Our HQ Makeover!

Our HQ Makeover!

This journal we'll spill all the juicy deets’ about our HQ makeover… this blog has been a long time coming lemme’ tell ya’. We *finally* got around to shooting the results of this revamp (thanks to the amazing @jonathongriggsphoto) and we thought we’d share it after being asked so regularly about it over on our Insta

We also wanted to give a *huuuuge* shoutout to the suppliers involved in this makeover (mentioned further below), who generously collaborated with us on this project. Howww ironic that we did a complete office transformation and poured our heart + soul into this space, only to end up WFH for months on end not too long after. But, being the biz we are, it felt important to create a space that was colourful, inspiring and happy… which TBH? Is exactly what it turned out to be. 

Now, before you check out the currents digs, here’s a flashback to the office mid-makeover to really put the overall change into perspective for you. You seriously won’t recognise it… 

MID REVAMP (2019) 

Sage x Clare

Sage x Clare

Sage x Clare

Sage x Clare

Sage x Clare

Sage x Clare

TO NOW (2021)

 Sage x ClareAhhhh, that's more like it! Thanks for the snap @jonathongriggsphoto

Floorboards - Bunnings + Smart Home Products 

We ditched the scratchy + gloomy carpet for a much lighter, smoother and classic option. Floorboards courtesy of @smart_home_products_au via @bunnings

Sage x Clare@jonathongriggsphoto

Window sheers - DIY Blinds 

Ahhhh so fresh, so soothing, sooo perfect for our space! They *really* uplift and add elegance to a room… sometimes I dance around with them and pretend I’m Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby. Just joshing, LOL, but they do remind me of the lush sheers in that iconic scene

Thank you for these wonderful additions @diyblinds. Window furnishings are VITAL for bringing a room to life and as you can see, they really did change the entire office - would highly recommend DIY Blinds. 

Sage x Clare@jonathongriggsphoto

Black wall strips and black brackets - Flexi Storage + Bunnings 

We’re pretty limited for space in our showroom (considering the mountain of things we need to display) and this shelving from @flexistorage via @bunnings was an abbb-sa-lute god send! Incredibly sturdy and allows us to showcase our collections in a neat and accessible manner.

Sage x Clare@jonathongriggsphoto

Wall lining - Easy Craft Panels + Bunnings 

This lining by @easycraft.panels via @bunnings was a bluddy’ GAME CHANGER! Texture is our jam here at Sage x Clare and this feature added a completely different look + feel to our office... it’s all in the details. 

Sage x Clare@jonathongriggsphoto

Walls - Dulux Paint 

The power of COLOUR hey? We’ve now painted our walls twice since moving to 20 Corporate Blvd and used @duluxaus paint both times. For our first hand painted mural (pictured below) we used these colours: camisole half and blue shutters. What a combo it was, soooo tranquil. Also, special mention to my sister Jem and her cr-aaazy-good artistic skills, she created a true masterpiece. 

Sage x Clare

Goodbye boring walls!!

Sage x ClareTaaaaa-daaaa! Mural #1 - blue shutters & camisole half by @duluxaus

We switched things up a little and repainted the walls at the start of 2020. For paint job #2 we used the shade Robinhood by Dulux, which I also used at my home in Warrandyte (you can watch that in my recent IGTV house tour - it's featured at the end). Everyone knows painting is noooo easy feat so three cheers to my amazing team for gettin’ their hands dirty with this job… TWICE!

Sage x ClareMural #2 (current colour) - Robinhood - @jonathongriggsphoto

The Norah Bed - Life Interiors 

Lastly and certainly NOT least, I’d like to say THANK YOU x a million to our friends at @lifeinteriors for providing us with the Norah Bed to feature in our showroom. It’s timeless and brings such a charming atmosphere to the showroom. And then there’s the rattan! Ohhhh the rattan! It’s all kinds of heavenly. This bed is both current yet nostalgic - exactly the balance we like to achieve across all of our own collections too at Sage x Clare

Sage x Clare @jonathongriggsphoto

So there you have it, the lowdown on our office makeover. Looking at the before and after images reminds me of just how worth it the revamp was. Thanks so much to @jonathongriggsphoto for photographing the end result!

You can’t put a price on coming to work every day and feeling bliss as soon as you walk through the door.

sage x clare

With a whole lotta' love x 

P.s. A special mention also to our team of tradies, @cjandc_construction, who did the whole job. They were a lovely bunch to have around and just as clever too! Thank you Clint and team :-) 

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