

We hope you are in love with our new range as much as we are. The full range is available for pre order now and will be arriving early October. Perfectly timed to create new and unique memories at home this summer.

Here’ to “the lucky country”!

With love,

Sage & Clare


Photography by Annette O’Brien. Styling by Julia Green for Greenhouse Interiors


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