The true object of all human life is PLAY

The true object of all human life is PLAY

SageandClarePlay_08bSageandClarePlay_03SageandClarePlay_01SageandClarePlay_07SageandClarePlay_05SageandClarePlay_04SageandClarePlay_02SageandClarePlay_09After PLAYing around (excuse the pun) with this idea for quite a few months, we are so excited to finally reveal our new venture by Sage x Clare!

PLAY is a new sister-line to premium brand, Sage x Clare, that boasts a colourful and energetic array of homewares at affordable prices. Dispensing with formality, the diffusion line celebrates our signature laid-back boho look to encourage playful interior spaces in every home. We believe good design should be available to many and our hope is to delight you with individual and pared back pieces that promote spontaneity and happiness.

“The true object of all human life is PLAY” – Gilbert K. Chesterton


Photography by Annette O’Brien. Styling by Julia Green for Greenhouse Interiors. 

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