New apparel, new fit

New apparel, new fit

Apparel was always bound to happen at Sage x Clare. Yes, we live n’ breathe homewares but fashion has *always* been dear to my heart and for me they’re very interconnected. I feel proud of what we’re creating in this field - wardrobe essentials designed with comfort in mind, versatility and vibrant COLOUR. My kinda’ clothing investments.  

What’s new? 

sage and clare apparel

Featured: Kyra Knit Sweater, Luna Embellished Clutc

sage and Clare sweaters

Featured: Jocasta Knit Sweater, Sigrid Cotton Legging

sage and clare apparel Featured: Kenna Quilted Jacke
sage and clare clothing

sage and clareTaaa-daaa! Yes yes yes to two-in-one jackets. Boxy fit, cosy + warm & French seamed. 

loungewear Featured: Zana Cotton Sweater, Reagan Cotton Trackpant - macadami

loungewear Featured: Zana Cotton Sweater - rosewood, Reagan Cotton Trackpant - rosewood, Lacey Woven Tote Bag - flaming

sage and clare apparel Vintage feels on the outside & hella' sofffft fleece on the inside. 

Streamlined Sizing 

After listening to your feedback and feeling oh-so passionate about getting our apparel fits right, we employed the help of a trusted garment technician while designing Celeste, to nail our sizing across the range. And just quietly, we think you’ll be *delighted* with the new fits (bcos we certainly are). 

Sizing: what's changed? 

  • We’ve moved to numerical sizing

  • We’ve extended our size range - now offering sizes 6-20

  • All fits are true to size and have been standardised to mainstream Aussie brands

  • We’ve added size charts to product descriptions 

KEY SIZING ADVICE - For all apparel designs in the Celeste collection - take your normal numerical size that you’d wear with other mainstream Australian brands.


  • We’ve added pockets (bcos you can’t have a dress without pockets!).

  • The sleeves are now a neater style but still have that boho feeling. 

  • We’ve added a small side split to the dresses… not too high, juuust the right amount. 

  • We’ve changed the button positioning slightly, to be more flattering.

  • All dresses are still reversible #Yipeee. 

sage and clare

Featured: Jane Ditzy Dress - Pheebs wears her usual size 6 and is 175cm tall 

sage and clare dresses


sage and clare dresses

Featured: Annabelle Check Dress

sage and clare dresses Featured: Gabriella Star dress

sage and clare Featured: Sommer Check Dress


  • We’ve extended the length & made the overall fit slightly more relaxed. 
  • The arms are also more of a relaxed fit now. 
  • They’ve been enzyme washed to give that real "lived in" feeling. And by lived in? We mean extremely soft, bringing those vintage feels and incredibly gentle on the skin. 

loungewear Featured: Mabel Cotton Sweater

sage and clare sweaterFeatured: Abigail Cotton Sweate


  • More give in the waistband - for extreme comfort... how good is an elasticated waist?!
  • No drastic changes with the overall fit of the leg - (if you’ve previously shopped our leggings!).
  • They’ve still got that lovely ankle cuff detail for a more polished legging look

sage and clare leggings Featured: Mabel Cotton Sweater, Sigrid Cotton Leggings


  • The overall fit of the top + bottom is more relaxed.
  • The waistband has more give.
  • We’ve removed the piping down the side of the leg.
  • We’ve changed the collar from a curved to pointed finish.

sage and clareFeatured: Madeline Linen Pj'

sage and clare Featured: Wren Linen Pj'

Now you’re probably wondering about the fit of our famous jacquard robes? Turns out they couldn’t be anymore PERFECT if they tried… so FYI - no changes have been made to those. 

jacquard robeFeatured: Anna Jacquard Robe

sage and clareFeatured: Sienna Jacquard Rob

Still feeling confused? 

  • Watch our recent live featuring #TeamSageXClare here. 
  • Check out our new video feature on each apparel design here. 
  • OR you can always get in touch for our sizing advice via we love a chat!

There you have it! That’s everything you need to know about our new Celeste apparel. Clothing was all very new to us in the beginning but we’ve worked really hard to fine-tune this range to ensure you all feel comfortable + confident wearing these designs. And we’re really damn proud of how they've turned out. X

Shop all Celeste apparel here.

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